Propogandizing Pearson-made Online Language Arts Assignment

This was posted online:

“I’m going to add kindle to the fire here and add the exact assignment which was the catalyst for all my research against Common Core. It was an online “Vocabulary” assignment (through pearsonsuccessnet) given last year, in CSD, to my fourth grader. I think it fits well in this thread of comments. Pure manipulation of a young mind: indoctrination at it’s best!”

O.k., First of all, what does this have to do with Language arts vocabulary teaching?

Second, why do we need a child to suggest to our child’s mind, that the government (they mean the federal government) should take on the responsibility if making sure everyone can read and write? Why does this not happen to be a girl thinking of an idea to have mothers and fathers make sure this happens? (Of course! They are too stupid and weak–sorry! I have forgotten this, here. Silly me!) Why does this not happen to be a girl thinking of writing a letter to her neighbor, to ask her neighbor to go volunteer in her local school to teach kids to read? (Oh, I know! That would maybe show less dependence on the feds– oopsy, we cannot have that!) It would maybe give some power and responsibility to local school districts and local adults read projects, instead of giving the power and responsibility to the feds. (Again, oopsy, that would not help with the propoganda goals!)

Third, um, you were studying the Constitution and thought of this idea. Yeah, when we were kids and studied the Constitution, I remember reading that one part where it makes me think of how the feds need to make sure everyone knows how to read and write. What part of the Constitution were your studying which made you come up with this, out of the blue, dear invented child?

As if!

Oh, and lest we forget, this is a LANGUAGE ARTS lesson!

*Special Note: Online lessons sometimes given to kids who do work online from home. Beware, homeschooling parents! This is an online lesson kids do from home! Watch out for things like this on your own computer screen at home!


Propoganda in 7th Grade Language Arts

Someone posted this picture of her 7th grade daughter’s homework online. Please make note of numbers 2, 7, 9 and 10. This is Social Studies political indoctrination for English homework.

2 may appear to just be an opinion, but they inserted this opinion on purpose, for social indoctrination. Why does this have to be used to teach verbs?

7: When I was a kid, we were taught to respect the right to bear arms being part of the Constitution and were taught about its revolutionary war beginnings, and its reason for being put in the Constitution, instead of taught that it is an “issue.” They have put this here on purpose, so that kids in 7th grade can think that this is an evil part of the Constitution that must be taken out. Why is it important to teach verbs this way?

9: The wildlands project is very real and happening now. The wildlands project is placing wild animals (such as lions, but also including wolves, bears, rattlesnakes, alligators, sea lions to attract sharks, etc.) back in their native habitats and coming with laws about not shooting them, not even in self defense. This project puts “green” and “earth” before humans and in my opinion, is part of putting earth before God, which bothers me because it violates the commandment, “Thou shalt have no other God before me.” You may not see it, but I do. This does not show a fear of a rampant (wild, uncontrolled, not in a zoo, free) lion, but talks about how glorious and awesome a rampant (wild, uncontrolled, not in a zoo, free) lion is to see. Why are they needing this to be part of teaching verbs, again?

10: This is part of their awesome goal to divide and conquer (divide parents and their children). Their goal here is for the child to see their parents as financially weak. (This is so that later, they can come in and promise this stuff to your child, stuff the parents cannot give the child). If you look closely at the homework of your own kids, you may see inserted, a love of, a respect for, a duty to, and a dependence upon, community, instead of to siblings, parents and grandparents.

These things are all subtle, but if you look carefully, they will be found in your own child’s/ student’s/ grandchild’s school work. It will be with the Language Arts work. It is propoganda.

Awesome, eh?

Multiply and Replenish the Earth

I just read about this organization. It makes me boiling mad. Sustainable development means population control. It means more if this, it means this is what will be pushed in the media.

This organization wishes to spread the word that it is o.k. to “plan” your family. What they mean is to plan when your family will be finished growing. What they mean is, plan without God. They say, you need to look at finances, career, lifestyle, etcetera. It makes me wonder, whether they think I did not plan my family. I did. My plan is to have my quiver full of them! My plan is to make a plan with my husband in prayer. That means that our plan is to listen to God and have regular communications with God on the matter. Our plan is to let God make the plan. That is the lifestyle I want. I want to be a mother. That is the career I want. I do want a paycheck. My paycheck will come in hugs, cuddles and love.

