Homeschooling: Break? Year Round? First Day of Homeschool? Q & A

I did not want you to be left confused. I feel like explaining things that are difficult for some people to understand. I decided to do this in the form of a Q &A, but ask and answer the question myself. The questions people have asked of me.

Q: Do you take a summer break, or do you homeschool year-round?

A: Niether and Both. We do relaxed homeschooling and tidal wave homeschooling, a form of education which means that we are like the tide coming in and going out.

We try to do as best we can to get to where I consider to be “at grade level” in each subject for each child. We do not ever stop working on this, but we are also not always concernd about this.

We have ebbs and flows. Sometimes, with much effort, we learn a whole bunch and progress a lot in a period of time (this sometimes looks like an accelerated school for the gifted or early college, and sometimes looks like a 1900 one-room schoolhouse). At other times, we are more like unschoolers. Sometimes, we have a day that looks like montessori school. Sometimes, we have a field trip day. When people visit or we visit others, we have a day completely dedicated to only socializing. When we visited Grandma Preece or when Uncle Steven came over, we dropped all of our concerns and cares, and just visited. The kids learn plenty by visiting and socializing with others.

Q: Homeschoolers do not have to start school when the public schools begin. Isn’t that right?

A: This has a long answer, too. We do not have to, but because of classes we signed up for, we do.

We enroll in some classes not led by me but by teachers my husband and I chose or hired. One of these is free and it is The Church Seminary Program. (Oh, did you catch that? I almost used the acronym). Early Morning Seminary this year begins the same day public school begins in my area. This means that although we do not really care when homeschool begins or ends, I can choose a day when I can say something officially begins. It is the day Seminary begins.

The hired teachers and has also chosen certain dates to begin their classes, vacation days and end dates. Likewise, many homeschool parents join “co-ops,” which are groups of homeschoolers who get together and do learning together. These co-ops have a set schedule. A co-op has a start date, vacation dates and end dates, too.

I would not want to have the first day of homeschool for the kids which have teachers who’ve given them start-dates, and not have this for the younger 4. After all, the younger 4 are so looking forward to “doing homeschool” officially again. Their siblings are officially starting and so are their neighborhood friends and cousins.

This would be when I to the part called “get the kids ready for the first day of school (by clothes shopping at the back to school clothing sales) as a mom” and the part where I do “put in full-time hours of preparation of the homeschool room, planning and getting ready for homeschool to officially begin on August 27, like a paid public school teacher,” at the same time. (The second part includes getting in on back to school curriculum and supplies sales).

Speed Tour of my Recently Cleaned and Re-Organized Homeschool Room

Of course, many teacher moms do this. They get their own gets ready and sent off, and they also go to the school all day for a couple weeks to get their public school classroom ready.

This “Photographer Mom” is prepared to do “First Day of Homeschool 2018” photos next week!

It’s just a little different. I do not get paid and I do not have to get someone to tend the kids while I go off to work. They are here and I am here, which means I do the prep work and they wish I wouldn’t because it means I am not giving them the attention they would like. It is hard on the kids here, as they are eager to “officially start school” again, and frustrated that their mom is working on prepping and pretty much just letting them “fend for themselves” (except the littlest, who at least gets fed by mom and gets a lot of attention because he demands it).

I hope this helps everyone to understand my world so that they are not confused. There are so many different ways to homeschool. Sometimes, there are jokes or memes on the internet that give one impression, and the people who do not know that all homeschools are different get so upset when things are not the way a youtube video says they are.

This one is a funny one by “It’s a Southern Thing.”

Tell me, are the others exaggerated? Yeah. So do you think the homeschool mom one is? Think about it. I am a homeschool mom and I still laughed at it. I was not upset by the inaccuracy. I know it’s all exaggerated and it is a joke. It’s very funny. If you like it, subscribe, because all of their videos are just as humorous!

For the record, homeschool moms and kids do get dressed in day clothing because they are very busy. We get dressed for the same reasons that you get dressed during the summer. Also, homeschool moms usually put together or join in on a “Not Back to School” park day or party on the first day of local public school. We all know when school starts, including those who do unschooling! We all look forward to getting the museums and parks back to uncrowded. We love it when school starts and are very aware!

