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LDS VT Printable July 2015

Warnings from My Personal Dreams, Visions and From Personal Revelation

I have had many dreams, visions and personal revelations which I feel to share with others. Here are the things I have learned from them in summary:

1- Three free government backed programs that originate from Karl Marx and the ancient communist Russian ideas, will be introduced this year or in Winter of next year (before the end of March 2016) in the U.S. and the majority will want to sign up for and try them, since they are great and they are free. We must think of what programs we have which originated in the U.S. for the same purposes, which are better, and stick with those. We must not fall for this trick and these 3 free programs.

I must add that we will have to REMEMBER what it USED TO BE LIKE in the American, U.S. systems and the current U.S. systems competing with the Russian ones at this time will be very poorly managed and slow, so that people determined and in need will either have to resort to having a very hard time getting what is needed, or will just go sign up for the new U.S. Federal Govt. programs from Russia.

There will be some people who will not need to try for either, as they will not need either. I hope I will be in this group.

2- A government program giving us (and helping us in managing) money, for small business entrepeneurs will be tempting to many. It will also be presented before March of 2016, but will require the freedom to run the business as the individual wishes. It will appear good and awesome and innocent, but the idea is Fascist and is to be avoided at all costs! I have an entrepeneurial small business, which is why I think God warned me about this.

3- The baby boomer generation will be great at getting their children ready and prepared, but must get themselves prepared, too. The younger adults will not be so good at preparing because they will be distracted by “devices” and other such technology fads. They will need handholding to help them focus and get it done. Those born 1984 and on are included in this group. I was specifically shown “1984.” The generation in the middle of these 2 must be warned and as soon as they completely understand the warnings, they will start to get ready well and quickly. The baby boom generation will help them in their preparations while ignoring their own preparation needs.

4- God will help each of his children find exactly what they need to get or work on next, as soon as they ask for it. They will find it easily, but will have to do the work God asks them to do to get it. God will lead them right to it. Then He will lead them right to the next thing needed, etc.

5- My friend pointed this out to me about the interpretation of my dream, and I agree with it. Each individual will be led to different things besides just the basics that their family needs, so that the whole body of the saints will have collectively what is needed by all. 

6- The calamities we need to prepare for which are awful, will come whether the majority of the saints believe it will or not! These things coming to not depend on the beliefs of the saints about whether they will happen soon or not. They will happen when God knows they will happen, no matter what people think or believe.

7- There will be tent cities and we will be there with our church leadership. Not everyone will be in a tent, per se. I will be in a shack made from plywood. There will eventually be a lot of widows in the tent cities. There will be chances for dating and remarrying for single people. 

Lisa C. Jackson’s Judgy and Preachy version of LDS Living Article

Based on LDS Living Article: “7 Mistakes LDS Parents Make and How to Avoid Them”

10 mistakes LDS parents make and how to avoid them: Preparing Your Kids to Serve Missions.”
1) Sending them to a public or charter school. 

2) Trying to Control your kids and make them do what you want them to do.

3) Forcing them to go to church, read their scriptures, do church activities, etcetera.

4) Using body language and facial expressions like the ones this woman in the photo Facebook Shows with the Link to the LDS Living Article: 

5) Expecting your child to learn the gospel by concept and memorization in church, instead of by daily life and by your example.

6) Not putting love first in your relationship with your child. Putting love and the relationship last.

7) Avoiding family home evening and, if married, weekly dates with your spouse to keep the family strong.

8) Not giving your child what he or she needs in the relationship with you, when it is needed.

9) Not listening and caring about your child’s desires and decisions, therefore killing your child’s ability to make them on his or her own.

10) Telling your kid how it is and to face it, rather than letting your kid grow up naturally and gradually, helping choose his or her life, learn about life on his or her own, etcetera.

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Mormon/ Latter-Day Saint vs. Secular Percentages of Influence in Our Homeschool

I was fiddling with percentages of:

1) all-inclusive, wordly, teachers not exclusively LDS, secular, fitting in with the homeschool community, etc.

compared to percentage of:

2) exclusive, Godly, teachers exclusively LDS active members, gospel-based, standing out from the rest of the homeschool community.
I wish to figure out what percentages I want of each for my family’s homeschool.

