Water Your Plants As You Do Dishes, Laundry, Baths and Showers!

I do not have this but I want it. What a great idea! When I first read Alicia Silverstone’s post about this, I thought she was hauling buckets of water from the bathtub. I thought that was ridiculous. That is not how she does it. She had this system called a Greywater System installed. Water your plants with the wastewater from baths and laundry and dishes! Check it out!

Youtube: DIY Installing a Greywater System for your garden or landscape

Exhausted But Very Happy

I would just like people to know what it is like to be a homeschool mom. I am exhausted but very happy. Here is a post about the things I do that, all added together, day by day, are exhausting:

Chauffering to class (yes, I hired a teacher for a subject)

Digging holes and planting trees and grapevines

Planting, watering, covering, and protecting newly planted flowers and vegetables

Watching my husband and kids move dirt from the road to the garden (*not exhausting)

Breastfeeding and reading (at the same time) lots and lots (*not exhausting)

Volunteering with my kids to feed hospitalized wild birds

Driving around in the van a lot to get places

Decluttering, Organizing and Cleaning the house