I am most like the photographer mom, by the way. I am very sentimental, an artist and a graphic designer, after all! So, yeah, homeschool moms are all different, too, and we have personalities that are all different from the personalities of other homeschool moms. We love our variety and differences!

Classroom Set-Up: Back to Relaxed Mormon Homeschool

It is that time of year again. School teachers and Homeschool moms are very busy right now. It is time to plan for the upcoming academic year of 2017-18. It will be another new and exciting academic year for all of us. It is a very exciting time of year. It is a time to start fresh and look forward to newness and think of how things will be different this year. There is always a hope that each year will be better, easier. There is a great aspiration to have a better set-up which will make finding things easier, which will make us able to do things we do repeatedly and often, more efficiently, and which will make everyone feel in the mood to enjoy togetherness, make friends (or become closer as a family), learn and do school work.

I am well aware that public school and charter school teachers are getting ready as well as homeschool moms like me. My parents were public school teachers until they retired, and I know they were starting to prepare for the new academic year at this time. In my local school district, the first teacher contract day is in a week and a day. Generally, my mom and dad worked at least 3-4 days not on their contract, before the school year began. It is likely that this coming Monday, many Weber County School District teachers will show up at their school, unlock their classroom which has rested from teacher eyes all summer, and will sigh, stare at the walls and cabinets and wonder where they will start in setting up their classrooms.

I remember all those years helping my mom and dad set up. Even for me, as a child and as an adult, it was exciting. I loved making sure all the new pencils were sharpened, and that every desk had a name label, a spelling book, a math book, a science book, a language arts book and a social studies book, along with a new pencil, a new ruler and a new box of pencils. Now I am a homeschool mom teaching my large family of children preschool through tenth this year. I have purchased many school supplies. I have yet to purchase more needed supplies, but for the most part, I have the supplies. We have one table in the homsechool room, so I do not set books there or put name labels on for the kids. I put books and supplies in the homeschool cabinets, lined up and organized nicely, ready for what we will be studying this year.

I have switched out the science focus. Although I hired out for science, I have science books in the homeschool room for when I say that today, I want them to pick a non-fiction science, geography or history book and read it, or when, for language arts, I want them to use non-fiction books to do a research report.

When my public school teacher parents were getting ready for the new year, there was much de-junking and organizing. There wasn’t recycling. They only had garbage cans, but much went into the trash. My homeschool room has to be newly de-junked and papers filed and put away or recycled. I have one full box of school papers my mom gave me and one full blue bin of papers I put in the bin from all the years of homeschooling combined. I have to go through them. Don Aslett called it “the paper tiger” in his book about de-cluttering the office. A homeschool room is very much like an office, but we do have a separate room for the office.  It is needed for my homeschool file cabinet, homeschool workbooks I photocopy, my computer and pur 4-in-1 machine which photocopies, scans and prints. 

I am also making plans for creating more for other teachers to use in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. All of you who are reading this and who have created any tool for a teacher to use (public school teachers, charter school teachers and homeschool teachers) may wish to open a Teachers Pay Teachers store and sell the tools they have made. You can sign up here. It is free to start, (although you will make more money per item if you have a paid annual plan).

Teachers pay teachers referral link

Kayse Morris: Teachers Pay Teachers, for beginners (How to make it look good so it will 

Just make what you need for your own family or classroom 

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Seclusion Boxes or Time Out Boxes in Utah Schools? Legal!

Oh, my! I was wondering if they are doing this in Utah Schools, and found no evidence online. However, I did find it written into Utah Law!

R277-609-1. Definitions.

A. “Board” means the Utah State Board of Education.

B. “Discipline” includes:

(1) imposed discipline; and

(2) self-discipline.

C. “Disruptive student behavior” includes:

(1) the grounds for suspension or expulsion described in Section 53A-11-904; and

(2) the conduct described in Subsection 53A-11-908(2)(b).

