Speech From Two Months Ago by Rosa Koire

It has been at least 2 years since I have been able to see a recent Rosa Koire speech. Here is one from 2 months ago. If you want, skip to when she starts speaking.

Speech at a Tea Party Meeting 2 Months Ago by Rosa Korie

Control the News People Get, Control the People

This is a really good article about something very scary, which is getting rid of the freedom of the press. That is unconstitutional, as in the Bill of Rights, Ammendments 1 and 9 should protect us from having something like this happen. The problem is, in order to fight this, people need to be informed. Please spread the news! 


The new NDAA 2017 law will Control the Media!

Go, Georgia! Georgia County Says No to Sustainability Monies!

Oh, my. Good piece! Georgia county refuses federal funds for Sustainability! Balanced neighborhoods are the aim. ICLEI and Agenda 21 are all about control. The means is the changing of U.S. Laws and BRIBERY with MONEY. What will you do for federal cash? Will you give up freedom? Will you accept FASCISM?

     The means for moving into fascism is bribery with money. It is federal law changes and communities taking federal monies for improvement and development. HUD enforcement is one of the things they are doing. Another is to combine transportation and housing improvement into one category when the senate gives out money. With that, they have new laws which make sure there are certain percentages making this much money and certain percentages making that much money, in each neighborhood, for economic balance in every neighborhood. There wil be an end to rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods and even middle class ones. They will all be federally balanced neighborhoods. Not only that, but if there are already enough people of one race in a neighborhood, they will not let someone new of that race come in. The cities are bound to this by contract if they take the federal monies to improve their neighborhoods. 

What is a Visioning Meeting?

This is a meeting wherein they present 5 plans. The only correct choice is the one they are not giving you as an option: Freedom and Sovereignty, Keeping the U.S. Constitution intact, and a Constitutional Republic wherein we get to vote for who represents us!

Their plans are all going to be controlled from Bonn, Germany by ICLEI. ICLEI is International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives. Here are details on the vision for 2050 for the U.S. 

This is a plan that they came up with near Provo for Joaquin, before their visioning meeting. The planner came up with the plan for the city. They set up a public hearing for the city residents and did not listen to the residents who were anti-ICLEI. They made sure to get this passed easily and here is the plan:

Plan for Joaquin, Utah This is the VISION 2030 Draft for Joaquin.
Facilitator Plan for Visioning Meeting: Here is a plan for the “facilitators” of the meetings, which are also called “presenters” because, really, they are presenting the plans the APA planner has already made, which are AGENDA 21 and ICLEI approved plans. These plans will all make it so that you are under the control of ICLEI, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. You will have a regional government, representation without voting, representation and taxation with no vote.

Here is another Plan for Visioning: The 3 Day Visioning Meeting

Here are some ideas for how to deal with protestors (who don’t want to be part of the New World Order) at a Visioning Meeting. Read this so you will knwo what tactics they will use on you).

Envision Layton 2050 meeting (Envision Utah web site)

Envision Layton 2050 meeting (Envision Utah web site)

Rosa Koire's Vision and Mine (DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com)

Rosa Koire’s Vision and Mine (DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com)

The Freedom’s Light Festival 2016

The Freedom’s Light Festival

September 15-16, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

at Bountiful Park in Bountiful, Utah


The Freedom’s Light Festival is Sept. 15-16, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please attend one of the hours of day or night you can spare. These fesitivities celebrate Constitution Day (September 17th). http://www.freedomslight.us/

The events are open house style with the exception of the late-night programs. These are very important for learning about our history, our liberty, the founding fathers and mothers of our country, the original 13 colonies and their plight, the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution (includng the Bill of Rights).

The events with the exception of the late night program are for adults, youth and children. There is food available to purchase, but not much of it, so please eat before or bring a sack lunch or dinner. There are boweries to use.

This is worth even a ton of petroleum and time in order to come to it! It is amazing: Extremely fun for children and full of learning for all ages! and you will love that you came! Bring your children or grandchildren! Invite everyone who loves the U.S. Constitution! Plan on at least 2 hours, but to get through all of it you will need more like 4. If you cannot spare but one hour and live as close as or closer than within 30 minutes, it is worth your time! 

Spread the word to all who love God and Liberty!


Darrell Castle For U.S. President!

I wanted to re-state my position. Even with the new candidate trying to grab votes away from Trump and Clinton in who knows what party, I still support and will vote for Darrell Castle for President. Darrell Castle is against Agenda 21 and wants to get the U.S. out of the United Nations. Darrell Castle does not believe in foreign trade agreements which, in the wording of the treaties, trump the U.S. Constitution as the word of law. Darrell believes in U.S. Sovereinty and Independence, the only safeguards for the U.S. Constitution and liberty.

