HR 5 2015: The Frog in the Pot: “But It’s Only a Teensy Bit Warmer Now–Not Much!”

HR5 2015:
-Makes getting help for your special needs child very risky. If it passes, do not take your child to get special needs help from any program or institution which uses Federal government money. If you do, you could potentially lose your parental rights. (Unless, of course, you are very lucky).
-Denies parents rights over children when the parent takes federal money, by going to a school which accepted it. It does not say you could possibly lose the right to homeschool. It says you could potentially lose your parental rights! They want your parental rights! Your parental rights are worth more than money and they know that!
-Violates states’ rights from ammendment X by saying that the state will waive its rights to control education, when it accepts any money at all (even title one funds) from the Federal Govt. (Can you imagine a state not taking these funds?)

-Makes the local school board useless (not as if it is if any use now, with our state Governor having the power to apooint school board candidates). What we should be doing is working offense instead of defense, trying to pass something that says anyone can run for school board.

-Will destroy any private school that accepts money.

-Will threaten parents who have kids with special needs, who homeschool and send their child to a school to get (for example) speech help, from the district. These will unknowingly be accepting the potential to lose their parental rights, just because their child is benefitting from a program paid for by the Federal Government. The parents of America are completely foolish when it comes to politics, and will have no clue that they are signing up for this. Pediatricians will not warn them, because they will be just as clueless about this obscure law hidden in a 600 page ammendment to the Student Success Act.

HR 5 Student Success Act Ammendment of 2015 Scary
Some of you are only thinking of yourselves at this time: “How will this affect homeschoolers who do not accept or use Federal Dollars?” Many homeschool moms have been asking me on facebook about this.

Are you alone in this world? Are you an Island? Think of your family, friends and neighbors, too. Please care about them, too. They are not all homeschooling. Even your friend who homeschools her kids may go and use some district moneys because her child has special needs, Should this pass, will you warn her about this ammendment? Will she believe you? When things are not going well 5 years from now with her special needs child, will they say it is her fault for being imperfect at assisting the special needs child in becoming the way the United Nations wants the child to be (for a working population) and take her to court in order to take away her parental rights? What will you do then? Will you remember my warning and mourn, powerless?

I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Chile. In 1997, my companion and I met a girl who said that the military police had come and taken her sister, to put her in a mental institution, because mentally, her sister had not improved, so the parents had lost their rights to be in charge of their own daughter. The military police had come and taken their daughter, and they, powerless, had lost the right even to visit her in the mental hospital. I am so not kidding. I remember thinking of our freedoms here in the United States, and how that would never happen in the U.S. Never was too strong a thought.

I repeat: NEVER was too strong a thought. In 1997, you’d have said “never” mentally, too. But now? Would you now? If you would, you need to get new spectacles–Your sight is going bad.

Kline said it provides an opportunity to chart a new course. What new course? A course following Agenda 21, ICLEI and Earth Summit, ot will be, for sure. A course toward The New World Order it will be. Cradle to grave will have a whole new meaning if this passes. Read more about these here: Links, Etc. for Presentation at Winter Homeschool Conference

Already, everyone’s health information is not private, but Fed owned (unless you have signed a waiver at the doctor’s office). Already the Feds have eminent domain to take our land, and a right to control who has guns. Already they are asking me in the doctor’s office, “Do you own a gun?” Already, most of our cities, charities and Universities have ICLEI “sustainability” partnerships. Already, Common Core took over schools Unconstitutionally with bribe money (because Ammendment X says all powers not mentioned before that, are reserved to the states, so education decisions should belong to the states). Now they just want to go a step farther and secure their position a little bit more firmly.

What to do:

1) Call your U.S. House Representative (and if you want to, the others, who do not represent our section, Northernmost Northern Utah).

2) Spread the word to all in the nation. This is not a Utah thing. It is a U.S. thing.

3) Wait until our tracker on (link above) tells us it has or has not passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

4) If it passes, we contact  our U.S. Senators to make sure it does not pass the Senate.

If it does not pass the House and Senate, we celebrate.

5) If it passes House and Senate, President Obama will sign it into law for sure.