D. “Emergency safety intervention” means the use of seclusionary time out or physical restraint when a student presents an immediate danger to self or others, and the intervention is not for disciplinary purposes.

Now see the article that prompted my looking this up here.

A Love for Socialism is Taught in Public Schools

The truth is that most parents have heard that there is socialism taught in schools, but they do not want to see it, so they do not see it. All they see is that they need to send their child to school because they just cannot homeschool. You know, it is not easy for any of us. Those of us who do it know it is by all physical and scientific laws, nearly impossible to homeschool our own kids. We also have found that God helps us. Miraculous as it is,  we can do it because of God. Believe in God. Trust Him. He can do miracles. He can do what you think is impossible if you just trust him and take a leap of faith. God wants you and your children to learn the truths and not the lies. This is only possible if you homeschool your children.

This Article is About How Schools Are Influencing People to Love Communism  It shows also that youth believe Socialism is good and Communism is bad. It shows a belief that Communism and Socialism are different. They are not. Socialism is just a different word used to describe the same thing.
“Consider how 80 percent of Boomers consider communism a problem. While a high number, it’s still a statistically significant drop from their elders’ 91 percent figure. And this is just part of a pattern, with the percentage of each age group that views “socialism” positively being as follows: age 65+, 13 percent; 50-64, 25 percent; 30-49, 34 percent; 18-29, 49 percent (Pew Research Center, Dec. 28, 2011). Evident here isn’t an overnight sea-change, but steadily increasing ignorance.” This quote is from this article about what public schools are really doing in America. The Younger People Are, The More they Love Karl Marx

The sad thing is, they really don’t know what communism or socialism are. They just believe that everyone being at peace is the Socialist goal. They believe the Socialists will make all people happy because nobody will be poor. They believe that socialized medicine will make it so everyone can get all healthcare cheap or free. That is a big lie. 

Socialized medicine does not make it so everyone can access the medical professionals for cheap or free. I served my LDS Mission in Chile, a Socialist Country which has full-on socialized medicine. We met a woman who was extremely sick and bedridden. She was also pregnant. She refused to go to the hospital and I was confused as to why. She said she would go there and sit in  a waiting room all day and night. She would just sit and wait. She would be in the waiting room with people who have all sorts of viruses and contagions. She would be exposed to all of them and with her immune system already being weak, her health would only get worse.

That is the truth about socialized medicine.

In Chile, we also met a girl who was devastated because the country had found out that her sister had a mental deficiency. Thye had tried to keep it a secret, but the government had found out. They had come and forcefully taken her away, supposedly to a mental institution. The family was beyond mortified because they do not think they will ever see her again. I wonder if she even lived a month. Hitler took people like her sister away to give them a good education and then later, the families were told that all of their youth had died of natural causes. Right. Natural causes.

Kids are taught in school that they need to write essays and then they are GIVEN the textual evidences of both sides of the argument. They are told that whichever they have more textual evidence for, they should write in favor of. They are not told to write essays based on their own research or things they have already memorized, like I was taught. Most essay topics are about socialism, or lean toward socialism. Tests are being used to indoctrinate, and it is illegal for any teacher or parent to be shown what is on the tests.

If your argument for keeoing your child in public school is that YOUR school is better than other schools and YOUR CHILD’s TEACHER is sweet and nice and good, please at least consider that every child in the nation is taking the SAME TESTS snd thr TESTS ARE TEACHING SOCIALIST PRINCIPLES TO YOUR CHILD!

Don’t tell me that you will just have your child OPT OUT of the tests, either, because that is virtulaly impossible for a person who likes their child’s teacher. The teacher, whom you love, will beg and plead for you to allow your child to take the test, saying that your child is doing well and will help raise the average scores. The children are also pushed into believeing that it is all about performance and they are told they need not worry because they will do well on the test. I need to remind you here that the teacher is NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THE TESTS, even after they are over with! Your child’s teacher HAS NEVER SEEN ONE OF THESE TESTS, EVER! You are the blind, being led by the blind. only actually, the teacher does not HEAR the tests, either, so YOU ARE (symbolically) BEING LED BY A BLIND AND DEAF person and you are blind and deaf, too.


