Our 2016-17 Reasons For Homeschooling 

Our reasons change every year. I wanted to put down our new reasons for this academic year, from all of us combined.

Reasons for the Kids


I homeschool now and it’s fun. (My siblings) went to public school and they did not like it. (Sibling) said it is like a prison and my public-schooled friends say it is like a prison. We have co-ops and I get to play with my friends. We get to have potluck breakfasts and I get to play with my cousins because they are homeschooled. I don’t really know–I just like homeschooling. I like to learn about the human body and math and cursive. I really like math. I like fractions, times, division, plus and subtraction. I like all of them. I like learning spelling. I like the Old Testament.


There won’t be bullies there so they won’t hit me. If my siblings bully me or hit me, I can find a room to lock me in. In school the bully might sit … near you. But its better in homeschool, you can sit wherever you want, not where the teacher wants you to sit. Your mom will know which grade you are in. (I like learning) how to write, learning how to trace, learning how to sound out the words. Favorite things to learn about: Gravity, science, building (I have tools). 


(I like learning) how to read and playing with the blue sand.* I like the blue sand because it’s very soft. Learning DVDs. 

*The blue sand is for learning montessori stylel how to write letters and numbers, while at the same time repeating the short vowel or most-used consonant sound of the letter.

My Reasons for Continuing to Homeschool

  • I love teaching my own children. It feels like a new and fun hobby. I love that it gets to be me and not someone else. I love that my kids come to me with questions and trust me with their educations. I love seeing their eyes light up when they learn.
  • We have a big library which is expanding every year. We are loaded with DVD curricula, games, books, textbooks, workbooks and supplies of all kinds. We even have a homeschool room now, which I love having!  I did do it without one for a few years, but it is nice to have one. We still learn and do assignments all over the house, but it is nice to have a place to put things in to keep life organized.
  • I love that my kids just get to live life with freedom. They do not have to sit in an assigned seat, sit still, be quiet and only speak when they raise their hand and are called upon. They not have to line up for lunch and march through the halls to lunch. They do not have to line up to leave the house. They do not have to ask permission to use the potty or get a healthy snack or drink. 
  • I love that when other kids are in school, my kids learn from repair prossionals, real estate professionals, lanscape professionals, servers at restaurants, fast food workers, store clerks, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, museum guides, visual artists of the community, people in care centers, poeple giving service in the community, wildlife rehabilitators, actors, musicians and more. I am far from being their only teacher.
  • I love that my kids can learn to do home repair, yard work, cooking, meal planning, shopping, housecleaning, decluttering, building, landscaping, tree olanting, composting, gardening and many more life skills, during the day and in the evening.
  • I love that we can talk about our religious beliefs unhindered my social expectations. We can talk about God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, the Bible, the Book of Mormon and our Prophets and Apostles, all day long. We do not have to teach every religion equally. We d not have to equally exclude all religions. 
  • I love that when there is a problem understanding a concept being taught that we can turn to God in prayer, trust Him, have faith in Him, and ask Him for help. I love that He always does help!
  • I know Heavenly Father told me to homeschool and told my husband to trust me to nurture and educate our children.
  • I know homeschooling works. Even though it seems impossible, with God, it is possible.
  • I love being with my kids, spending time with them and getting to know them. I love that they get more time with me and with my husband. I love that they get more time with each other and get to be together all day on most days.
  • I love that I know them and can figure out the best ways each of my kids learn. I get to know them more each week. Their interests are always changing and I feel like I always can be there to watch them change and grow. I get to teach them the ways each of them learn best.
  • I have the freedom and the responsibility to hire others to teach my children. I choose their teachers myself. 
  • I get to be the one that teaches my children about social things like learning, religious values and the ten commandments, service, kindness, respect for people of all ages no matter their age, respect for poeple of all religions and cultures and races, reading, exercise, research, making friends, determination, being honest, hard work, etiquette, standing up for themselves, being assertive and being polite. They do not learn it from kids their ages in a public school. 
  • I do not have to wait for quarterly parent, student, teacher conference to find out how my child is doing or wait for the end of semester or end of level test because I know what they are understanding and learning every day. If I want to have a more formal assessment or testing for them, thye are free online and available, or available for a small price.  can assess them myself sometimes, too, with my own verbal quizzing.
  • I can be creative with how and what I have them learn. I can also be spontaneous. I can change the way we do things at anytime.  can come up with a new system or routine at will. I do not need approval from a bureaucracy.
  • My kids are taught about our founding fathers, liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, government, civics and world history with books, field trips and curricula I choose. Their curricula is carefully selected and edited for truth to be taught. My kids d see socialist indoctrination, but because I point things out to them and they have been taught the truts, they can spot indoctrination even when I am not there, and tell me about it.
  • I know what is on the tests I give my kids. I know before the test and after the test, what the content of the test is.