He is a member of the Constitution Party, which has a platform that is beautiful. I encourage you to read the Constitution Party platform.

I encourage you to read Darrell Castle’s stands on the issues, his bio and his platform. Read about his running mate, Scott Bradley, as well.

Darrell Castle for U.S. President Web Site

Castle-Bradley for President, Vice President 2016

Here is a media kit for Castle & Bradley, the Constitution Party’s selection for The President and Vice President of the United States, respectively. Please vote for them. I assure you that if God wants the righteous to win, He will make it happen. If God chooses for a wicked person to win, then He has chosen to punish us. Pleaae do not choose the lesser of two evils. It has not worked yet! Thanks!

Castle-Bradley 2016 Media Kit
Castle for President 2016 Campaign Website

“One” Video


Get U.S. Out of United Nations

Bill Introduced: Get the U.S. out of the United Nations

Support HR 1205


Amen to that motion! Amen!

ESSA, ESSA re-write; Elimination of Common Core or NCLB ???

First off, I am going to ask you a question. Have you read the bill, or have you read an article or blog post about it? Or have you read the summary? Please, if you haven’t yet, read the bill.

The propoganda says there will be less testing and more local control, that it will get rid of the Common Core and the No Child Left Behind Act. The propoganda lies. Let’s break it down.

Less Testing? Nope. You’ll see after it passes. The U.S. Dept. of Education gets to take your state’s proposal for testing and look at it to decide upon approval. It does appear that your state is now in control of testing, but, no. You will see after it passes off of Pres. Obama’s desk, into law. It does make mandating testing more constitutional. It does make reporting the state’s trat scores to the Feds, constitutional and required. Added bonus: Data mining legalized and made o.k., even more, by constitutionalizing it. HIPPA? Just because you sign a HIPPA agreement that nobody gets to share stuff about you when you are at the doctor’s office, does not meanty don’t share it with the Statewide Healthcare Database. The State has to share it with the Federal Govt., tol. This is the same with educational data, including any psychological and behavioral data they want on kids. 

More local control? No. More Federal Control. The U.S. Secretary of Education has to approve the standards your state writes. If he does not approve, the bill forces him to give your state “a chance to change the standards” until he allroves. Oh, how sweet! I am just tearing up because of how sweet the U.S. federal Govt. ks going to be with your state by granting your state some rights IT USED TO OWN ALL BY ITSELF WITH NO U.S. DEPT. OF EDUCATION ON ITS BACK APPROVING THINGS! It was called Ammendment X. Hey, does that still exist? 

Oh, look! It is still there, after all these years. But then, there wqs no U.S. Dept. of Education, ans the states had not given up their right to be in charge of education, in exchange for Federal Money.

          “Article [X] (Amendment 10 – Reserved Powers)

          “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are      

           reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Federal Money. Is this really all about money? Did your state really give up its rights, for money? Um, yep. Talk to your state government. Get them to give up the movey and take back its constitutional right to govern itself!

Gets rid of Common Core? Oh, sorry. Were you sick of the words “Common” and “Core”? So annoying, right? Well, this bill gets rid of that name. Won’t it be nice? A new name. (It just gets rid of the name “Common Core.” So, look for the new name soon.) The U.S. Dept. Of Education and the U.S. Secretary of Education are now the ones who will replace the Common Core. So, instead of the Common Core, we get a Common Judge (The U.S. Secretary of Education). I wonder to what sort of guide he will look do decide whether to approve your state’s Standards. Hmm. Maybe he will call it, “The guide.” Maybe he will call it, “College and Career Readiness Standards.” Or maybe he will call it, “Federal Guidelines for State Educational Standards.” Who cares? It is still the same as Common Core: Federal Control over a state decision (in exchange for money).

Gets rid of No Child Left Behind? Pretty much the same as the above. It will get rid of the name “No Child Left Behind.” However the principles of punishing and rewarding schools and teachers will remain intact. The reporting of all teh scores and data to the public? Still there. People can choose which school they send their kids to? Still there. The arts and P.E. and all subjects except math and ELA getting the shaft? I am sure we will know after it is passed when the U.S. Secretary of Education gives your state the chance to rewrite its standards over and over again until they meet his approval.

Here is the full text of the Bill. Do not just read my blog bost. Read the bill. S1177 Full Text

I also recommend this book. It is a great book. If you are to understand our day, you must understand the 1700s and the 1800s and the battle between the U.S. Govt. and the State Governments.