Oligarchy: The Social Order in a School

Today is one of those days. Housework is the goal today, with a lot of laundry to fold, hang and put away. Two of the kids did the sweeping. We also worked on mopping. Most of the “we” was me, but I had “help,” meaning people getting put mops, slopping water, having fights over mops and getting their clothes wet.

I am past page 300 now on the 392 page “The Underground History of American Education.” This book would drive any person crazy with anger about the school system and is doing that to me. Since I am a homeschool mom, I am mostly angry about what it did to my parents, to me, and what it does to the ones I love who are in the school system. However, it also just makes me angry because I can see what it does to all society. I can see how everyone is tricked and duped.

I can also see the reactions of people to the system, which are mostly efforts to “beat the system,” but some of which are efforts just to survive the system, or efforts to rise to the top of the system by becoming part of the Oligarchy. The school system is a large system, but every school has an oligarchy, a government by group. This group is not a group of superintendent, district professionals, principal or teachers. It is a group of kids made up of the elite who run the parties and have the money, and the psychopathic kids who are the bullies. This group will usually control the school while they are in it, the professionals allowing them to do it. After all, it is the only way the professionals can keep the Oligarchy happy with them, and being polite enough to the professionals (a facade). The teachers have a set of rules for the majority and another set for the Oligarchy. They allow them to do nearly whatever they want because they are afraid of what may happen if they do not “let it slide.” They know how to “pick their battles.”

Reading this makes me recall my own school days. I was not in the Oligarchy, as you may have guessed. I was one of the students who just fought for survival by trying not to stand out or be noticed, and definitely not to upset any of the members of the Oligarchy. I knew that the school system was a social order, as did everyone. I knew how to keep my place. Walking home was sometimes scary, so I knew that walking home with the masses held the only hope of survival. Staying after school was risking my life, because walking home without the group was a guarantee I would meet up with the bullies. Getting a smile or a wave from one of the elite was always cool, but I knew never to supose they were now a friend.

I remember telling my mom once in a grocery store parking lot that I knew there were certain kids I could never have among my friends because they were among the elite. I did not use the word “elite.” I think I used the words “rich kids.” Elite is the word adults use today to describe “rich kids” of the world. My mom told me that was ridiculous and I could have among my friends anyone I wanted. I immediately knew after that, not to talk to her about it because I knew she had no idea how well-established the caste-system style set up of the social order of my school was. It is possible that she suffered such a system in her youth but had no idea about it–could not put it into words. Somehow she thought innocently that it could not possibly be so for me in my youth.

This is something interesting. Many parents believe that the school they send their kids to is a GOOD SCHOOL. It is better thatthe system THEY suffered. It is in a better city, a better neighborhood or with a better set of kids. If you are among these, I would encourage you to go chaperone a junior high high school dance or walk the halls when kids are switching classes or going to lunch, and observe carefully. I have not done this, but I am sure you would see that the same social order that existed when you were in school, also exists at this, your very own child’s school, even though the neighborhood was hand-picked by you when buying a house.  I am sure you have your blinders on because my mom did when I was in school. I know she meant well. She meant to tell me not to put limits on myself. She just did not understand how strong the caste system was at my school.

When I became an adult I thought I was out of the system, but in every job, there was a system much the same. Even at my wonderful corporate job as a graphic designer, it existed. People I thought I could trust in this corporate world, I should not have trusted. I learned, and over the years I became a small business owner. It is definitely a better world to own and run your own business. I recommend it unless you have children to raise as a mom (in which case I don’t).

