Don’t Vote For a Stinky “Hold Your Nose” Candidate for President!

2016 Presidential Election

This is a great argument for choosing not to vote for one of the two “hold your nose” candidates for President (for not having to hold your nose while you vote for the stinky candidate). There is not just a third party this year. We have a strong third party, a strong fourth party and a strong fifth party. You have quite a selection. This post considers all the people who refuse to vote each election. How many refuse to vote, who could vote for a Constitution party, Green Party or Libertarian Party Candidate and feel please and happy with their choice to do so?
Darrell Castle for President 2016!

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Oklahoma Does Not Get Free Elections in 2016. You Only Get Libertarian, Republican or Democrat as Your Choices There!

Dear Fellow Americans and Oklahomans:

The Constitution Party does not have ballot access for Oklahoma and write-ins are not allowed there. Please write to Ohio’s political leaders and tell them how you feel about this. Please tell them write-ins should be allowed. Thanks!

Oklahoma does not allow write-ins which basically means you do not get a free election in that state! The state has decided upon 3 candidates you can vote for and you cannot vote for anyone else.

Oklahoma Election Law: At the very botton is the write-in law. A little higher, it says you can only vote for a Republican, a Democrat or a Libertarian. In Oklahoma, you cannot legally vote for a write-in candidate, a Green Party candidate,  Constitution Party candidate, an Independent American Candidate or a candidate from any other political party.

All other states, 49 of 50 states, allow you to vote at least for officially registered write-in candidates. The other 49 states will allow their citizen voters to choose (by official ballot access or after official write-in registration, as a write-in):

  • Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party)
  • Donald Trump (Republican Party)
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)
  • Darrell Castle (Constitution Party)
  • Jill Stein (Green Party)
  • Evan McMullin (running independently without a national party but as part of a party in one state, to date)
  • Gloria La Riva (Socialism & Libertation Party)
  • Rocky de la Fuente (Reform Party)
  • Emidio Soltysik (Socialist Party)
  • Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers Party)

I am of the persuasion that in any state, one should get all of these choices.

What can you do about it? Do the following:

Contact the media and everyone you can about this:

  • -newspapers both online and print
  • -tevision news stations
  • -talk shows
  • -radio talk show hosts
  • -bloggers
  • -book authors
  • -musicians
  • -athletes
  • -artists
  • -your neighbors
  • -your social media followers
  • -your friends and family

“Election laws are part of the Oklahoma State Statutes and are therefore set by the state Legislature with the Governor ultimately signing any legislation that is approved by the legislature. The specific section of the law you would want to reference when contacting your legislators about write-in voting is Title 26 Section 7-127. The section on political parties is Title 26 Sections 1-107, 1-108 and 1-109.” (Source: E-Mail response from Bryan Dean, Public Information Officer, Oklahoma State Election Board. Thank you, Bryan Dean!)

Your State House Representative and Your State Senator Enter address in OK here to find out who yours are. Even if they are not aware of it, they make the laws so it is their job to change the laws about elections. They need to add the other small parties to the recognized parties list. They need to make write-ins legal. This may not happen until it is too late for the 2016 election, but at least have them change the law for future elections. Not recognizing the Green Party, The Constitution Party and the Independent Amercian Party while recognizing only the Democrat, Republican and Libertarian Party is unconstitutional because it is telling citizens who they can and cannot vote for. That is what Communist nations do and it is not liberty or freedom!

Contact Governor Mary Fallin. Let her know you are angry about this so that she will be moved to talk to the State House and the State Senate about this. Contact the Oklahoma Supreme Court, whose job it is to interpret the constitution, can help your State House and State Senate see that the laws which are in place against write-ins are unconstitutional. (See Article VI of the U.S. Constitution. Listen to this audio file about ballot access and freedom in elections: Free and Fair Elections.

Agenda 21 and Freedom Notes and Stuff

Do you know that the U.S. is a Constitutional REPUBLIC, but Pres. Obama keeps referring to it as a Democracy?! Our country is not a Democracy!

Ben Franklin, “A Republic, Ma’am, if you can keep it!”

The pledge of allegiance, “And to the Republic, for which it stands…”

Bilderberg goals include:

Perpetual wars
UN military in charge of peacekeeping
universal legal system
complete UNESCO control of education

Source: The Bilderberg group. ( )

Bill Gates signed agreement with UNESCO to promote their agenda, which is Agenda 21. In Agenda 21, under Girls, Activities, 3.e., we read, 

“Programmes to establish and strengthen preventive and curative health facilities, which include women-centred, women-managed, safe and effective reproductive health care and affordable, accessible, responsible planning of family size and services,…”

in 8.a. “Knowledge and experience on the part of women of the management and conservation of natural resources for incorporation in the databases and information systems for sustainable development;”

Sustainable development refers to a mode of human development in which resource use aims to meet human needs while ensuring the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. The term ‘sustainable development’ was used by the Brundtland Commission, which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”[1][2]”

Later, it says in wikipedia, that “sustainable development” is a plan, which plan is the Earth Charter. In the Earth Charter under I. 3. b. it states:

“Promote social and economic justice, enabling all to achieve a secure and meaningful livelihood that is ecologically responsible.”

They are attempting to redefine & limit freedom as something that is “ecologically responsible.” In other words, if it is not “ecologically responsible,” it is not your right to do it!

Jonathon Porritt, former chairman of the Green Party, defines ecological responsibility here, by telling the world that Population Control is a responsibility belonging to all of us, and calling those who have over 2 children, “irresponsible.”