Teaching my Adorable Child to Read

I have been very diligent and enthusiastic lately in teaching my son to read better. It is going well. Today I got the Book of Mormon Little Books in the mail. Yesterday I got the Book of Mormon Sight Words Flash Cards in the mail. I just not added them into our reading program. This means I did two things. Today, I put the Book of Mormon Little Books as every other book in the stack of books in my son’s “Learn to Read” container. Last night, I went throught the Book of Mormon Sight Words Flash Cards and sorted through them. First, I made a group out all of the phoenetic cvc words. Then I made a set of all if the cvcv phoenetic words. Next I made a group out of all the non-phoenetic words I think he has already learned from the books he has been reading to me. Finally, I made a set of all the words which I think are commonly found in easy reader books which he does not yet know. I want him to learn these soon.

Every day, I have him read to me from books for about 20 minutes and read me flash cards for about 10 minutes. I have a mix of Book of Mormon Little Books, 1960’s whole language readers, “Meet the Sight Words” Level 1 books and Collection 1 “Bob Books.” Most of the flash cards review words he has read often in the books. Some of them, he would forget if we did not keep up with the flash cards. Some of the flash cards are words I would like him to know soon. I added in the words used on worksheets commonly, such as “name,” “add” and “subtract.” I also have numbers and the words for the numbers, 1-20, in there.

“Tip,” Paul McKee et. al., 1960s early reader