Here are many of the different stratgies I have observed. These are tools parents use from the birth of their child and up, to help their kids deal with the system in junior high and high school and try to beat it, govern it or just survive it:

  1. Train their child to be on the drill team, be cheerleaders or be star athletes.
  2. Train their child to be an academic star. 
  3. Train their child to be a star in the band or choir.
  4. Train their child in martial arts hand-to-hand combat so he or she will not have problems with the bullies.
  5. Train their child to “be nice to everyone and be friends with everyone.”
  6. Train their child to “run for office.”
  7. Train their child to be average, to be below average (not stand out) or to be above average in all of the above (in other words, train their kids to “fit in” the social order).
  8. Train their child to be one of the elite, or use the strategies from number 9 to make sure their child becomes one of the elite.
  9. Train their child to be friends with the elite, or make sure that from the beginning of life, the child is in the right play groups, lessons, preschools, neighborhood and birthday parties so that they will be friends with the elite.
  10. Train their child to be a member of the Oligarchy, perhaps by using the same strategies in number 10 but also, by teaching the child to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want, to fight physically, etcetera.
  11. Train their child to be friends with the Oligarchy, or make sure that from the beginning of life, the child is in the right places at the right times to become friends with the future members of the Oligarchy.

I do not know whether parents train their kids for numbers 8 or 10, but I really suspect, as do the writers of the series “Back to the Future,” that it sometimes “runs in the family.”

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is one of the stressors my children do not have to deal with in the education arena most of the time, although in little league and church, they do because it is there, too. I hope you noticed “most of the time,” because it is in homeschool social circles, too! Yep!

County Constitution Party Caucus Meetings 2017 (Utah)

Weber County Constitution Party Caucus Meeting

The caucus meeting for most of Roy and Riverdale is here:

  • Friday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m.
  • Hope Community Center 
  • 5051 S. 2000 W., Roy
  • Enter on the south side of the building and go upstairs.

Adam Bishop, Weber County Utah Constitution Party County Vice Chair, will be in charge at this meeting. There will be an introduction about the party’s values and an opportunity to register to vote. Members of any political party are welcome to attend and learn about the Constitution Party.

If you are in another part of Weber County or in another part of Utah, look here for the contact information so that you may find the location of your caucus meeting. Thank you!

Constitution Party Officers Contact Information, Including County

ESSA, ESSA re-write; Elimination of Common Core or NCLB ???

First off, I am going to ask you a question. Have you read the bill, or have you read an article or blog post about it? Or have you read the summary? Please, if you haven’t yet, read the bill.

The propoganda says there will be less testing and more local control, that it will get rid of the Common Core and the No Child Left Behind Act. The propoganda lies. Let’s break it down.

Less Testing? Nope. You’ll see after it passes. The U.S. Dept. of Education gets to take your state’s proposal for testing and look at it to decide upon approval. It does appear that your state is now in control of testing, but, no. You will see after it passes off of Pres. Obama’s desk, into law. It does make mandating testing more constitutional. It does make reporting the state’s trat scores to the Feds, constitutional and required. Added bonus: Data mining legalized and made o.k., even more, by constitutionalizing it. HIPPA? Just because you sign a HIPPA agreement that nobody gets to share stuff about you when you are at the doctor’s office, does not meanty don’t share it with the Statewide Healthcare Database. The State has to share it with the Federal Govt., tol. This is the same with educational data, including any psychological and behavioral data they want on kids. 

More local control? No. More Federal Control. The U.S. Secretary of Education has to approve the standards your state writes. If he does not approve, the bill forces him to give your state “a chance to change the standards” until he allroves. Oh, how sweet! I am just tearing up because of how sweet the U.S. federal Govt. ks going to be with your state by granting your state some rights IT USED TO OWN ALL BY ITSELF WITH NO U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION ON ITS BACK APPROVING THINGS! It was called Ammendment X. Hey, does that still exist? 

Oh, look! It is still there, after all these years. But then, there wqs no U.S. Dept. of Education, ans the states had not given up their right to be in charge of education, in exchange for Federal Money.

          “Article [X] (Amendment 10 – Reserved Powers)

          “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are      

           reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Federal Money. Is this really all about money? Did your state really give up its rights, for money? Um, yep. Talk to your state government. Get them to give up the movey and take back its constitutional right to govern itself!

