The New Legal Definition of Family

It will not be long before this is so worldwide, in every country. The word “Parent” is to replace the words “Mother” and “Father” in Ontario, Canada. The family will be defined not by blood or adoption, but by child choice. 

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Dear spiritual brothers and sisters in Canada, I want to let you know that INFLUENCE is a greater power than anyone thinks and God-loving, Traditional-family-loving people everywhere can stand up and defend the traditional family and still make a difference. They can only g as far as the people let them go!

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert Is Fed Up With “The Fed”

Keep your dirty federal money, President Obama.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert rejects Pres. Obama’s demand for public school bathroom policy.

New Policy discussed here, with quotes from the qctual policy.
I was thinking about this the other day. The only solution I can figure is to have a “family” or “unisex” bathroom for LGBTQ people. Many places have had these for years. It really is no big deal.

This is a great video on the topic at hand.

As for Anna Turkel’s son, I say, welcome to homeschooling. Homeschooling is better, anyway. Don’t go dreaming of the day you can send your child back. It ain’t never gonna get no better, babe. Homeschooling is always gonna get better. Homeschooling rocks!