October 2016 General Conference Quote: Elder Robert D. Hales, Quorum of the 12 Apostles

This is great advice for all parents and grandparents. I think it is really great advice for this LDS homeschool mom! I know it is about teaching the gospel for most, but for me it is about all of the homeschool teaching I do all week, as well. No training manual is better than scriptures praying pondering and seeking the Holy Spirit. The calling to be a parent gives us the ability to teach in ways right for our family. Awesome. Sometimes I forget that. We must not forget or set aside as unimportant, Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening is not a lecture from mom and dad. (We are guilty of that). Have fun together in Family Home Evening? We need to work on the “fun” part. I must not lose my patience and raise my voice in anger at my kids when I am frustrated during a homeschool day. This will make the Holy Spirit leave. This ultimate advice at the end is great for me: don’t give up!


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Reblog: Operation Underground Railroad: Mormon Tim Ballard’s Mission to End Child Sex Slavery

“In December 2013, Operation Underground Railroad was founded by Tim Ballard, a former government agent, with the mission of freeing children all over the world from sex slavery. He got into this work while working for the government when his boss asked him to form a “child crime unit” and at first he said no, […]”


Being a Good Little Humanist

I believe that what he is saying here is that even in church, your kids aren’t fully being taught your religion. They are being taught partially your religion and partially humanism that they were taught in school when they were a kid. This is a very true thing and very true even in my church, the LDS or Mormon church. Even there, I can see that the influence of humanism is present. It is so subtle that most people would never notice it. I notice because I have been reading about what humanism is, I also was taught humanism in school growing up. I am just now figuring out what it is and how I have been taught to believe all these things which are humanist things.

One of the humanist things is to try not to offend people on weekdays, when not among fellow church members, by not saying “The Holy Ghost told me to go check on my son.” Instead, in order to be a good humanist that I have been trained to be in public school, I say, “I felt like I should go check on my son.” Subtlety. Now, in church, we’d be perfectly o.k. saying it the first way, but when talking to our neighbors? No. We are good little humanists. We will change our wording. It is easy because we learned to do it 6.5 hours a day 180 days a year for 13 years!

 “This may seem like an odd reason, so let me explain. I’ll start by strongly asserting that no one, not me, not you, not anyone, can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.  Like it or not, you’ve imbibed more of the culture than you realize, and you, right now, […]”


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Interconnected Family Health

Lately I have learned that everything I need to do for my personal health, affects our homeschool. I focused on my health. Today I came to the conclusion that my husband’s and my childrens’ health contributes to the success of our homeschool, too. I also decided that all of us can influence everyone else’s health. I observed that each aspect of health also affects every other aspect of health. 

Important are Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social and Financial Health. Each aspect of Health is intertwined with each other aspect of Health. Each family member’s health is interconnected with the health of each individual in our family. The things each individual does, contributes to or takes away from the good health of the family’s whole health.

I came up with a plan to make task lists daily for each family member which will help us all improve our personal healths, our interpersonal healthiness and our overall family health. It has been working well so far today.

For me, this blog post is great for my mental health today. This will contribute to the mental health of the family, as well. I am so excited for this personal mothering breakthrough. It is for me a great discovery!

I hope it will benefit your family to ponder this!

L.D.S. Visiting Message Printables 2015

LDS VT Printable July 2015