Gets rid of Common Core? Oh, sorry. Were you sick of the words “Common” and “Core”? So annoying, right? Well, this bill gets rid of that name. Won’t it be nice? A new name. (It just gets rid of the name “Common Core.” So, look for the new name soon.) The U.S. Dept. Of Education and the U.S. Secretary of Education are now the ones who will replace the Common Core. So, instead of the Common Core, we get a Common Judge (The U.S. Secretary of Education). I wonder to what sort of guide he will look do decide whether to approve your state’s Standards. Hmm. Maybe he will call it, “The guide.” Maybe he will call it, “College and Career Readiness Standards.” Or maybe he will call it, “Federal Guidelines for State Educational Standards.” Who cares? It is still the same as Common Core: Federal Control over a state decision (in exchange for money).

Gets rid of No Child Left Behind? Pretty much the same as the above. It will get rid of the name “No Child Left Behind.” However the principles of punishing and rewarding schools and teachers will remain intact. The reporting of all teh scores and data to the public? Still there. People can choose which school they send their kids to? Still there. The arts and P.E. and all subjects except math and ELA getting the shaft? I am sure we will know after it is passed when the U.S. Secretary of Education gives your state the chance to rewrite its standards over and over again until they meet his approval.

Here is the full text of the Bill. Do not just read my blog bost. Read the bill. S1177 Full Text

I also recommend this book. It is a great book. If you are to understand our day, you must understand the 1700s and the 1800s and the battle between the U.S. Govt. and the State Governments. 

Homeschooling with Uncle Steven Lessons

I just read an article about things that will ruin your homeschooling day and year. A lot of these rules are o.k., but number 6 really bothers me. Number 6 rule says to not to allow for interruptions, such as visits from people. She said she only allows phone calls from her husband, during the homeschool day.

If I had told my Uncle Steven that we could not be disturbed during certain hours of the day, my kids would not know him. He passed away this year in the end of September.

Whenever he came, all my kids gathered around to listen to his stories. He always wondered why we were not “doing school” or outside playing. He did not know that my kids and I adored him and that they would come in from outside just to visit with him.

He did not know how much we loved him. He did not know that I felt like they could learn more about life, and more wisdom, from listening to him than from any “academic” lessons out there. He did not know how wise I thought he was, or how I wanted so badly for my kids to learn everything they could from him.

My point is, do allow for “interruptions” in your “homeschool day.” Let all of life interrupt your academic and book studies. Everyday life is far more important than formal academic studies. Perhaps you think that later, when they are 18, that is the time that they are less busy learning important academics and time for them to face “the real world.”

At age 18, kids graduate from High School and many go on to technical colleges, community colleges, Colleges, Universities, or jobs. Active young men in the LDS church will go on missions. At age 18, they will leave home or be away from home most of the time.

If things are the way they were for me, perhaps Grandma will have dimentia when they get back. That grandma time will not be over, but very changed and very hard on the heart.

If I had waited for my kids to feel the real world, and had told Steven he had to leave and come back after we were done with our homeschool day, they would not have had the chance to know him at all. Steven did not have until they are finished with High School or a mission. He passed away while most are elementary school aged and one is 12.

Most of the very most valuable and important lessons in life will go away and be gone by the time a child becomes an adult. At 18, is there more time for such important family life learning? No, there is not more time. In fact, there is less time. When in the mission field or away at school or in a full time job, an adult does not have time to sit and listen to his or her great Uncle tell stories. There is too much to be done.

When that person is steady dating, becomes enganged, gets married and has kids, there is not more time to sit and listen. In short, if I had not decided on purpose, to make listening to and visiting with Steven, a priority, even with 6 kids to take care of, homeschooling to be done and housework to be done, I would have let that time with Steven be lost. I could not have made it wait until my kids were married and gone.

I have something important to say here. Life will not wait until you are ready for it. It must be lived now. Long visits with loved ones cannot wait. They must happen now. Time given to our children, our siblings, our parents, our cousins, our aunts and uncles, our friends and neighbors, must be given now. Time for people cannot wait until later. People are the important part of life. Academic studies are not.

This is big. This is true. This is real.