Back to Home-School Fall Haul

These Pixie and Crayon snapboxes are so cute and so cool! I love them! I had brads in 4 different places. I had other things in a few different places. Getting them all into one place, all neat and organized is going to do wonders for me! I am excited. I got these at ShopKo. They were all just over $2 each.

This caddy is from ShopKo. It was on sale today for $30. What a great deal! I am putting our books for Life School in the first few drawers, making them easily accessible for day to day use. I also got a 3rd pencil sharpener (our first large MANUAL one) for the T.V. room, so that when we take notes on DVD lectures and lessons, we can easily sharpen without going upstairs and getting all distracted by snacks or such.

I got the pencil-top erasers from Walgreens. I got 5 packs for 79 cents each. I think there may have been 10-12 in a pack. Below that is a stack of 18 70 ct. wide rule spiral notebooks, which I got on sale at ShopKo today for 19 cents each. My kids waited in line behind me, sk we got 3 sets of 18 notebooks, as there is a limit of 18 per purchase. That’s just something we bargain shoppers have got to do!

We also got our Scholastic book club books today. Yes, homeschool groups can sign up. A person has to sign up and say they have 45 people in their homeschool group. As long as you order $25 of books each month, they love you. They do not care how many people order. For me, it has mostly been just me ordering. In December, for Christmas in 2016, two other families ordered. Every other month it has been just me. I still love it. I highly recommend it.


“Homeschool Dailies”

Some days we are just like Unschoolers and we have unschool days, where some kid work on art and some learn science. They learn, but they learn what they want to learn. Some days, I teach a formal lesson to all of the family at once. Some days, we watch DVD lessons taught by amazing teachers so I can rest and let someone else teach.

A great many of the days, the kids ask me what they should do for homeschool, and I give each individual a list, which is generally the same for that child, every time we do this kind of a day. 

“Homeschool Dailies”

It is such a tradition and has lasted so long (most things don’t) that today I decided to make it official. This morning I made a list for each child called “Homeschool Dailies,” which is this list of things that I generally assign them every time we have a day when I want them to just do those repeated things I usually list for them. These are things which I think they are used to doing, don’t generally give me any complaints about (because they most generally have agreed that they like them and are o.k. with doing them for learning). These are also things I ask them to do because I have decided for them to do them based on:

  • What their interests are
  • What their weeknesses are for a well-rounded general education
  • The level at which they are understanding and learning
  • The areas which I think their focus needs to be on, or is naturally on at this time
  • Curricula or methods which work best for that child.
  • Curricula or methods I like because they are awesome (the montessori method, for example)
  • Which subjects our family needs the most focus and improvement on

I posted these lists in the homeschool room and will explain them to the kids one at a time to make sure each child understands. It is really a routine that works for us but which is now more official because it is written down and even has a large caption.

I must make it very clear that they will only be doing the “Homeschool Dailies” on days when say, “Today, I want you to do your Homeschool Dailies.” That will not be every day.

For the older and middle kids, “HomeSchool Dailies” are a list of things they can do for homeschool on their own in their textbooks, workbooks and with computer software we have. The list for the oldest will take about 3 hours. The list for the middle children will take about 2 hours.

For the younger kids, “Homeschool Dailies” are a list of things I generally have to do with them because they need a guide and someone who can teach, right by their side. It is an eclectic mix with the majority being Montessori reading and writing. It will take me 1.5 to 2 hours to do that with each child, totalling 3 to 4 hours for me.

Homeschool Day Boxes and How They Work!

I tried this day boxes system, based on the system called, “work boxes,” which I did not like, as I am an Alfie Kohn fan, and it worked well. It works well as long as I have time to get the day boxes ready that morning early, or the night before.


I found that the kids like new and different things in there. They despise having very similar things, day after day. I found that even a toddler has to have things, because he wants to be like the others and have something made for him to do, so he can work, too. He did get bored fast, so I must have always had very boring things in there for him. I tried to get something from each subject we were doing that day. I also put the book they are currently reading for fun, in there.


I also put the ruler, the scissors, the glue stick, the markers, the pencil and the paper they needed for that day’s stuff, in their box. This makes it so nobody has to go look for something they need, giving them about a 100% chance of getting distracted and not coming back for quite some time!


They really liked them and they made my job much easier during the homeschool day! One thing I did not like was that the boxes took up so much space on the table that it does not give them much space to work. I solved that by getting out a card table, but then they fought over which table they wanted to sit at. Oh, my! That’s the way kids are!