CLEP and DSST Feelings from a Teenage Homeschooler

I interviewed my daughter about how she feels about preparing for and taking the tests. These are the things she said, made into full sentences by me so that you may have a clear understanding. We do not usually take any tests in our homeschool, just so you understand a little in that way.****************

I don’t like the idea of preparing for or taking tests by reading the CLEP and DSST books. I feel bored taking practice tests and studying for the tests in the books.

I like the Great Courses Western Civilizatons I DVD’s. The guy is exciting. I do not feel like I am preparing for a test when I watch the DVD’s. Anything fun does not make me feel like I am preparing for a test.

I partially feel I am preparing for the Public Speaking DSST test when I go to my Speech and Debate Class. My teacher is a really good teacher and teaches me a lot of stuff and I learn how to make speeches and go to tournaments.

The flash cards are kind of hard to memorize because some of them are kind of long. The short answer flash cards are easier.

The test at $80 plus $20 fee for proctor sounds expensive. I am worried I will not pass and it will be a waste of my mom’s money. I would feel bored taking the test because it is super boring. I am worried I will not know very many of the answers.

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Screen Time in Our Homeschool

Screen time in this house:

We have to take turns on the iPad and it is a large family

There are only educational apps and Netnanny for the internet

The internet via Netnanny is heavily guarded by many witnesses unafraid to tattle on a sibling

I assign which apps I want them to use (yesterday, my daughter was assigned “CLEP Western CIvilization I” app. Another was told “History, Geography or Science.” Another was told, “Math.”)

Sometimes they grumble about all this but they will be o.k.

There is no Wii or “non-educational” television until after dad gets home. Those are homeschool hours.

There are only certain situations in which I will let them watch educational shows, sometimes on DVD and somtimes on t.v. They have to ask permission.

Many times if they watch t.v. or a DVD, it is a DVD I bought which features a math, science, creative writing or history teacher lecturing. Oh, yeah!

Here is an article about screen time addiction that I find very sad. I know because I was addicted so much to facebook that I quit it cold turkey in February becuase of my screen addiction! Screen Addiction is Like Drug Addiction, Raises Dopamine Levels Lots!

I thought you would like this very exciting video made with an iPad app about the Book of Mormon.

Relax, Homeschool Lesson-Planning-Obsessed SuperMom!

     Last night I was so upset and worried because our “REA GUIDE to CLEP Western Civilizations I” book was missing. I have been using it to plan how and what to teach my daughter for Homeschooling Early College in Homeschool High School (9th grade). I told my husband last night, “I am so messed up!” He asked why and I replied, “The Western Civilizations I is missing, and it is my latest obsession to work on that for homeschool. I do not know what to do with myself!” This was at 8 p.m. He said, “Find a new obsession, then.” 

     Honestly, I cannot relax even at 8 p.m.? I resolve to relax after 7:30 p.m. every night. If nothing else, it will help me re-charge for the next day and be forced to enjoy my children instead of worrying about homeschool.

     I found the book in the van this morning. Whew. I had said many prayers. I know Heavenly Father was probably trying to tell me to relax, but it was not happening. I have a hard time relaxing. I am obsessed with lesson planning. I am always lesson planning. 

     I found this article in my E-mail box this morning. It was great. A Post About Relaxing Your Supermom Obsessions