The Religious Liberty of Parents to Teach their Children their Religious Beliefs

My Summary of this awesome article:

The public schools teach LGBT doctrines to our kids in schools. We as parents are obligated to teach our own children about our beliefs (esp. about the plan of salvation and that marriage is between one man and one woman) in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must allow our public schools to respect the religious freedom of all and to teach their children what they think is correct and true. We must love those who believe differently about the family and marriage, with Christlike love. We must respect their rights to have their own beliefs and fight for our own religious freedom. We must fight to keep the liberties of all parents to raise and teach their own children their own beliefs.

The Eternal Importance of Family

Learn about Religious Freedom

The Family: A Proclamation to the World (1995)

The New Legal Definition of Family

It will not be long before this is so worldwide, in every country. The word “Parent” is to replace the words “Mother” and “Father” in Ontario, Canada. The family will be defined not by blood or adoption, but by child choice. 

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Dear spiritual brothers and sisters in Canada, I want to let you know that INFLUENCE is a greater power than anyone thinks and God-loving, Traditional-family-loving people everywhere can stand up and defend the traditional family and still make a difference. They can only g as far as the people let them go!

Galaxy Virtuality vs. Reality and Family

In what universe is this a good thing??!! I love Hands Free books and I saw an ad for this on t.v. This is so awful for our society. They offered my mother in law and my sister in law a free one each for upgrading their phones. I just cannot live in a world where people walk around looking into these things. What is the world coming to? This is insane? When Re people going to say “no more,” and refuse to own things like this!??!

This has apps, video, video games social media and more. this is awful! Please warn your relatives about the dangers of living virtually and ignoring the people right in front of us!!!!!

Galaxy Headgear

My Homeschooling Buddy

I will start with advice  recently gave online to a homeschool mom:

[As you can see, there are no two families that homeschool the same way. Also, it is very much an “adjust as you go along” type thing. Since there are really no rules, you can do it how you want. When a woman becomes a mom for the first time, there is a huge amount of advice given, much of it coming as, “This is the right way. Never do it that way.” Sometimes you even get, metaphorically, “Never sit. Always stand,” from person A and “Never stand. Always sit,” from person B. 

[Just like a new mom cannot possibly take everyone’s advice, neither can a new homeschool mom. It is impossible, since the advice conflicts. The best path for you and yours, you will find by trying things out and seeing what works best for your family and what you like best. Once you get to this point, you stop asking for advice as much because it gets annoying. You will still ask for it now and then, but even then, sometimes you will not listen to the advice you will get because of what you will already know about your own convictions.

[This is not a downside to homeschooling. It is freedom. It is coming from a world of very few choices into a world of billions of combinations and possibilities. It can be overwhelming to take in all the freedom when you are used to institutionalization and control, so just take it one day and one step at a time. 

[Also, make sure if you are not enjoying it and loving it, thar you change it. Homeschooling is meant to be joyful and wonderful. Granted, it IS a lot of work, but please find times to relax and be happy!]

Now I will move on. This morning I had to tell my husband to just listen while I complained about all my problems. I told him to remember tne book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” and how women just need to complain but that does not mean it is the husband’s fault or that she is asking him to solve the problem. She just has to talk and complain until she feels better. 

One of the things that came up t the surface, which had been in my subconscious mind only, was that I do not know what to do about my sister not living close by and I just need to figure out how to see her more. I miss her. Another was that  feel like I am never going to fit in, in the homeschool world. I just feel like I homeschool so differently fro everyone else. The reality is, every homeschool mom feels this way because every homeschool mom homeschools so differently from everyone else. It is this whole freedom thing and the billions of combinations and possibilities because of that freedom. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, that no homeschool mom has everything in common with me.

At this point, my busband thought he would interject some humor to bring me back to reality. He said I just wanted a clone of myself. Even though it was not related at all to that, I thought for a minute and then the Holy Ghost reminded me of sonething about what kind of a person I needed. It hit me. My husband was the homeschool friend I had been needing. 

