My New Weight Loss Plan: Chilean Lunches, Light Dinners and More Gym Time

I am really upset about my weight. I am making a new weight loss plan. The size of the middle of my body (belly and waist) is too great. I just recently learned that my nighttime acid reflux issue was caused by my habits of:

  • Skipping breakfast (because I was busy) quite often, or having a breakfast that was more like a light snack
  • Skipping lunch (because I was busy) quite often, or having a light snack for lunch at noon
  • Eating a medium-sized “Linner” (between 2 and 4 p.m.)
  • Eating a gigantic, very filling (and yet very nutritious) very late dinner (between 8 and 11:30 p.m.)
  • Going to bed within an hour or two of eating the late dinner

     Since I have at one time in my life, though about half a lifetime ago, experienced Chile style lunches, I am going to try that again now. I read online that this mid-day largest meal of the day style is great for nutrition, energy to accomplish more and weight loss, I am going to be doing this. 

     I have already done it for 2 days with success. I had larger breakfasts. The biggest meals of the day have been at about noon. I have had a snack between about 2 and 4 p.m. I have had dinner between 5 and 7:30 p.m. Dinner has consisted of fruits and vegetables, including a lettuce salad both nights. I have gone to bed at around 10:30 both nights. I have had no acid reflux in the middle of the night and no heartburn.

     In Chile, oatmeal was the most common breakfast food, but there was also a barley drink, milk and or or herbal tea and mermelada, which is jam.

     From what I remember of Chilean lunches, there were courses. There was first the light, brothy, healthy soup. Then there was the salad, consisting of Romaine lettuce and lots of veggies. Then there was the bread with the main course. It was very large and very filling. After we were finished eating, it was then polite to drink. It was a fruity or vegetable drink (such as mango or carrot juice). Finally, it was time for dessert, which I did not generally feel there was room for. Fruit, like a pear, was considered a dessert in my first home. That was a healthier example of dessert.

     At about 6 p.m., no matter where we were, we were fed. Nobody cared that we were strangers. It was time to eat. At this time, we were fed something like a snack-meal. This consisted of bread with mermelada or paté and barley drink with milk and honey in it. Sometimes we were given popcorn or a fruit instead. Sometimes, it was just dessert, such as a 13 layer whipped cream, cake, caramel and jam “torta.” Finishing the torta meant you still had room for more. The ony way you could get out of having more was to politely almost finish it, then say your stomach could not fit any more. In one area that I lived in, there was Alicia’s in Santiago, which had the yummiest single serve small pizza (peek-sah), and sometimes we splurged and bought it. Alicia was our good friend and became a member of the church while I was there. I promised to make her a logo but have no contact information that works. If her place is still up and running, you have to taste her pizza.

     At 11 p.m., it was time for “once,” (which means “eleven.”) This was also given to us no matter whose house we were in. To the Chileans, serving strangers was a special honor and privilege. At once, we were given the bread with paté or mermelada and the barley drink. Some people served large, thick crackers or bread, with cheese and sliced meat. Generally, one piece of thick, hearty bread was sliced in half so that it was like eating a sandwich.

     My diet plan is to have a big, healthy breakfast, a very large and healthy lunch, a healthy snack and a very light, healthy dinner. My exercise plan is to go to the gym more, work hard on house and yard care for exercise and ride my stationary bike whenever I can. I hope all of this works and I finally lose my large “middle” (belly or waist) and replace it with a medium “middle.”

Does Your Family Do Housework on the Sabbath?

Last night, we got a lot of housework done in just the last 2 hours of the day. I knew I could not bear to start a new week, with the house in that state. I wrote a list of all that needed to be done. I then made lists on the white board for each person. This is very much against the teachings of the bible, which tell us not to work on the Sabbath Day. I know it. Some things just get annoying, though. I have been trying to get my family to do more during the week and on Saturday, so that we won’t have work to do on Sunday. It has not worked so well. I have to give them Do-Lists on Sunday, or do it all myself on Sunday, because it has to be done. We cannot just leave the table covered with dinner, not load the dishwasher and not sweep the floor. We cannot leave ads from the newspaper, to cover the living room floor.

The great thing about it was, that none of us did MUCH work. All of us just pitched in. I still did the most work, because I’m the mom and that’s life, but, hey, it is much better to put in all that work, and get something more out of it, because others are getting stuff done at the same time!  I made sure that the people more likely to get the work done, were given the work that most needed doing. I still tried to be fair, but when you know your family, you’ve got to do that, in order that the most important actually gets done.

I was very pleased before bedtime, but the kids went to bed much later than they usually do, because of all this work. It sure made this morning, and will make the rest of today, more pleasant, I hope. Homeschooling should go more smoothly, being that we have a fairly clean house instead of a disaster pit. Making lunch should be easier, since the dishes are done and the kitchen is fairly clean. Hopefully we’ll eat more nutritious lunches.

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