I Am Determined to Help Moms At the Beginning of Their Homeschool Journeys

I am going to help other women who are beginning to homeschool their children and need a guiding hand and a loving, listening ear. This is what I must do. I am moving on to a new step in my homeschooling journey.

What if I were the last woman on this planet left homeschooling?

I had to give something up in order to gain something in my homeschool this past year. Well, truth be told, I had to give a lot of things up to make homeschooling this many kids something that can function. I gave up facebook and all of the homeschooling facebook groups that went along with it. That gave me ever so much more time to actually teach my kids things and be a way better mom. I also had to give up much of the communication I had with my very local, very close homeschool friends. I did not give up all of it, mind you. I did not enjoy it, either. Because I gave up facebook, I also gave up facebook messenger, where much of that chatting went on. Even the giving up of the much chatting with my really close friends about homeschooing gave me much more time to lesson plan, to shop for homeschooling resources, to read books which improved my knowledge and helped me homeschool better and to spenc more one on one time with each child, enjoying life and one another and learning together.

To the other homeschool moms out there, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities for any number of you to decide to send your kids to a private school, a charter school, an online school or a public school in any given year. If it were to happen, you would defend your decision, perhaps on a blog post like this one. You would have many reasons. I do not know what your reasons would be. They are your own. I am telling you this, though. It would upset me to read about your decision. I am candid here. Even if you are a stranger and were never my support network, I would be upset because I get so psyched about the growing of the homeschool movement. If you are a personal friend, it would hurt on a more personal level, but would be guilt. “Why was I not there for her? Why did I not support her enough? Did she need me? What did she need from me?” This is because when we are in this, we know that it is tough. It is EXTREMELY tough. Support is so important.

I reflect. Am I homeschooling today only because of the support network I had when I started? Why, yes. Yes, indeed. I would not be in my 5th full year of homeschooling this year were it not for the support of people who, at the start, were complete strangers. I would not have even started had it not been for the support of a good and kind friend who supported me starting and helped me to start doing it.

Today, though, after 5.5 years of homeschooling, I am on a different level. I no longer feel a vital dependency on other homeschool moms around me for my continuation in homeschooling. I feel that I could be the last homeschooling mom on the planet. I know it would be exceedingly more difficult than it is for me now, but I feel so much more strongly about it. I am so much more experienced in it. I am not homeschooling because of the support network I have in homeschooling my kids at this time. I would keep doing it without any of the support. 

I am a different woman than the one who started to do this in January of 2012. I am not too different, though. Then, I had to meet people who were strangers and start from scratch. This year, I have a huge library of resources and curriculum. I have a lot more experience and knowledge, too.

This having taken place in my life was a miracle. It was calming and peaceful. It has made the inner turmoil go away. It has made guilt and worry go away. This past Sunday as I listened to a talk in church and learned wisdom from it, my stress also went away, as the speaker advised me to “Enjoy the Journey.”

I am committed to enjoy the journey, but in order to enjoy the journey I must serve others by helping those who WANT TO ENJOY THE HOMESCHOOLING JOURNEY but are too overwhelmed, too worried, too concerned, too unsupported and too frazzled with stress to do so. My new NEED is to help others who are at the beginning of their journey, who are not yet to the point where they could and would homeschool even if nobody in the world did it but them.

Joyce Kinmont is a wonderful example to all of us who feel the call to help other homeschool moms to get to the point where they feel they could do this on their own. Joyce sends me E-mails now because I joined her E-mail list. Her E-mails are simple but peaceful and supportive. Her website blog, Every Home A School, is the same. Joyce is the first Homeschool Mom in the state of Utah (as far as I know) since it became legal again. She is the founder of the LDS Home Educators Association. She started this when nobody in the whole state was there to walk her through it. That is amazing and very courageous. If it hadn’t been for her, perhaps I would not have heard of homeschooling and would not be homeschooling my kids today.

She is one of my heroes. She does not support me and you in homeschooling because she needs the support. She is a grandmother now and has been finished homeschooling her own children fo a while now. She did not decide that she needed time to herself more than time to help us. That is crazy. Who does that? A hero does that. A Great Woman of God does that.

I am not going to tell you “I want to be just like her when I grow up” because I do not. I want to be me, but heroic in helping other homeschool moms, just like her. I will figure out a way to be a hero with my own gifts, talents, determination, goals and guidance from our loving Heavenly Father.

A Great Woman of God I will become. It will take time. It may take the rest of my life. I am determined, though, and I will become the Woman of God that Heavenly Father sees I can become!

{“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” -Ella Wheeler Wilcox quotes (American poet and writer 1850-1919)} (Source: Thinkexist.com)