I Awoke Afire With This

Satan hates mothers. He is so angry with them. This is why an afront so big you cannot imagine it is going to aim itself straightaway at that target. Not only are women who sit kids on their knees and teach them, going to be attacked like never before, but women aging in care centers and retired women are going to be attacked with a vengeance. Not only those, but any woman who imagines herself pregnant by feeling her biological clock ticking, is the extreme of rotten in the eyes of Mr. Leader of the Body-Less. Bringing kids into this world? He hates that and wants to stop it!

Satan is sick to death with the lot of them.

He is also sick of women and girls being taught that being a woman or a girl MEANS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! He is so angry about that! He wants EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to KNOW that a female is a nothing.

That is only one side of his anger, too. He wants EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to know that a MALE is a nothing, too. Fathers and husbands make him FURIOUS! BOYS who grow  up wanting to date and marry make him SO MAD! Heads of families, leaders, PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS who learn to obey God? Full-Time Missionaries who bless the sick and the afflicted and baptize people? He is beyond finished with the lot of them!!!

Here it comes. These things will probably be happening next:

  • A bigger attack on women OF ALL AGES not in careers which do not attack Satan (no teaching truth, bringing kids into the world or helping others do any of the above)
  • A stronger pull on men and boys to disrespect girls and women
  • A stronger assault on those who think gender means which sex one is, replaced with “gender identity”
  • An attack on anyone who knows what is really going on politically and morally
  • An attack on the 12 Apostles, the First Presidency and the Prophet of God like one never before in history

My advice is the following. 

  1. Know that all of the above is Satan’s plan for this time because Jesus is coming soon.
  2. Know that this is not going to be easy because bad things will happen before He comes.
  3. Find out what those bad things are even though you don’t want to. Watch and notice.
  4. Put on the full armor of God (like, YESTERDAY already)!
  5. Listen to the Prophet of God.
  6. Pray like you mean business!
  7. Fight Satan like you’d give anything for Satan to Lose This Battle!

The Difference: Never in a Public or Charter School

2 of my kids went to public school for few years and 2 have never been to public school, nor to a charter school. I wanted to write about how I honestly feel about this.

I am so glad 2 of mine have never been to elementary school. My 2 older ones learned things I cannot unteach them. One of my kids feels constant pressure and constantly compares herself to others. She feels pressure to “stay at the top” and to be doing exactly what her top performing oublic schooled peers are doing! My son who public schooled still talks about killing at the drop of a hat, which he learned at public school recess. He also unlearned empathy and kindness. They both learned things like: learning is drudgery, mom’s job is to clean up (like the custodian’s job is to clean up), if someone is crying, ignore them and do your work, kids who are normal do not like their siblings, people must play with kids their own age, and much more, that I have been working on unteaching them.

My daughter who never went to public school has been doing very well in learning and I would say she learned so much more and is so much more advanced than her older siblings were at her age. It is amazing how much farther ahead some can get if not sent to school to get behind. 

Do not take a kid who could learn Items A through J that you want then to learn in homeschool and send them to public school so that they can learn A through d that you want thej to learn and A through J that you do NOT want then to learn and some that you may never be able to unteach them!

As for junior high and high school, my two oldest are now in baseball and softball. They said their teammates use swearwords like crazy and it bothers them really bad. My daughter is also bothered by how immodestly her teammates dress for softball games. I told them ai am so sorry and tood them, that is the way it is in Junior High and High School. 

I think today, I will have a talk with her about doing something bood and brave–asking her teammates not to use those words in her presence. I have done that in my life, and it has worked. People will respect people if you ask them to boldly.

Some people want their kids to have the social experiences that come with public school. I think without those social experiences, my kids will be fine. They have the positive social experiences I think kids need from other kids growing up, without all the negative social experiences I had growing up. 

My girls and I recently went to a homeschooled mothers and daughters retreat and learned a lot of really great, positive and uplifting things in a very social setting. My sons and I are going to go to the same, but with boys and their moms. It is great that the social experiences they have are positive and healthy, and chosen by me. I do not get to handpick which boye and which moms will come to this upcoming event, but the fact that I will be there and lots of moms will be there, helps! 

My eldest daughter just got to go to her first boy/girl dance and she is 7th grade age. It was part of a weekend of learning and socialization with peers. The kids were homeschooled and of our religion (LDS) and they learned how to be queenly or how to be chivalrous. They learned table manners at a special dinner in semi-formal attire. They played games which teach moral and leadership lessons. They had classes and listed to speakers. It was like an LDS Youth Conference, only there were just 18 kids there (plus 20 more who just cane to the dance) and they were all homeschoolers. My daughter laughed, learned and really enjoyed herself. She said the boys were not shy and were great at conversationalism. She said, “they were not how you said they’d be.” She seemed to have had a great experience. She is full of wonder and excitement. She danced with 10 boys. Her experience was very different from my first 7th grade dance.

My first 7th grade dance found me in shock. The music had lyrics that were awful and made the Holy Ghost leave. They music was so loud! There was not much lighting, so it was really dark. It was extremely crowded and I remember feeling a great fear and nervousness. I remember praying it would be over soon. Boys were not asking girls to dance and girls were huddled in groups. Everyone was pretending to have fun, even though I bet most felt as nervous as I did. I had friends who “set me up” with boys who were short like me, because that is what you gotta have in common–height. I know they meant well, but from that I learned that even some of my friends only saw me as “our friend who is short.” My companion dancers and I were so afraid and hardly talked to one another. We did not have much in common. We did not have similar interests. We did have fear of school dances in common!