Large Family Style Sports

Today I am going to address something personal and close to home not only for me, but for many large families who are noticing that they cannot keep up with the small families who have every one of their children on a recreational team this season.

We have a large family. I cannot find it right now, but I know I read somewhere once that a large family chose to replace community league recreational t-ball, softball and baseball, with going to play at a baseball diamond as a family. This sounds so much better for my family than what we are trying to do right now.

With a large family, community recreation league ball means that every child has different practices and different locations for practices, sometimes on different days but sometimes the same day at the same time. This splits up the family, but since we cannot leave the younger children home alone, we must take everyone along and let the younger kids play on the playground. For a mother who has dishes to do and cannot be there with the dishes and dishwater, this is a ridiculous waste of 2 hours a day and 6 days a week (12 hours a week)!

This would not be a big deal were it one practice or game once a week, but we have a large family. It is too much. It is every single night. Many nights, it is a few games a night or a few practices per night. We are never home in the evenings. We do not have time to make dinner, eat dinner and clean up dinner together. We do not have time to clean the house and prepare for the next day of homeschooling, which is really very important. It is also very exhausting. I have no prep time to prepare for the next day of homeschooling. We have no time to fold and put away laundry.

When my husband and I are watching and caring for the children not in the game or practice, and also watching the child in the game, we really am not getting the kind of workouts we would get were we actually running fast and hard. We mostly watch and stand still. We do a bit of chasing of a toddler or preschooler now and then, but it is not enough for the workout we need.

We like having our kids play basketball and baseball. We like our kids to swim. I think we need to find a free court once a week in which to play basketball, just us, in basketball season, together as a whole family. I think we can find a spare field in the spring and summer and early fall to play baseball together as a whole family. We can get a yearly family membership in the local swimming pool and teach our kids to swim. Our family really is large enough. We could do it! I really think we should. All of us would be scheduled at the same time and all of us could participate and exercise. It would be a unifying family time of exercise and the children would even get more participation time.

If we want it to be a larger social thing for the children, it can be. I know there are other families that would love to join us and have their entire family play ball at the same time, along with our family. Extended family and friends would gladly join in if invited. Strangers would see us and ask if they can join in. At the pool, we will have other children all around us. We will not be isolated socially.

Pictures? Yes, photos are wonderful. We can also snap photos, just like we do with rec sports and swim lessons. We can create a different kind of family memories. After all, we are different, being that we have a large family and we homeschool our children.

Our family is large and a large family is not extinct but rare. Large family living does not fit into the culture of the world around us. We have to be creative and have a different lifestyle than that of the mainstream. We have to figure out how to live a large family life in a way that makes our family happy and healthy, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. This is my solution. I hope we can do it after this year’s obsessive baseball season is over! This mom is fed up with recreational sports. They just do not work with large family life at all!

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40 Year Old Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with Large Family Trying to Get to a Healthy Weight

I have a large family. I have a large family for a Utah Mormon (not just for a city-dwelling New-York City resident or Hollywood movie star, because their definitino of a large family is not mine). I am vegan. I have been pregnant and breatfeeding for what feels like half of my life. I am 40. I wake up early, not to excercise, but to take my daughter to her early morning homeschool seminary class.

I try hard to eat right. I just barely skim the surface of having a habit of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I try to eat healthy foods, but it is tough to find time to prepare something healthy when our lives are so busy.

I try to find time to exercise. I just cannot find it. O.k., so I know where it is. It is right there when my husband gets home, gives me the chance to go to the gym, and I hear my preschooler bawling at the top of his lungs about his hunger, my husband says to ignore him, and I make him something to eat, following which my husband leaves and my was-gonna-be-tending-while-I-went-to-the-gym son throws a fit, begging me to let off on the homeschool assignments for the week so that he can play on the wii. The screaming, throwing things and bawling from the torture of the immensity of the assignments is so great that I do not go to the gym. I stay home and my husband gets back and tries go help us through the rough patch. Then I make a vegan dinner for only myself and am too exhausted (and it is too late at night) to go to the gym.

This is just one day in the life of the Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with a Large Family who is trying to lose 30 lbs. and thus reach a healthy weight. I tell you, I am sick to death of all the blog posts and youtube videos I find with women who have 2 kids and send them to school during the day, then tell me how they lost all the baby weight in 6 weeks.  am also sick of all the “you need animal protein” lies out there, written by weight-loss gurus who are not vegan!

