Northern Utah Back to Eden No-Till Organic Gardening, August 2018

I am getting better at getting good plants going. I am trying to focus on the positive here, but the photos show everything (morning glories: bindweed). Such is life. I am very pleased with my corn, climbing beans, squash and corn being in Native American Three Sisters Garden groupings. I like it because it makes it pretty and there is not as much weeding to do as there was when I had rows. I recommend it very much. I have to figure out how native americans gardened other things.

Black-Eyed Susans and another flower. I got these from a kind lady who lives in my ward. She is very good at sharing plants!

This is something I like that my friend gave me, also. I love it. It is stong and growing well.

Young Bartlett Pear Tree with a few pears

Young Bartlett Pear Tree #2 with a few pears.

Jacob’s Ladder will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and moths. It does well in the shade.

Wormwood is pretty and does well in the shade in this large barrel.

I think this is an Apple-Leaf Hawthorn Tree or a Washington Hawthorn Tree.

I like this tall young Early Elberta Peach Tree.

I have Lavendar next to the Peach tree to make bugs not want to come to the tree.

This is my first year with a Native American style Three Sisters Garden!

My mint does really well, tastes great, and the bees love the blossoms!

I got this from a gardening store but lost the label. What is it?!?

These are the greens above the ground, which belong to potatoes!

Large Broccoli leaves!

Catnip keeps mice and voles from eating the cabbage!

Concord Grapes!

Three Sisters grouping from above, including bindweed 😦

Dillweed (which I love) and weeds that I do not love.

Sage, bindweed and grass

Nasturtium keep the bugs away from the leaves of my veggies.

Early Girl, Cherry and Grape Tomatoes, Tomatillo, Rosemary, Chamomille

Yummy Rosemary to keep bugs away

I am impressed by how well this Catnip keeps the mosquitos out!

Broccoli Leaves!

I just checked out this post: Broccoli Leaves with no Head. It says I can slice the leaves and cook them. I will try it. I wonder what the leaves would do for a vegan smoothie that I would add berries and maple syrup to! I bet it would be great!

Broccoli plants with one Parsley plant inbetween them

Large Broccoli leaves with no broccoli head

Water Your Plants As You Do Dishes, Laundry, Baths and Showers!

I do not have this but I want it. What a great idea! When I first read Alicia Silverstone’s post about this, I thought she was hauling buckets of water from the bathtub. I thought that was ridiculous. That is not how she does it. She had this system called a Greywater System installed. Water your plants with the wastewater from baths and laundry and dishes! Check it out!

Youtube: DIY Installing a Greywater System for your garden or landscape

Homeschool: Not Falling Behind

Will your kids “fall behind” if you do not follow a strict schedule in homeschool?

     My dentist asked me a question he thought I could just nod “yes” to while I could not reply. He said, “I would not be able to do that, because I would not be disciplined enough to stick to a schedule, and you have to stick to a schedule, or they’d fall behind, right?”

     I thought it was interesting what he thought of as a given. He thought it a given that if we as homeschool moms are not able to stick to a strict, public school like schedule in our homeschool, that everyone learning here, would “fall behind” for sure.

     I have home educated my kids for 3.5 years and, having met over 300 homeschool moms, and have never known of a homeschool family, not using public charter school programs, who follows a strict schedule. In fact, from talking to the ones I have met, most, I see, do more unschooling style than school-at-home style. Yet, even then, official affidavit (legal) homeschooling vs. public schooling statistics show that homeschoolers who take tests do better on the tests than public schoolers, if you figure averages for both sides.

Homeschool Domination
Created by:

   In short, no schedule is necessary for success in home educating a child. I do not follow a schedule. I do like making schedules on my iPad. Doing it serves the purpose of helping me see how much time I actually have in each month and week. It helps me to block out proper amounts of time for teaching what I wish to teach, because, with time, I have learned how long things take. After doing it, I do not obey it. I just use ut ti put into my brain, what I have time to teach this week and this month, realistically. This way, I can focus on my goals and on where my kids need to improve, knowing that we cannot fit the impossible into our day.

     For example, this summer I am focusing on each child’s greatest weakness or needs in our homeschool. I am sure most public schooling moms do the same. Perhaps they see that their child needs to read more, so they focus on reading. Perhaps they see that their child is just rude and disobedient, so they will focus on the behavior issues and relationship this summer. Maybe the child wishes he or she had more time for science, so the focus will be science field trips this summer. I do this in our homeschool. 

     Even then, I do not follow a schedule. I do not say, “8:00 Learning Item 1, 9:00 Learning Item 2.” How do I do it, with no specific time or schedule? Whenever I feel like it, I work on this with this child. Whenever I feel like it, I work on that, with the next child. There are some days we just relax. Some days, we do a lot of housework. Most days currently, in the evenings, we are almost constantly at a ball game. You can say for sure one of our focuses now is sports. It is just time for that now. One of the things we do a lot of now is gardening and yard work. I bet a lot of people do a lot of that now.

     Do we even get to enjoy summer? Yup! The difference is, we also get to really enjoy the fall, the winter and the spring, while publilc schooling families only have one season to really enjoy life. It makes me sad seeing people having to stuff every happiness and joy into 3 months in one season of the year. 

