CLEP and DSST Feelings from a Teenage Homeschooler

I interviewed my daughter about how she feels about preparing for and taking the tests. These are the things she said, made into full sentences by me so that you may have a clear understanding. We do not usually take any tests in our homeschool, just so you understand a little in that way.****************

I don’t like the idea of preparing for or taking tests by reading the CLEP and DSST books. I feel bored taking practice tests and studying for the tests in the books.

I like the Great Courses Western Civilizatons I DVD’s. The guy is exciting. I do not feel like I am preparing for a test when I watch the DVD’s. Anything fun does not make me feel like I am preparing for a test.

I partially feel I am preparing for the Public Speaking DSST test when I go to my Speech and Debate Class. My teacher is a really good teacher and teaches me a lot of stuff and I learn how to make speeches and go to tournaments.

The flash cards are kind of hard to memorize because some of them are kind of long. The short answer flash cards are easier.

The test at $80 plus $20 fee for proctor sounds expensive. I am worried I will not pass and it will be a waste of my mom’s money. I would feel bored taking the test because it is super boring. I am worried I will not know very many of the answers.

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