“Thou shalt not covet” the women who lose baby weight in under a year. Seriously, the toughest commandment out there. Arghhhhh!

I seriously cannot be the only one! I hate feeling alone. I do not expect to find someone just exactly in my situation, but a bunch of groupies close to it would be nice. A support group would help immensely. There have to be vegan homeschool moms out there with large families, and who also large bellies like mine that have not gone away when the baby is a preschooler!

If you are one and have found this post, please comment. I need a support network of women who know what I am going through! Advice about exercise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

PhytoEstrogens in Soy vs. Estrogen in Cow’s Milk

Are you worried that if you went vegan, the estrogen in soy would be bad for you? I have good news for those of you who ar considering veganism. The estrogen is “PhytoEstrogen,” an estrogen only absorbed by plants. I have bad news for those of you not considering veganism. The kind of estrogen your body DOES absorb is found in great quantities cow’s milk! 

I have some sad news. Those pushing you to believe things about hormones which are not true, are a group of dairy farmers. Lies in the form of propoganda are tricking you. Here is an article with the truth in it:

Soy Myths and Misinformation

Homeschooling is the Road Less Travelled By. How has our choice to homeschool our children “made all the difference?”

My child showed me a video about choices called “Leave the Party.” It is from an LDS General Conference Talk by Bishop Gary E. Stevenson called, “Be Valiant in Courage, Strength and Activity.” He talked about a choice made by a young man at a party in Japan. Then he said that the choices each of us make now will make a difference in what happens in our life, in who we become. Every choice helps to shape our lives. It is so true. I pondered it, and thought about our choice to homeschool our children years ago.

It also reminded me of this poem many of us love by Robert Frost called, “The Road Not Taken.” I have it in a book which has the poems illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings. I really love these 3 lines the most:

“…. long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;”

     These lines are touching to me. I like to put it into my life and my soul. “Long I stood” in 2011, pondering, studying, consulting and deciding. Long I stood then, next to my husband, in 2011 and 2012, he travelling beside me on the path. Should we homeschool? And (in January 2012, we) looked down as far as (we) could, to where (the path of homeschooling) bent in the undergrowth (at that time, that point was, until the next school year started. We just wanted to try it for the rest of that academic year, and be ready to put the kids back in school in August of 2012).

Now to go over these famous lines:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

     For sure, Homeschooling is the Road Less Travelled By. How has our choice to homeschool our children “made all the difference?”

  • Homeschooling helped our children to be happier, get along better with each other, and has brought more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into our home.
  • Homeschooling has helped others, who have followed us down this path, they seeing that someone they knew was tredding on that path.
  • Homeschooling has given me a more thorough education, as I get to review and teach the things my children must learn. I learn (or review) things along with them and prove my basic education, giving me a stronger foundational education.
  • Homeschooling has led me to learn more about the U.S. Constitution and what is going on in politics in my county, state and country. I had been involved in politics and in learning about the U.S. Constitution, but not as much as I am involved in it now.
  • Homeschooling has led me to meet people whom I never would have met had I not started down its path. These people have helped to shape my life.
  • Homeschooling has helped me to become closer to Heavenly Father because it is so tough and I cannot do it without His help. I have learned and relearned that lesson.
  • Homeschooling has helped me to learn more about the Old Testament because in Life School and in Discover the Old Testament, we have been studying the Old Testament.
  • Homeschooling has made me happier, personally an has improved my health.
  • Homeschooling forces me to improve, as I have children whom I have taught, constantly encouraging me to be a better example to them.
  • Homeschooling helps me know my children on a deeper level. Because I spend more time with them than I would if I sent them to public school, I know more about them. (They also know more about me than they would the other way).
  • Homeschooling has influenced my childrens’ lives immensely, as, for one, they are exposed to completely different learning than they would be were they sent to school. I am not only talking about academic learning, but social learning, also. 
  • Homeschooling gave me and my children more chances to know more about my Grandma Preece and my Uncle Steven, who have now passed into post-mortality. Much of the time we spent with them was during what would have been otherwise, time with them away at school.
  • I have had more time during the days, day after day, to teach my children life skills which they should not have to wait for adulthood and free daytime hours, to learn.
  • I believe my children are closer to Havenly Father and love the Bible and Book of Mormon more than they would otherwise.
  • I truly believe that the choices my children make are better choices than they would have been had they been sent to school all these years.