Examples of #1:

Secular Homeschool Co-Op Group

Secular math

Secular fiction reading

Secular non-fiction reading

Homeschool all-inclusive social event

Shopping at a store

Local Natural History Museum

Local Art Museum or Gallery

Local play

Dance class

Gymnastics class

Swimming lessons

City Easter Egg Hunt

Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD’s

Any Secular Movies or DVD’s

LDS teachers when not allowed to teach with LDS influences, principles or doctrine

Friendship time with non-LDS people
Examples of #2:

L.I.F.E. School LDS curriculum

Discover the Scriptures Curriculum

Reading the Scriptures, church magazines, listening to conference

Attending church or church activities

Going to an LDS family activity

LDS teachers when allowed to teach LDS principles and doctrine

Friendship time with LDS people

Activities or social events including LDS people exclusively

LDS-exclusive learning Co-Op groups

Family History research, reunions, dinners, etc.

Family Home Evening

General Conference
If I take everything I do in our homeschool, figure what amount of hours per year we spend on each, and then figure percentages, then:

What would the percentages be if I used these 2 categories only?

How do I want it to be for my family?

I have not done the math, but just looking casually here, I am guessing that less than 25% of what we do is in #2. I  want that influence to be higher. I would rather it be 50/50 or maybe with the LDS influencers being at 75%.

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Parental Rights At Stake 2015

I just read a great article by Christel Swasey, about HR 5 and Homeschooling. (She always is on top of things and is doing what I am sure God has set as one of her special purposes on this earth.) It is crazy that parental rights are so small now compared to how they were in the past. 

Now, to be clear, I do think parents who abuse their kids should be investigated, etc., but I do think we should all decide together, in each state, what the parental rights are, and what is considered abuse. I do not think a pediatrician should get to say, you have to feed your baby formula, for instance.

I have a personal thing to share. This past year, I was told by a pediatrician that if I did not take my child to a certain hospital at a certain time, that very day, she would turn me in to the Department of Child and Family Services. This, because I was trusting in my IBCLC (International Board Certified LactationConsultant) and breastfeeding exclusively, rather than using infant formula. It did not matter to the doctor, that my discovery, throught the IBCLC, that my baby had both a tongue tie and a lip tie which had been recently taken care of by a pediatric dentist. 

Sadly, at the hospital, it was very difficult and if my wonderful social workers had not stood up for me, I would have been yelling for 2 days straight. It was really hard to defend my child. They forbid me from breastfeeding him, so I had to pump the whole time. 

I have another post about this if you wqnt the details, but suffice it to say, in this article, My parental rights felt like close to 1/4th of the rights the staff had there, and it was a suffocating lack of freedom I never want to experience again! 

Video regarding Parental Rights

The Great and Abominable Church of the Devil

My daughter thought I might like this Ensign article from March 2015 by Elder Oaks, because the front of the magazine called it a way to defend our religious freedom.

March 2015 Ensign Article by Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles

He referred to the Secular Humanism of today in a way that says to me that it is possible that Secular Humanism is the Great and Abominable Church of the Devil referred to in the Book of Mormon.

Secular Humanism rejects God and Jesus Christ. It is also an official religion. It defines itself (see it on wikipedia) as the lack of religious beliefs in academic learning centers, or schools. However, it goes into such detail abouts its beliefs in not having religion in secular (learning) things, as to become a religion which is a lack of religion.

Secular Humanism is what has been taught in public schools for at least a century. The very purpose for bringing “normal schools” (schools for training public school teachers)  and schools paid for by tax dollars, to Utah, was to get The Mormons away from their religious childhood educations. It was an idea of the Protestants. (Unfortunately for them, the idea took the Protestant children away from their children being educated in Protestantism, also). 

If all of us are magnetic and Satan’s magnets ar pulling us toward it, then I think Satan’s most giant magnet is Secular Humanism. Its strength in public academia is the magnetic current pulling all of the children of God toward “Anti-Christ” (from The Book of Mormon) or Atheist beliefs. Indeed, Secular Humanism (the teachings of Secular Academia) could be the very “great and abominable church” referred to in the Book of Mormon.

We just went to the Utah Museum of Natural History. If there is a “Best Secular Humanism in Science” Award for Museums in each state, then that museum should get it for Utah. They have a new exhibit about mammals. As the the secular academic scientists have learned more about mammals they have come to the conclusion that there is no trait that mammals share. Instead, this is how mammals are separated from non-mammals: They are all descended from the same ancestor, the first mammal, which evolved from a dinosaur (Dimetrodon). If you do not believe me, go there and watch the first (3 minute) video in their exhibit, which tells you what a mammal is. You can also see the 3-D depiction of a Dimetrodon and its mammal descendent.

Please also read this Article:

“Utah, We Love Thee! Keep Local, Local.” 

I will now leave you to search the scriptures, ponder and pray while reading these

scriptures about the great and abominable church of the devil, the mother of all harlots

HR 5 2015: The Frog in the Pot: “But It’s Only a Teensy Bit Warmer Now–Not Much!”