I excitedly pointed this out to him. He was skeptical. He said he could not be, since he was gone to his employment so much, leaving me to homeschool alone. I explained how I suddenly had seen things. We have the same vision about homeschooling. We have the same beliefs about what to teach and how to teach it. We have the same number of kids, the same ages. We even have the same exact kids! Crazy, right?

The Worldwide Family Declaration

This is the Worldwide Family Declaration. I have signed it because I agree with it!Please read this. If you agree with is, please:

-sign it

-tell me you signed it in the comments

-share it with others in a way that will not cause anger

-promote it in your communities


What The True Sacrifice is, in Homeschooling

I am going to get very raw and real with all 3 of you out there. Homeschooling hurts. This is the truth.

I have to say that I have so much anger and hurt inside me because society at large, LDS ward members, neighbors, strangers and most family give me unfriendship, unacceptance, disdain, hatred and unsupport for all the hard work, determination, diligence and intelligence I put into homeschooling. I noticed it at the concert last night. My nephew and my sister get all of this support and love that I do not get and will never get. It is so unfair.

I know we are not supposed to covet, but I covet the support, friendship, love and social acceptance my sister and my nephew get that we will never get.  I think all I would have to do is enroll my kids in public school and all of the praise, adoration, support, comeraderie, acceptance and love would roll right in.

Last night during the concert, I just prayed and prayed for help with this. 
If you are a homeschool mom, do you ever feel this?

We Just Refinanced for Less Total Interest On Our Home Mortgage! 

Listening to and watching Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey live from Rachel’s Youtube channel was amazing and got me emotionally excited again, but there is something else I am emotionally excited about financially, too.

Today we signed papers to refinance our mortgage in order to be paying a 1% lower interest rate and in order to take 8 years off of our mortgage loan! 8 years. There were no fees except the cost of the escrow account and we will be getting roughly $1,500 to 2,000 back from different sources. (We will put it into our emergency fund). That really rocks big time! 

When we bought this, our second house, we had some equity from our other house which we sold. That was nice. It helped. We were at just 11 years left on that mortgage before buying this, our second home. Then, sadly, with a newer, bigger home, we were at a 30 year mortgage AGAIN. That was upsetting. Now we are down to a 20 year mortgage. Yay! It feels good to have less time left to be paying interest!

Dave Ramsey recommends not buying a home at all until you have 3 to 6 months liquid expenses in savings for emergencies and all your debts paid off. We did not do that. He also recommends not getting more than a 15 year mortgage loan. I want really bad to get down to a 15 year from a 20 RIGHT NOW, but we have been working at it and doing the best we can.

We aren’t big spenders. This Christmas, for the first time, we may possibly be able to spend more than last year’s $600 on Christmas for our whole extended family, our friends, our neighbors and our little immediate family. Most people would think that is not very much for a family as large as ours (and I will not tell you of its size because I do not trust the internet). Last year that is what we spent and it has been getting bigger every year. That means it was smaller the year before that and smaller the year before that one! When we were newlyweds, I had $5 that I could spend on my husband. I got him a mug with candy in it. It was all we could afford! Our second year, I had a canvas. I made him a painting of Portugal, where he served his LDS Mission.

We just went on our first ever traveling (not stay-cation) family vacation to a place 3 hours away, on a one night stay. It was a two day and one night fairly local vacation. Some people have told us that because we are not taking our kids on family vacations yearly, we are not building memories with them. That does make me sad, but I am also happy for the following: We have not had big fights over money. I am a mom who does not earn any money. This does not cause our family any stress. We are able to afford the expenses of homeschooling. We have a very nice house in a very nice area. We are living within our means. 

I know money does not create happiness, but I believe that doing our best to live within our means and be financially as smart as we can does bring us happiness!

If you are not acquainted with Dave Ramsey or Rachel Cruze, please check them out. They are amazing. They teach me many new things. They are also very good at motivating millions of people, including me! Go get some motivation!

The Unschool Experiment

Great post!