“The Road Not Taken,” by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

A Love for Socialism is Taught in Public Schools

The truth is that most parents have heard that there is socialism taught in schools, but they do not want to see it, so they do not see it. All they see is that they need to send their child to school because they just cannot homeschool. You know, it is not easy for any of us. Those of us who do it know it is by all physical and scientific laws, nearly impossible to homeschool our own kids. We also have found that God helps us. Miraculous as it is,  we can do it because of God. Believe in God. Trust Him. He can do miracles. He can do what you think is impossible if you just trust him and take a leap of faith. God wants you and your children to learn the truths and not the lies. This is only possible if you homeschool your children.

This Article is About How Schools Are Influencing People to Love Communism  It shows also that youth believe Socialism is good and Communism is bad. It shows a belief that Communism and Socialism are different. They are not. Socialism is just a different word used to describe the same thing.
“Consider how 80 percent of Boomers consider communism a problem. While a high number, it’s still a statistically significant drop from their elders’ 91 percent figure. And this is just part of a pattern, with the percentage of each age group that views “socialism” positively being as follows: age 65+, 13 percent; 50-64, 25 percent; 30-49, 34 percent; 18-29, 49 percent (Pew Research Center, Dec. 28, 2011). Evident here isn’t an overnight sea-change, but steadily increasing ignorance.” This quote is from this article about what public schools are really doing in America. The Younger People Are, The More they Love Karl Marx

The sad thing is, they really don’t know what communism or socialism are. They just believe that everyone being at peace is the Socialist goal. They believe the Socialists will make all people happy because nobody will be poor. They believe that socialized medicine will make it so everyone can get all healthcare cheap or free. That is a big lie. 

Socialized medicine does not make it so everyone can access the medical professionals for cheap or free. I served my LDS Mission in Chile, a Socialist Country which has full-on socialized medicine. We met a woman who was extremely sick and bedridden. She was also pregnant. She refused to go to the hospital and I was confused as to why. She said she would go there and sit in  a waiting room all day and night. She would just sit and wait. She would be in the waiting room with people who have all sorts of viruses and contagions. She would be exposed to all of them and with her immune system already being weak, her health would only get worse.

That is the truth about socialized medicine.

In Chile, we also met a girl who was devastated because the country had found out that her sister had a mental deficiency. Thye had tried to keep it a secret, but the government had found out. They had come and forcefully taken her away, supposedly to a mental institution. The family was beyond mortified because they do not think they will ever see her again. I wonder if she even lived a month. Hitler took people like her sister away to give them a good education and then later, the families were told that all of their youth had died of natural causes. Right. Natural causes.

Kids are taught in school that they need to write essays and then they are GIVEN the textual evidences of both sides of the argument. They are told that whichever they have more textual evidence for, they should write in favor of. They are not told to write essays based on their own research or things they have already memorized, like I was taught. Most essay topics are about socialism, or lean toward socialism. Tests are being used to indoctrinate, and it is illegal for any teacher or parent to be shown what is on the tests.

If your argument for keeoing your child in public school is that YOUR school is better than other schools and YOUR CHILD’s TEACHER is sweet and nice and good, please at least consider that every child in the nation is taking the SAME TESTS snd thr TESTS ARE TEACHING SOCIALIST PRINCIPLES TO YOUR CHILD!

Don’t tell me that you will just have your child OPT OUT of the tests, either, because that is virtulaly impossible for a person who likes their child’s teacher. The teacher, whom you love, will beg and plead for you to allow your child to take the test, saying that your child is doing well and will help raise the average scores. The children are also pushed into believeing that it is all about performance and they are told they need not worry because they will do well on the test. I need to remind you here that the teacher is NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THE TESTS, even after they are over with! Your child’s teacher HAS NEVER SEEN ONE OF THESE TESTS, EVER! You are the blind, being led by the blind. only actually, the teacher does not HEAR the tests, either, so YOU ARE (symbolically) BEING LED BY A BLIND AND DEAF person and you are blind and deaf, too.


Aging is Remembering Things Others Don’t

My husband and I just went to walk around Weber State University campus. Those kids are 20. They used to be babies. When I was attending at Weber State, many of them were entering kindergarten. Some of them look 30, so those were in 9th grade when I attended the University. 

