Tanja Clandestine character details

I started reading kindle book, “Write Good or Die,” inspiring me to work on my novel in Snowflake by doing one character description per day. Today I am working on character #2, Tanja Clandestine, second in importance only to the main character, Jibs.

Story goal. Beats me. So many of them. Have to narrow it down to one. She wants her mom and dad back. She wants revenge on the man responsible for their deaths. She wants him locked up. Um…she wants her baby brother to grow up. She doesn’t want someone to be so dependent on her. She wants a boyfriend, or someone she can count on daily, the way her mom had her dad. She knows she can’t have her mom and dad back, so that can’t be her goal. I think her main goal is to find the dude responsible for her parents’ deaths and get him locked up in prison. Or some version of prison. Whatever that is. How can kids lock up a guy like that. Oh, they can’t! Oh, my! I have just remembered. The guy responsible is dead! Poor Tanja! Now what is her goal going to be? I suppose a boyfriend. She needs a family. She can’t be a loner, day in and day out. She needs someone to count on. Poor doll! Don’t worry. I have a boyfriend for you, dear.

I got it. Story goal: To have a permanent, nuclear family again, and a husband she can count on to always be there for her. Sweet. That’s what she truly is aiming for throughout the book. Unfortunately, she is 11 years old. Too young to be wed. So, *sigh* Alas, the poor lovesick chick-a-dee will have to settle for a boyfriend for now. Which she’ll meet, lucky girl, at the beginning. I have to keep the tension, though, so I can’t make their being with each other very much, a possibility. 

O.K. Here is a one-sentence (very long sentence) summary: Tanja seeks to be independent and to become a part of a family, yet those around her count on her to find solutions to their problems, until she has a dream about a gardener teaching people to grow food from the land, and makes it her mission to find such a gardener, to teach her to become such a gardener.

Homeschool Curriculum I Love

I love Constance Kamii math http://sites.google.com/site/constancekamii/videos

and Whole Language style language arts. I am now reading (and loving) “Spelling in Use.”


Blockbuster 6 File in Mac Applications folder

I have to save my (John Truby’s) Blockbuster 6 story .usr file in the applications folder, in the Blockbuster 6 folder, and open it form there. Then it works. Thanks, Matt Bloomfield, for the software tech support!