     This is what I mean. In the fall when the public schoolers are sitting in a classroom for the majority of the day, my kids still get to go enjoy the outdoors a lot during the day, and not just in short bursts at a recess time. This is when the weather is cooler. It is just right outside. The fall leaves get to be enjoyed more. In this past winter, we spent a lot of time working in the garden in January and February. We had no snow stick on the ground until about April. It was a crazy year. We got to enjoy this bonus season which was a little like fall and a little like spring, more hours of the day. It was nice to have it.

    I hope thinking that you are not a disciplined, schedule-driven person, would not keep you from home educating your kids! Please, try it! ADD and ADHD moms can do it, too!

Make a Personalized, Well-Rounded Preparedness Plan

There are so many things to do to prepare. ayou are not even close. How are you going to get there? How can you afford it? How can you glean the time for all of it? It is just too much. Will all these thoughts hinder you from even taking the simplest first step?

My daughter made a simple outline: water, food, shelter. I love it but wanted something more specific and step-by-step, including more aspects, such as financial and spiritual preparedness.

I have had these questions and have come up with a great solution for everyone! Make your own personalized, well-rounded Step by Step Table and Outline plan. Include in each step, these: 

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

I have a plan like this personalized for me and my family. I am excited about how personalized it is. It would not even work for you because it is just exactly for me and my family! It protects my emotional and mental side, making it impossible to feel overwhelmed when learning about what may happen, when it may happen and what we will need for all of that.

Having a plan for the order in which I will work on things really helps. Before the personalized plan, I would read and learn about all these things and oh, how eqch preparedness item jumped out at me. NO, THIS ONE IS MOST IMPORTANT. BUT YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THAT ONE! I could not do it all and I knew it, leaving me feeling frustrated and upset, worried and unable to sleep.

At The Whole Person Preparedness Conference in Northern Utah Saturday, there were so many vendors and so many items for sale. There was so much information, too, that it was impossible to take it all in. I am so glad that I knew my plan in my head. I was able to focus and say to myself that yes, that there is important, but not the step I am working on now. I was able to shut put and ignore all of it except the step I am already working on now. 

I have made an outline. Each step has goals for:

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

Here is my personalized step One, including each of the categories above:

I.A. A very personal financial one I will not share

I.B. Get habit of nightly prayer with my husband

I.C. Teach my 6 year old to read

I.D. Teach my kids gardening, nutrition and essential oil basics

I.E. Closeness to parents and siblings; Closeness to my husband and kids. Organize family monthly get-togethers.

I.F. Organize, label, and find on the internet (then print) instructions for garden seeds. Put some in emergency backpack for future (labeled and with instructions). Get popsicle sticks and write labels on them for garden planting now and for emergency backpack.

Most people right now in the prepper universe are only focusing on temporal preparedness, so it is likely they would only have I.F. above, on their list. I do not fault them, as I have been doing the same. However, my new goals which I have made through prayer and pondering in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping, are written on a table which has lines for each step on the left:






and divisions for each category listed along the top of the table:

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

So, when I put it in outline form, it will be like this:

Lisa Jackson Family Well-Rounded Preparedness Step by Step Plan

I. Step One set

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

II. Step 2 set

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

III. Step 3 set

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

IV. Step 4 set

A. financial, B. spiritual, C. knowledge, D. skills, E. emotional & social, F. temporal

Each letter and category builds upon the one before it. For example, after the pray with my husband nightly step (B. spiritual) is, in Step II.A. Make a habit of reading the Book of Mormon daily. This way, in each category, my family and I are gradually progressing. 

I am very excited about this plan because it includes all aspects of my life and my responsibilites as a wife and a homeschool mom. It will prepare me and my family in all of these ways. It makes things much less overwhelming to me mentally. It is personalized.

I have to admit, first, I did make a temporal only one. I wrote and re-wrote about 10 times, a step by step plan until I felt done and lie it was perfect and did not need any more tweaks. Perhaps I will create a blog post a out just that one. I used it to do all of the “F. Temporal” pieces of each step in my outline. Having it ready made the well-rounded outline easier to make, because when I got to “F,” I just looked at my chart and plopped it in.

As you see, the “F. Temporal” has to do with seeds for gardening. This is indeed seasonal and for the time I am in.  It is mid-March. I would have a different temporal goal first were it June or November!

I encourage you to make a similar personalized plan. Only you know yourself and your immediated family personally enough to do this, so do not use my plan. I just shared it as an example. Now go to it! Make a personalized, well-rounded preparedness plan using the above outline. It will be fun!

Mosquito Repellent Plants Research and Notes

lime basil, full sun to partial shade
sacred basil (plants, and seeds floating on water which kill larvae)
rose-scented monarva
catnip is better than deet

If mosquitoes are really bad where I live, call Weber County Mosquito Abatement

Call (801) 392-1630

Sources for Natural Mosquito Repellents

Sacred basil, lime basil and catnip
Fedco Seeds
Waterville, Maine

Rose-scented monarda
Companion Plants
Athens, Ohio

Thyme plants
Widely available at garden centers
Weber County Mosquito abatement
Call (801) 392-1630