We went to the library. Crazy full of memories. “This is where I used a thin piece of paper and made a 12 inch tall stand that held a brick longer than anyone else’s design,” I told my husband, pointing out a desk in the library on the too floor by the photography history books. That was for Amy Adams’ 3-D art class. We had fun pointing out where the Vax computers were located. My kids will never know what “Vax” means, and will never understand why we sould sneak around to find the hidden Vax computers in order to sneak onto the internet with our sneaky secret knowledge of early novice hacking.

We went to see the new Tracy Hall Science building. It was really cool. It is new this semester and just barely dedicated. We determined that they are still and un-packing. There are glass walls so you can see into the rooms. I loved the Eames-inspired contemporary furniture but Jeff did not appreciate it. Buildings 1, 2 and 3 were large parts of my life, but I was not as sad about losing those as I was about Lampros Hall.

Even though my husband has no memories of the Collett Art building, I forced him to follow me around in there. The entryway still smells of pencil lead and paint. Even though that made me happy, the fact that they removed all trace of the art legacy from that building made me upset. I know they have a new building and it is awesome, but the anger is still there. How can they change a place where I practically LIVED for 5 years of my life? How can they not care about my memories? 

We entered from the back. “This,” I whispered to my husband, ” was where we out our entries for exhibits.” He had no glimmer in his eye. He didn’t get it. How can he not feel what I feel? He has no memories of it. Entries. Do you know what that means? It means we laid our hearts and souls there for them to judge and then (most of the time for me) shun.

I walked up the stairs. “No art on display. How sad!” I mourned. “How can they do this to us?” I am laughing at myself now. How can I be upset about this and why am I upset about this? I am still trying to figure it out. I am not a psychologist. 

I looked to the other side. ‘There is where they had slides,’ I thought. “The professors’ rooms were over there,” I told my husband.

“Do you know how many classes I had in here?” he asked me. “One?” I guessed. “Zero,” he mocked. He told me his art appreciation class was in the Social Sciences building. 

After leaving there, disappointed in them for not preserving this home of mine from my past, we went home. Unable to sleep for the memories, I blog now. It saves my sanity so that hopefully Alzheimers won’t set in as soon. 

The first thing I did was to search for the Collett Art Building at Weber State University. Surely they have some memories preserved online! Indeed, they do not. What I did find was pretty cool, though.

There were many links to exhibits and one to “free community field trips” from the late nineties. This was the closest I came. I am surprised to know that Farrell Collett passed away while I was in my Senior year at Weber State and I had no idea about it then. Well, maybe I was slightly aware, but I did not really think about it or care too much. That makes me sad. Farrell Collett.

Then I started finding the people. I guess the people are what matter more than a building, anyway.

Jim Jacobs

Jim Jacob displays his art in Salt Lake City

I also found this, which was nice. The crazy thing is, these students are limited to being fascinated by his art and they do not feel the same way I do. They don’t love him. I just watch him and want to cry and run up and give him a hug. I just love this man. He cared about me so much. I feel so thankful for what he did for me. He defended me against a mean art professor when I refused to take the nude drawing class. He accepted me when I was a freshman and always smiled at me and talked to me. He had so much respect for me. There just aren’t words. A few years ago, I walked through the new art building with my daughter and he was there. I spoke with him and introduced him to my daughter. He recognized me and remembered me. Jim lectures a group of students about his own art through the years. 

Mark Biddle

Archived piece on Mark Biddle’s typorgraphical art and a photo of typography

Here is a page at Weber State, as he still teaches there. The photo on the page is a great example of what he looks like when he is upset with you. I can tell that when the photo was snapped, he was upset at whomever had dared to photograph him. 
I found this. I cannot believe I am the first person to review this professor at lol. Read my review of Mark Biddle here. 500 characters! They expect me to sum up my experience with Mark Biddle in so few words! He taught me most of my graphic design classes! Well, I get more space here because I am the boss here.

I went a few years back and visited. He did not seem to remember me. He had students there, though, and was busy with them. I suppose the tuition-paying people were more important than a person not paying tuition and showing her daughter around while laden with memories. 

I saw Mark Biddle in much if the design work in the hallway in the new building a few years ago. When he retires, if he ever does, the art in the hallways will change so much. A professor influences his students so much!

Mark would mosey and him-haw around the room trying not to stand in front of the work, but somehow always standing in front of the work anyway. He’d look at it casually as if he was trying not to notice and seeing which things he had no choice but to notice because they surprised him so. He would say nothing about it for himself then, and would say, “So, whadya think?” Then he’d look up at us, head tilted inquiringly, hands behind his back, laying on his worn-out jeans. Then he’d step aside, and we were to walk up there to the front and also look at everyone’s work. 