6) If that happens, we wait and watch as people more involved in politics who have attorney friends, sue Congress for making this ammendment which is unconstitutional, beause it is trying to steal states’ rights as granted in Ammendment X. We see how it will work just as effectively for the Mormons as did the Federal Judge who said states cannot stop LGBT marriages from being valid and cannot say no to performing them.

7) Then we cry lots.

8) Then we tell everybody that if they do not homeschool, they have lost their parental rights to be in charge of the education of their child.

“Oh, but this is just one teensy step farther. It isn’t VERY scary. It isn’t much.”

We are like the frog swimming in the water, slowly being boiled to death. We could hop out at any time, but we won’t because we are saying, “oh, it is just a teensy bit warmer–not much!”

So, o.k. Let’s just boil to death. It’s no big deal. Jesus will come save us. Let’s just sit on our haunches and wait for Him. He would for sure want us to just sit here and watch it happen.


Captain Moroni was awesome. Some of you do not know who he was. If all men were like him, the very gates of hell would be shaken forever:

Moroni was the Captain of the Army in the Pre-Columbian Americas who decided to fight for the liberty to worship God, protect their families, to protect their religion, and to protect their freedoms.

If all men were like unto Moroni, Resolutions like this HR 5 of 2015 would not exist.

Protect your families. Make sure this Resolution does not pass.


Commentary on an Article About Feelings About Common Core in Utah

Below are quotes from the article “Many Utahns oppose, misunderstand Common Core, poll shows,” By Benjamin Wood, followed in bold by my commentary.

“Many Utahns oppose, misunderstand Common Core, poll shows,” By Benjamin Wood

“Political insiders say Utah should keep Common Core. A new survey of Utah political insiders shows bipartisan support for maintaining the Common Core State Standards.” That definitely depends on your definition of “political insiders.”

I think insiders are people who know what is really going on, whereas the person writing this article thinks political insiders ae those holding political office. These are not one and the same. This shows us that we need to vote those holding political office, who are not against common core, out, fast, including Brad Dee, my Rep., who, I am ashamed to say, will not listen to me and did not come to the anti common core rally I attended, because he supports common core.

“Schott said he was surprised by the low number of poll participants who were familiar with the Common Core considering the ongoing discussion by lawmakers and the recent push by Gov. Gary Herbert to review the state’s adoption of the standards.”

These are people we have yet to reach.

“That tells me that there is a very vocal group that may not be a majority, but they’re driving the conversation on this,” he said.

This is not likely true. Statistically, for every politically vocal person, there are 50 people who agree with that person who have not showed up. That means if 500 show up to an anti common core rally at the state capital, there are 25,000 who oppose common core. It does not mean that if 500 protest, those are the only 500 against the common core, and everyone else is for it.

“As more people become informed, more people oppose Common Core because they see that it is destroying local control of education,” Norton said. “It is shifting decision-making away form the local level, even the state level, to the federal level.”

Amen, Oak Norton. Amen! The U.S.Constitution as originally written, left the power to mqke decisions about education, in the hands of the States. Since the U.S. Department of Education was created, this power has gradually, and now speedily, been handed over to the Federal Government. This is wrong. This power belongs to the states! The Constitution Party is the stongest third party in the Nation, and is against the Common Core 100%. I have read its party platform and have left the Republican Party for the Constitution Party. This is my recourse. I must be one in a sea of millions, who completely abandons the two party system, in order that we may find at least a three party system! I recommend reading the Constitution Party platform at

“In particular, she said the majority of Utah’s public school educators recognize the Common Core as an improvement over the state’s previous standards.”

Uh, huh. Well, not my mom. She is a public school teacher and she just sees it as, the next piece of torture teachers have to go through to change everything again. She is so sick of people making teachers learn yet another new system. But, she is just one person. The others all applaud it. She is just uninformed about what they really are. She thinks they are trying to make her learn a whole new system, but in reality they are not–she is just misinformed. Right?

“There are a lot of supporters, and the greatest supporters are these who are actually using the standards in their classrooms,” Dickson said. “The intention is to help kids be ready for their future, and I think teachers who are using these standards, by and large, know that.”

Really. Hmm.

“The poll also asked participants who should have the primary responsibility of both setting achievement standards and determining how to reach those standards, with the most popular response in each case — 42 percent and 56 percent, respectively — being a combination of teachers, parents and local school district administrators.”

