Summary & Notes from “Education 2030 Inchion Declaration & Framework for Action,” 1 of 2 posts

Lifelong learning (baby day care from birth, preschool, k-12 and adult lifelong education)

gender equality

ensure all children are in school

global citizenship

Themes (essential for peace, tolerance, human fulfilmnet and sustainable development): 

  • human rights and dignity (dignity means die with dignity, which means euthanization or starvation to death for the elderly)
  • social justice
  • inclusion (this means no religious freedom)
  • protection (by the New World Order, from activists like me who blog like this)
  • cultural diversity
  • linguistic diversity
  • ethnic diversity
  • shared responsibility (worldwide communist-fascist communitarian tyrannical Government)
  • accountability

Take money from first world countries to give to third world countries to implement this world order, improve their indoctrinating schools, etc. (Impementing Our Common Agenda, 14, 15)

Comprehensive national monitoring and evalutation throug data collected, Improve data collection ( Implementing Our Common Agenda, 18)

All children, young people and adults will become responsible global citizens and will be on the right side of change!

“We need every child in school and learning,” Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF


  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Gender Equality
  • Women’s Empowerment

(Statements of the Heads of the WEF 2015 Convening Agencies)

“…Education can accelerate progress towards the achievement of all of the SDG’s…” (Sustainable Development Goals)

Children need skills necessary to live in a world which is more:

  • secure
  • sustainable
  • intedependent
  • knowledge-based
  • technology-driven

Education will have to take into account “multiple dimensions of human existnce,” in “promoting democracy and human rights and enhancing global citizenship, tolerance and civic engagement, as well as sustainable development (I.A.6).” This means places of worship, homes and group meetings will be monitored, too.

“enabling girls and women, empowering them economically…saves the lives of millins of mothers and children…essential element of efforts t reduce malnutrition.” (I.A.6)

I.A10: “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women,” and “full development of the human personality and promote mutual understanding, tolerance, friendship and peace” (This cannot happen where the government is not in complete control of homes, families, education. group gatherings, the media and religion).

“Realistic intermediate benchmarks and stepping stones should be set at the national level…”and “…education content, approaches  structures and funding strategies…” (I.A.19)

“Education and training opportunities must be ensured (by) cross-sector approaches traversing education, science and technology, family, employment, industrial and economic development, migration and integration, citizenship, social welfare and public fincance policies…”

Picking up the Pace in Homeschooling

We are picking up the pace now in homeschooling. I have doubled the workload for the kids. I keep adding more. I know the older ones can do more. I want to improve spelling, so they do two spelling workout lessons a day 4 days a week. They domath every day. We do history doubletime one day a week. They do science two days a week. 

Roy Visioning Meeting January 2017

The Roy Visioning Meeting for January 2017 is

on Wednesday, January 25th from 6 to 8 p.m.

at Weber County Southwest Branch (Roy) 📚 Library

Roy Visioning Meeting, Focus Roy 2050, Wasatch Front Regional Council, Roy City, UDOT, UTA, ICLEI, agenda 21, delphi

G.E.D.: 10 College Credits? Really!? That’s Great!

G.E.D. + CreditScores on G.E.D. [200 possible for each subject test (I think there are 5)]
175-200 means High School Diploma plus up to 10 hrs. of college credit (up to 3 cr. Math, 3 cr. Science, 3 cr. Social Studies and 1 cr. English)

165-174 means High School Diploma plus college readiness
145-164 means High School Diploma
0-144 means you did not pass. You can retake that subject later

Socialist Indoctrination (fascist, communist, communitarianist) in G.E.D. Test

Fascist and Communitarianist Indoctrination In the 2017 Princeton Review G.E.D. Test Prep Book

Why would Princeton Review’s 2017 GED test book contain Fascist and Communitarianist Indoctrination in its sample questions for reading comprehension? It is because they are trying to prepare the student for the actual test, which has this kind of thing in it.

“Mom, Check My Work!”

With a large family, I have got to do what many other moms have done and have a basket of some kind for kids to put their finished assignments in, so that I can check their work in the evenings. I remember as a youth helping my dad check papers for his school students in the evening. I just do not see how my kids think I can teach all oc my children, breastfeed, clean the house and run a household when worrying about checking their work on demand whenever they are finished with it.

My kids like the idea of the check on demand system because they think if they are finished, they should get to go have free time. I get that. They got done early. This is not working, though. I need to say, as long as you are finished and have your work in the basket by this time, I will check it at that time, which will be when the homeschool day is over, and then you get your privileges.

PhytoEstrogens in Soy vs. Estrogen in Cow’s Milk

Are you worried that if you went vegan, the estrogen in soy would be bad for you? I have good news for those of you who ar considering veganism. The estrogen is “PhytoEstrogen,” an estrogen only absorbed by plants. I have bad news for those of you not considering veganism. The kind of estrogen your body DOES absorb is found in great quantities cow’s milk! 

I have some sad news. Those pushing you to believe things about hormones which are not true, are a group of dairy farmers. Lies in the form of propoganda are tricking you. Here is an article with the truth in it:

Soy Myths and Misinformation