Nobody would dare speak up first, but eventually someone always did, of course. 

I am now remembering me as the only graphic designer (at the beginning) at Franklin Covey Coaching in 2001. I had to do this alone. I would pin my work up and stand back to look at it, trying to evaluate it from someone else’s perspective. I would call in others, including Mark (the editor). I would ask them, “Is there too much orange? Do the words stand out enough?” etcetera. 

I carried Mark Biddle’s personality with me when working with my own graphic design clients. When asking them whether they preferred this or that, it was just like being in class again, only I was pleasing people who were not artists, but business owners. That is a different world! 

Next topic. After rating Mark Biddle, I rated 3 others.

There you go. I rated Amy Adams. My rating of Amy Adams

Madame Banerji is still there. My rating of Madame Banerji
Angelika-Pagel is still there. My rating of Angelika-Pagel

Most of those who taught ne at Weber State are not teaching there now. This is a crime, as people should keep doing the same things forever. Lol. JK.

Homeschool: How Not to Over-Extend Your Family!

I read this post and it was so good! Whether you parent by sending your kids to a school or whether you choose to homeschool, this post applies to you. It is about how there are SO MANY OPTIONS AND CHOICES AND ACTIVITIES, that if you chose to do even one tenth of them, you would never be home.

My suggestion is to decide how much time you want to have as “just our little family” time, then add in to your schedule church worship services and church activities for the mom, the dad, the youth and the children. After that is done, look at what time there is left.

Next, you will have to consider that each child does need some alone time. They need to pray, write in their journal, read the scriptures and think about life. They need some time to rest. They need some time to work on personal goals and hobbies. They also need some time for friends. All of this is vital to their well-being and happiness.

After considering the above, what time is left? What are this child’s needs? Is there time for lessons or clubs or classes? If so, how much time is there? Don’t go choosing too many things. Only choose what there is time left for!

Keeping the Home in Homeschool

Now let’s review:

  • “Just Our Family” Time
  • Church worship time
  • Church activities time
  • Journal, Prayer, scripture study time
  • rest and relaxation time
  • friend time
  • time for personal goals, hobbies and interests
  • Other (lessons, clubs, field trips co-ops, classes, etc.)

“Make Lunch the Biggest Meal of the Day” Weight Loss Plan

Here is some more about my new diet plan for losing belly circumference and weight.

It has been tough at dinnertime when my husband insists that he and the kids eat these fattening, starchy, unhealthy and very large dinners. Since my goals are different from theirs but I still want to feel like I am eating with them, this is what I did last night. I made a really healthy, light smoothie. I had a 1 cup serving of my very own vegan mashed potatoes because they wanted mashed potatoes. I had 3/4 c. of green beans because they were having them and they are healthy. I had a handful of pistachios because my husband was eating those. I had 3 slices of tofurky (a vegan replacement for turkey) and so did two of my kids. I had water and my 14 oz. smoothie. Some of my family had rice-a-roni with lots of butter and cheese on it, which my husband made.

I will say, it is tough on the will power to do something that is not culturally normal where I live (to make lunch the biggest meal of the day). However, from what I have read online and from what I could see while in Chile, it really does make a difference in helping with weight loss.

Having Lunch mid-day gives me lots of energy and I still feel full when dinnertime comes so that I do not feel the need to eat a lot. Having a siesta between 1 and 4 p.m. is also really great. Having a big lunch and a child who naps helps me want this. Homeschooling helps me to get it. It really does help me accomplish more in the morning. This is because I know it will be okay because I will get to “crash” in the early afternoon!

Here are some women discussing the “lunch as the biggest meal of the day” thing. I liked it. Baby Center lunch discussion

My New Weight Loss Plan: Chilean Lunches, Light Dinners and More Gym Time

I am really upset about my weight. I am making a new weight loss plan. The size of the middle of my body (belly and waist) is too great. I just recently learned that my nighttime acid reflux issue was caused by my habits of:

  • Skipping breakfast (because I was busy) quite often, or having a breakfast that was more like a light snack
  • Skipping lunch (because I was busy) quite often, or having a light snack for lunch at noon
  • Eating a medium-sized “Linner” (between 2 and 4 p.m.)
  • Eating a gigantic, very filling (and yet very nutritious) very late dinner (between 8 and 11:30 p.m.)
  • Going to bed within an hour or two of eating the late dinner

     Since I have at one time in my life, though about half a lifetime ago, experienced Chile style lunches, I am going to try that again now. I read online that this mid-day largest meal of the day style is great for nutrition, energy to accomplish more and weight loss, I am going to be doing this. 