Hmm, really? As opposed to all Utah voters? My neighbors, who pay taxes every year and have grandkids in school, should not get a say on what goes on with education? My Uncle, who loves his grand nieces and grand nephews, should have no say? Wrong! Every citizen above age 18, every voter, should have a say in this!

“The Utah Constitution grants the State School Board power to establish statewide education standards, but local school district administrators have traditionally been empowered to set curriculum and policies for reaching those standards.”

If this is true, then, since the Governor appoints them or appoints candidates for us to choose from, then we have a flawed system which must be changed, because there has been exercised, too much power in the hands of the Governor. We, the people of the State of Utah, never got to vote on this. It is quite obvious that we want to. Give us that power, or take the appointing of candidates right away from the Executive Branch of the State Government. The school board members and the Governor have made a bad move, in selling our states’ rights to the Federal Government!

“Surprisingly, the Legislature even came in behind the federal government,” Schott said. ”

So Utahns don’t want the Legislature meddling, or I guess the word they use up on the hill is ‘micromanaging’ schools. They don’t want them setting these standards for schools. They don’t want them to tell schools how to meet these standards.” Well, not the ones who are in office now, that is, and not anyone who gets in office and shows favoritism to the standards. Let’s take the pro common core politicians out of decision making seats and put them into the seat in front of the television instead. That is where they belong.

Lovely, Graceful Crows Who Fascinate Me, Will Now Be Hunted Legally in Utah for Sport


My living room has 2 large windows. I have a large tree across the street from me. For years, I have enjoyed the late fall, winter and early spring scene of crows socializing in my window. Lovely crows and ravens in my window and in my yard, have fascinated me, enough that I love them with a great big passion. Their grace and beauty is astounding. My son and I watched a documentary about how they are smarter than dogs. My kids love them, too. They are beautiful. They are wonderful. I am so glad God created them.

Sadly, they are now going to be hunted, and quite likely to endangerment of species status. If not that, they will be hunted to near endagerment of species status. In my ten year old son’s words, spoken bravely today to 200 people, “We have no kdea what will happen with the food chain.”

Today, my children and I went to the Division of natural Resources Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. My kids and I spoke aganst crow hunting for sport, in Utah. 3340 people had signed a petition against the legalization of crow hunting in Utah. There were about 200 people at the meeting, from my estimation. Many special interest groups against hunting crows spoke. then many people spoke against the legalization of crow hunting.

One man said he does psychological research, studying birds. He said he could not even find 200 crows needed to do a conclusive study of the way the birds think and how and why they act. One man claimed he and his group of bird watchers have counted birds for many, many years, and there are not enough crows to warrant this. He said if just one person per day, for the crow hunting season in effect, killed the allowed 10 crows, 1200 crows would be killed in just one year. He said at this rate, they will become extinct soon.

I stood up with my 6 kids and, while breastfeeding my baby, stated that there would be too many bugs in our lawn, were we to hunt this many crows, and they are beautiful. We love to watch them in the fall, the winter and the early spring.

They thought my kids were cute and the DNR staff were eager to give us learning souvenirs about DNR. They showed us the vending machines, which were chuck full of expensive, non-vegan foods. My kids were starving, so they got some, then a staff member kindly notified us the meeting was beginning again.

The next part of the meeting was very boring for my kids. It consisted of the board members discussing possible solutions. It was voted that they would separate the decisions.

One decision to be made was that there needed to be a solution for farmers who did not even care enough to show up to the meeting. These farmers who had supposedly called in to the DNR, wanted to be able to shoot crows who eat their crops. The DNR has not presented any evidence about such people existing. It was discussed with experts and the experts said they have non-lethal ways, with laser beams, to scare the birds away from an area, when DNR is called upon by a farmer.

The other decision was whether to get rid of the law already put into place, that there would be a crow hunt in Utah.

These men voted for the crow hunt:
John Bair
Calvin Crandall
Steve Dalton

These men voted against the crow hunt:
Michael King
Bill Fenimore

Please write to Governor Herbert.

Tell him the names of the people on that board who did not listen to the people. Ask him to appoint people who reflect the beliefs of the majority of the people, and the people who came to this meeting!

If Governor Herbert will not listen, please do not vote him into office again next time! Please show up to vote, and vote against him.