HR5 2015:
-Makes getting help for your special needs child very risky. If it passes, do not take your child to get special needs help from any program or institution which uses Federal government money. If you do, you could potentially lose your parental rights. (Unless, of course, you are very lucky).
-Denies parents rights over children when the parent takes federal money, by going to a school which accepted it. It does not say you could possibly lose the right to homeschool. It says you could potentially lose your parental rights! They want your parental rights! Your parental rights are worth more than money and they know that!
-Violates states’ rights from ammendment X by saying that the state will waive its rights to control education, when it accepts any money at all (even title one funds) from the Federal Govt. (Can you imagine a state not taking these funds?)

-Makes the local school board useless (not as if it is if any use now, with our state Governor having the power to apooint school board candidates). What we should be doing is working offense instead of defense, trying to pass something that says anyone can run for school board.

-Will destroy any private school that accepts money.

-Will threaten parents who have kids with special needs, who homeschool and send their child to a school to get (for example) speech help, from the district. These will unknowingly be accepting the potential to lose their parental rights, just because their child is benefitting from a program paid for by the Federal Government. The parents of America are completely foolish when it comes to politics, and will have no clue that they are signing up for this. Pediatricians will not warn them, because they will be just as clueless about this obscure law hidden in a 600 page ammendment to the Student Success Act.

HR 5 Student Success Act Ammendment of 2015 Scary
Some of you are only thinking of yourselves at this time: “How will this affect homeschoolers who do not accept or use Federal Dollars?” Many homeschool moms have been asking me on facebook about this.

Are you alone in this world? Are you an Island? Think of your family, friends and neighbors, too. Please care about them, too. They are not all homeschooling. Even your friend who homeschools her kids may go and use some district moneys because her child has special needs, Should this pass, will you warn her about this ammendment? Will she believe you? When things are not going well 5 years from now with her special needs child, will they say it is her fault for being imperfect at assisting the special needs child in becoming the way the United Nations wants the child to be (for a working population) and take her to court in order to take away her parental rights? What will you do then? Will you remember my warning and mourn, powerless?

I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Chile. In 1997, my companion and I met a girl who said that the military police had come and taken her sister, to put her in a mental institution, because mentally, her sister had not improved, so the parents had lost their rights to be in charge of their own daughter. The military police had come and taken their daughter, and they, powerless, had lost the right even to visit her in the mental hospital. I am so not kidding. I remember thinking of our freedoms here in the United States, and how that would never happen in the U.S. Never was too strong a thought.

I repeat: NEVER was too strong a thought. In 1997, you’d have said “never” mentally, too. But now? Would you now? If you would, you need to get new spectacles–Your sight is going bad.

Kline said it provides an opportunity to chart a new course. What new course? A course following Agenda 21, ICLEI and Earth Summit, ot will be, for sure. A course toward The New World Order it will be. Cradle to grave will have a whole new meaning if this passes. Read more about these here: Links, Etc. for Presentation at Winter Homeschool Conference

Already, everyone’s health information is not private, but Fed owned (unless you have signed a waiver at the doctor’s office). Already the Feds have eminent domain to take our land, and a right to control who has guns. Already they are asking me in the doctor’s office, “Do you own a gun?” Already, most of our cities, charities and Universities have ICLEI “sustainability” partnerships. Already, Common Core took over schools Unconstitutionally with bribe money (because Ammendment X says all powers not mentioned before that, are reserved to the states, so education decisions should belong to the states). Now they just want to go a step farther and secure their position a little bit more firmly.

What to do:

1) Call your U.S. House Representative (and if you want to, the others, who do not represent our section, Northernmost Northern Utah).

2) Spread the word to all in the nation. This is not a Utah thing. It is a U.S. thing.

3) Wait until our tracker on govtrack.us (link above) tells us it has or has not passed the U.S. House of Representatives.

4) If it passes, we contact  our U.S. Senators to make sure it does not pass the Senate.

If it does not pass the House and Senate, we celebrate.

5) If it passes House and Senate, President Obama will sign it into law for sure.

6) If that happens, we wait and watch as people more involved in politics who have attorney friends, sue Congress for making this ammendment which is unconstitutional, beause it is trying to steal states’ rights as granted in Ammendment X. We see how it will work just as effectively for the Mormons as did the Federal Judge who said states cannot stop LGBT marriages from being valid and cannot say no to performing them.

7) Then we cry lots.

8) Then we tell everybody that if they do not homeschool, they have lost their parental rights to be in charge of the education of their child.

“Oh, but this is just one teensy step farther. It isn’t VERY scary. It isn’t much.”

We are like the frog swimming in the water, slowly being boiled to death. We could hop out at any time, but we won’t because we are saying, “oh, it is just a teensy bit warmer–not much!”

