Northern Utah Back to Eden No-Till Organic Gardening, August 2018

I am getting better at getting good plants going. I am trying to focus on the positive here, but the photos show everything (morning glories: bindweed). Such is life. I am very pleased with my corn, climbing beans, squash and corn being in Native American Three Sisters Garden groupings. I like it because it makes it pretty and there is not as much weeding to do as there was when I had rows. I recommend it very much. I have to figure out how native americans gardened other things.

Black-Eyed Susans and another flower. I got these from a kind lady who lives in my ward. She is very good at sharing plants!

This is something I like that my friend gave me, also. I love it. It is stong and growing well.

Young Bartlett Pear Tree with a few pears

Young Bartlett Pear Tree #2 with a few pears.

Jacob’s Ladder will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and moths. It does well in the shade.

Wormwood is pretty and does well in the shade in this large barrel.

I think this is an Apple-Leaf Hawthorn Tree or a Washington Hawthorn Tree.

I like this tall young Early Elberta Peach Tree.

I have Lavendar next to the Peach tree to make bugs not want to come to the tree.

This is my first year with a Native American style Three Sisters Garden!

My mint does really well, tastes great, and the bees love the blossoms!

I got this from a gardening store but lost the label. What is it?!?

These are the greens above the ground, which belong to potatoes!

Large Broccoli leaves!

Catnip keeps mice and voles from eating the cabbage!

Concord Grapes!

Three Sisters grouping from above, including bindweed 😦

Dillweed (which I love) and weeds that I do not love.

Sage, bindweed and grass

Nasturtium keep the bugs away from the leaves of my veggies.

Early Girl, Cherry and Grape Tomatoes, Tomatillo, Rosemary, Chamomille

Yummy Rosemary to keep bugs away

I am impressed by how well this Catnip keeps the mosquitos out!