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Considering Homeschool?

Considering Homeschool? 13 Blog Posts to answer common questions

Here are pieces written especially for those considering homeschooling as an option:

Utah Homeschool Affidavit with School Notifications Requests

6 Easy, Take Your Time Steps For Making the Homeschool Decision

Cost to Homeschool

Is Homeschool Stressful for the Mama?

The Husband’s Role in Homeschooling

But What About Socialization? How will my kids make friends?

Homeschooling Socialization Data and Information

When You First Start to Homeschool

What Turned Me Into a Homeschooling Mom (The Short Version)

What Made Me Pull My Kids Out of School

Think You Aren’t “Cut Out” For Homeschooling? Wrong!

Learning How to Homeschool in The Trenches After You Jump In!

The Legalilties of Homeschooling in Utah

Homeschool Does Not Mean You Have to be Good at a Schedule or Organization, or Kids Will Fall Behind!

Homeschooling Book Recommendations

Facebook: “The Homeschooling Option,” for those considering homeschooling

Summer Break or Year Round? Q & A Back to Homeschool

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