God said His thoughts are not our thoughts and our thoughts are not his thoughts. That would apply very well to this movement. If you watch the video at this link by clicking on YouTube, at the end, the father of only two by choice says, “You are not the King. You are not God,” as his argument for not ruining the earth (by not having too many kids). I responded in the comments, that he is not King or God, either.

This is not going to make God happy. It will make God very sad indeed. God told Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the earth. My ancestors had many kids. Many of them had as many as 14 kids, and from what I understand, that was normal then. It is not only no longer normal, but now it is considered selfish, even to bring into this world over 2 kids. This is very sick and twisted.

Years ago I read this book. It is called “The Third,” and is written by my friend, Abel Keogh. This book changed the way I have seen things happening ariund me ever since I read it the first time. It is about a family exoecting a third child, in a time in the future when they cannot legqlly have a third child. It is a very good book. It is a good book because it is a page turner, thrilling and exciting to the point kf your house going “to pot” while you finish it. I do see things coming closer to the way they are in this book, every year, and this is not good news. It is very scary! It is very sad!

UpStart is NOT Free! It Has a Big Price!

People are Buzzing about this program in Utah called UpStart, for pre-schoolers.

I would like to tell you that UPSTART IS NOT FREE!!!!

I want you to make an informed decision.

“What?” You yell at me. It is, too FREE!

Ha ha! It does not cost MONEY. Things that do not cost money, sometimes have OTHER costs. Let’s look at what those are.

1) The very most basic thing it will cost you: your time, to fill out the form. “That’s nothing!” You say. Well, let’s move on, then.

2) You see what is on the form. You do, don’t you? You are giving them information about your child. “Who cares?” you respond. Let’s move on, then.

3) They give no indication that they are going to keep every piece of data from every session your child does online, in this free program. They know how fast he or she thinks. They know how he or she thinks. They know his or her strengths and weeknesses. They know at what time of the day your child logs on and off, every day. They share this data with pretty much anyone who wants to know. They already have permission. It is in the laws already. Free preschool data mining is already part of the laws protecting Common Core. “That isn’t so bad,” you say. Let’s move on, then.

4) Their purpose in all this? I called on the phone and asked them a lot of questions. Their goal is to use all the kids who do upstart, as guinea pigs for a study showing how best to teach Common Core Standards to preschoolers, for a later implementation by way of making preschool, an addition to free public education, or cumpulsory education. This, you can find out also, just by asking on the phone. Their goal is to make it required, for you to send your kid to school when he or she is age 4 in the fall, unless you opt out and say you will homeschool. I do not think this bothers many. I think many are excited. “Oh, boy! No more having to pay money for preschool! Yay!” You say. “It will be free for everyone soon. That is great news!” Here is where you and I begin to notice just how vast our differences are. I believe kids from ages newborn to 7 at the very least) should stay out of free public or free charter or free online schools! I think they are better off learning from MOM. They need to get you away from mom as soon as possible. Mom will teach you the wrong things.

Now I will quote the translated Communist Manifesto:

“41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.” Source:

Humanism is a Religion

Common Core is Aligned with Humanist Association’s Principles
One Christian church leader said, “One hour of church is no match for 35 hours/week in a school that indoctrinates children with the religion of Secular Humanism.” Source:

I tried to find one piece of this video about Celestial Education, by Michele Stone, that I could tell you about, but I would really prefer you just watch the whole thing. I own it on DVD! It’s just awesome!

5) UpStart is part of, or based on, USOE (Utah State Office of Education) official curriculum. If you don’t believe me, call their 1-800 number and ask them whether it is USOE based or USOE approved. They will say yes. They did to me!

6) It is Common Core. Some of you do not believe me. Some of you do not see why Common Core is bad. For the first group, I will tell you that what is USOE approved, is Common Core also. For the second group, which thinks there is nothing, or little, wrong with Common Core, please watch the youtube video here:“Utahns Against the Common Core: Pulling Back the Curtain, What’s Really Behind Common Core State Standards?”

Thank you for reading this post!


Here is the UpStart I refer to

Governor Herbert funded the curriculum, created by Waterford Institute

You can register for Upstart indoctrination and data gathering right here.

Waterford Institute, Creator of Upstart, Explains how it is Common Core Aligned