{Wow. It’s been about two years since I wrote my last post, and looking back, all I can think is, “My! How times have changed!” If you’re familiar with this blog, you will probably remember that the vast majority of my posts dealt with my concepts about unschooling and how we were integrating it […]}

Public School, Homeschool and Behavior Issues

My son used to have major behavioral and psychological issues when in public school. In a week, I noticed slight changes. In a month, I noticed more changes. After 3 months, his issues had been cut to 60% what they were when he had been in public school. After one year of homeschooling, I think the behavior issues were about 40% what they had been in public school. Now it has been almost 3 years. He is older, so, granted, that could make a difference, too, BUT I think homeschooling has made a bigger difference than age. He has behavior issues still, but they are down to about 20% what they were when he was in public school.

I wonder so often, whether they would even exist, had he never been in public school, but that does not solve anything, so I shouldn’t.

I will tell you some things that I think made a difference for my son. They are important to me. I cannot guarantee they will work for you. Every family will do different things. I am sure something here could help someone, though, so here it is.

When I began, I had already read about 6 books written by amazing author Alfie Kohn, including “Unconditional Parenting” and “The Schools Our Children Deserve,” which I recommend you start with. His books are very thick because of solid references which are in the back of the books. These take up about one third of the book. I looked at the references and used them to decide which books to read next. These were also very helpful.

I love “The NDD Book,” about how your child getting enough sleep, exercise and the right nutrition, will spfor sure affect his or her behavior. My child does get more sleep out of public school, because if, for example, we happen to stay up late on a Thursday night, visiting relatives or something, the he sleeps in the next morning (Friday). When we do an exhausting field trip, project, co-op or gathering, he eats and naps. He naps whenever he needs it and I let him, because he does not do it very often, and I have talked with him about how his body will tell him when he needs it. Usually when he has a meltdown, we feed him (that helps) and then he will go lie down for a one hour nap. When he gets up again, he is cheerful, kind, helpful, obedient, etcetera.

We have discussed what works best for him, with him. He likes this. When we forget to do this for a while, things do not work as well. He also needs regular one on one love and individual attention. Before he really “got into” reading, I used to get up in the morning and, first thing, read to him sitting in a chair in his room, to help him wake up. I read for half an hour. This helped him get out of bed cheerfully. It also helped him feel loved and helped us bond. I cannot deny that it made him love books, as well.

I teach my kids via eclectic homeschooling, and one thing included in 60 to 90% of our homeschool, depending in the day, week and month, and what is going on, is letting him learn however he wants, and whatever he wants, as long as it is within our religious standards. A lot of people call this unschooling, but I prefer to just describe it, as the “un” has such negative connotations. He learns a ton this way, and the freedom of this approach takes away a lot of behavior issues.

We also use an LDS curriculum called “L.I.F.E. School.” “L.I.F.E. Stands for Life Integrated Family Education.” The kids all get the same lesson. Then they do their work, which is similar, so they can help one another, but it is different for each grade level. I love it. It makes things so much easier for me. I do not have to do as much work to out things together for my kids to learn. The gospel is woven into every lesson. It teaches art, geography, history, science, literature, poetry, theater, reading, grammar, paleography, spelling, and many types of writing. It teaches dictionary work and research, essay

The only subject not included in this curriculum is Math. I am fine with that. I work hard at math teaching, most of the time. When I do not, I have to make up for it later.

To the Library for Novel Outline Type-Up

I went to the Library on Saturday to get away from my family and get some work done. I typed up page after page of notes on the outline of my novel, “Postmortal Parenting and the Seven-Child Leaders of the Earth,” which I am doing with the guidance of author, instructor John Truby (“The Anatomy of a Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller”). At home, it would have never been done, even though I have a computer. Why? Right now, I am breastfeeding, not lending to good easy-on-the-back typing of large amounts of text. When my husband is home, it is still not possible to do it, because the kids need to be taken care of, the house needs to be cleaned, food needs to be prepared, kids need questions answered, people call me on the phone, and my husband wants quality wife time. Even an hour at the library accomplishes so much more than months at home. It’s sad, but true. I am grateful that the county library system just gave us a new, closer library branch which is modern, clean, sophisticated, small, uncrowded and quiet.