So, o.k. Let’s just boil to death. It’s no big deal. Jesus will come save us. Let’s just sit on our haunches and wait for Him. He would for sure want us to just sit here and watch it happen.


Captain Moroni was awesome. Some of you do not know who he was. If all men were like him, the very gates of hell would be shaken forever:

Moroni was the Captain of the Army in the Pre-Columbian Americas who decided to fight for the liberty to worship God, protect their families, to protect their religion, and to protect their freedoms.

If all men were like unto Moroni, Resolutions like this HR 5 of 2015 would not exist.

Protect your families. Make sure this Resolution does not pass.


Public School, Homeschool and Behavior Issues

My son used to have major behavioral and psychological issues when in public school. In a week, I noticed slight changes. In a month, I noticed more changes. After 3 months, his issues had been cut to 60% what they were when he had been in public school. After one year of homeschooling, I think the behavior issues were about 40% what they had been in public school. Now it has been almost 3 years. He is older, so, granted, that could make a difference, too, BUT I think homeschooling has made a bigger difference than age. He has behavior issues still, but they are down to about 20% what they were when he was in public school.

I wonder so often, whether they would even exist, had he never been in public school, but that does not solve anything, so I shouldn’t.

I will tell you some things that I think made a difference for my son. They are important to me. I cannot guarantee they will work for you. Every family will do different things. I am sure something here could help someone, though, so here it is.

When I began, I had already read about 6 books written by amazing author Alfie Kohn, including “Unconditional Parenting” and “The Schools Our Children Deserve,” which I recommend you start with. His books are very thick because of solid references which are in the back of the books. These take up about one third of the book. I looked at the references and used them to decide which books to read next. These were also very helpful.

I love “The NDD Book,” about how your child getting enough sleep, exercise and the right nutrition, will spfor sure affect his or her behavior. My child does get more sleep out of public school, because if, for example, we happen to stay up late on a Thursday night, visiting relatives or something, the he sleeps in the next morning (Friday). When we do an exhausting field trip, project, co-op or gathering, he eats and naps. He naps whenever he needs it and I let him, because he does not do it very often, and I have talked with him about how his body will tell him when he needs it. Usually when he has a meltdown, we feed him (that helps) and then he will go lie down for a one hour nap. When he gets up again, he is cheerful, kind, helpful, obedient, etcetera.

We have discussed what works best for him, with him. He likes this. When we forget to do this for a while, things do not work as well. He also needs regular one on one love and individual attention. Before he really “got into” reading, I used to get up in the morning and, first thing, read to him sitting in a chair in his room, to help him wake up. I read for half an hour. This helped him get out of bed cheerfully. It also helped him feel loved and helped us bond. I cannot deny that it made him love books, as well.

I teach my kids via eclectic homeschooling, and one thing included in 60 to 90% of our homeschool, depending in the day, week and month, and what is going on, is letting him learn however he wants, and whatever he wants, as long as it is within our religious standards. A lot of people call this unschooling, but I prefer to just describe it, as the “un” has such negative connotations. He learns a ton this way, and the freedom of this approach takes away a lot of behavior issues.

We also use an LDS curriculum called “L.I.F.E. School.” “L.I.F.E. Stands for Life Integrated Family Education.” The kids all get the same lesson. Then they do their work, which is similar, so they can help one another, but it is different for each grade level. I love it. It makes things so much easier for me. I do not have to do as much work to out things together for my kids to learn. The gospel is woven into every lesson. It teaches art, geography, history, science, literature, poetry, theater, reading, grammar, paleography, spelling, and many types of writing. It teaches dictionary work and research, essay

The only subject not included in this curriculum is Math. I am fine with that. I work hard at math teaching, most of the time. When I do not, I have to make up for it later.

Amazing Article!

This is an amazing article! http://www.spiritualsoapbox.com/2014/04/education-manifesto.html

On “Celestial Education by Michelle Stone” Post #1

I have the dvd set. I have watched it many times. The first thing I feel to write about is that she says that she is having it recorded so there can be a CD before the book comes out. I can’t wait until this book comes out.

I have searched for a blog by Michelle, to no avail. Perhaps she is too busy being a mom, to finish her book. I can understand what that is like!

Notes from her presentation:

“just a mom”

wants to teach her kids, does not know what to teach

asks God…some things given her…

Hopes sharing will help others…

Brief history of education, starting with Adam and Eve…

The Pilgrims left religious tyranny of their country to come to America.

Because of the Invention of the printing press, they had the Gutenberg Bible. They had found truth. The main purpose of education for the children of the Pilgrims was that they might read the Bible.

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