     I have already done it for 2 days with success. I had larger breakfasts. The biggest meals of the day have been at about noon. I have had a snack between about 2 and 4 p.m. I have had dinner between 5 and 7:30 p.m. Dinner has consisted of fruits and vegetables, including a lettuce salad both nights. I have gone to bed at around 10:30 both nights. I have had no acid reflux in the middle of the night and no heartburn.

     In Chile, oatmeal was the most common breakfast food, but there was also a barley drink, milk and or or herbal tea and mermelada, which is jam.

     From what I remember of Chilean lunches, there were courses. There was first the light, brothy, healthy soup. Then there was the salad, consisting of Romaine lettuce and lots of veggies. Then there was the bread with the main course. It was very large and very filling. After we were finished eating, it was then polite to drink. It was a fruity or vegetable drink (such as mango or carrot juice). Finally, it was time for dessert, which I did not generally feel there was room for. Fruit, like a pear, was considered a dessert in my first home. That was a healthier example of dessert.

     At about 6 p.m., no matter where we were, we were fed. Nobody cared that we were strangers. It was time to eat. At this time, we were fed something like a snack-meal. This consisted of bread with mermelada or paté and barley drink with milk and honey in it. Sometimes we were given popcorn or a fruit instead. Sometimes, it was just dessert, such as a 13 layer whipped cream, cake, caramel and jam “torta.” Finishing the torta meant you still had room for more. The ony way you could get out of having more was to politely almost finish it, then say your stomach could not fit any more. In one area that I lived in, there was Alicia’s in Santiago, which had the yummiest single serve small pizza (peek-sah), and sometimes we splurged and bought it. Alicia was our good friend and became a member of the church while I was there. I promised to make her a logo but have no contact information that works. If her place is still up and running, you have to taste her pizza.

     At 11 p.m., it was time for “once,” (which means “eleven.”) This was also given to us no matter whose house we were in. To the Chileans, serving strangers was a special honor and privilege. At once, we were given the bread with paté or mermelada and the barley drink. Some people served large, thick crackers or bread, with cheese and sliced meat. Generally, one piece of thick, hearty bread was sliced in half so that it was like eating a sandwich.

     My diet plan is to have a big, healthy breakfast, a very large and healthy lunch, a healthy snack and a very light, healthy dinner. My exercise plan is to go to the gym more, work hard on house and yard care for exercise and ride my stationary bike whenever I can. I hope all of this works and I finally lose my large “middle” (belly or waist) and replace it with a medium “middle.”

Zika Babies: Smile, Talk, Kiss, Rock, Sing, Hold, Love

Eugenics is an evil idea cooked up by evil people (The Fabians). Do not fall for the eugenics lies. These Zika fetuses have the right to live. Their mothers have the right to kiss them, rock them, hold them, laugh with them, look in their eyes, sing to them and love them for as long as these babies can live.

This whole idea that because they are not perfect in body, they should not live, is very wrong. I know Jesus would let these fetuses live. He would not tell these women to abort their fetuses.

This is a twisted world, that lets people feel o.k. about the abortion of fetuses with CERTAIN DEFECTS. It is a very Satan-pleasing idea, that healthy, perfect fetuses should live and that fetuses with unusually small heads should not live.

¡Dejar de vivir tus bebes en útero, madres de Suduamerica! Guarde tu oportunidad de tener un bebé especial, mandado de Dios para ti. No escuche a los que creen que un bebé de cuerpo fisico perfecto debe vivir y que el bebé de cuerpo con cabeza muy chico no debe vivir. Es doctrina de Satanás y no de Jesucristo. Tome a tu bebé. Guárdelo. Deféndelo. Bésalo. Cante a tu bebe. Dale sonrisas. Es tu bebé. No importa tanto el cuerpo como al espíritu. Dios te mandó un espíritu especial.

Article: The United Nations pushes to legalize abortion in South America

These women in South America need financial assistance from good people. They need community members willing to serve by maybe holding the baby to soothe the baby so the mom can have a break sometimes. Please help instead of telling them to give up their babies.

Petition: Stop using Zika virus as excuse to push abortion!

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