40 Year Old Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with Large Family Trying to Get to a Healthy Weight

I have a large family. I have a large family for a Utah Mormon (not just for a city-dwelling New-York City resident or Hollywood movie star, because their definitino of a large family is not mine). I am vegan. I have been pregnant and breatfeeding for what feels like half of my life. I am 40. I wake up early, not to excercise, but to take my daughter to her early morning homeschool seminary class.

I try hard to eat right. I just barely skim the surface of having a habit of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I try to eat healthy foods, but it is tough to find time to prepare something healthy when our lives are so busy.

I try to find time to exercise. I just cannot find it. O.k., so I know where it is. It is right there when my husband gets home, gives me the chance to go to the gym, and I hear my preschooler bawling at the top of his lungs about his hunger, my husband says to ignore him, and I make him something to eat, following which my husband leaves and my was-gonna-be-tending-while-I-went-to-the-gym son throws a fit, begging me to let off on the homeschool assignments for the week so that he can play on the wii. The screaming, throwing things and bawling from the torture of the immensity of the assignments is so great that I do not go to the gym. I stay home and my husband gets back and tries go help us through the rough patch. Then I make a vegan dinner for only myself and am too exhausted (and it is too late at night) to go to the gym.

This is just one day in the life of the Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with a Large Family who is trying to lose 30 lbs. and thus reach a healthy weight. I tell you, I am sick to death of all the blog posts and youtube videos I find with women who have 2 kids and send them to school during the day, then tell me how they lost all the baby weight in 6 weeks.  am also sick of all the “you need animal protein” lies out there, written by weight-loss gurus who are not vegan!

“Thou shalt not covet” the women who lose baby weight in under a year. Seriously, the toughest commandment out there. Arghhhhh!

I seriously cannot be the only one! I hate feeling alone. I do not expect to find someone just exactly in my situation, but a bunch of groupies close to it would be nice. A support group would help immensely. There have to be vegan homeschool moms out there with large families, and who also large bellies like mine that have not gone away when the baby is a preschooler!

If you are one and have found this post, please comment. I need a support network of women who know what I am going through! Advice about exercise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Being a Good Little Humanist

I believe that what he is saying here is that even in church, your kids aren’t fully being taught your religion. They are being taught partially your religion and partially humanism that they were taught in school when they were a kid. This is a very true thing and very true even in my church, the LDS or Mormon church. Even there, I can see that the influence of humanism is present. It is so subtle that most people would never notice it. I notice because I have been reading about what humanism is, I also was taught humanism in school growing up. I am just now figuring out what it is and how I have been taught to believe all these things which are humanist things.

One of the humanist things is to try not to offend people on weekdays, when not among fellow church members, by not saying “The Holy Ghost told me to go check on my son.” Instead, in order to be a good humanist that I have been trained to be in public school, I say, “I felt like I should go check on my son.” Subtlety. Now, in church, we’d be perfectly o.k. saying it the first way, but when talking to our neighbors? No. We are good little humanists. We will change our wording. It is easy because we learned to do it 6.5 hours a day 180 days a year for 13 years!

 “This may seem like an odd reason, so let me explain. I’ll start by strongly asserting that no one, not me, not you, not anyone, can live their lives in a culture and not be affected by it.  Like it or not, you’ve imbibed more of the culture than you realize, and you, right now, […]”


Blog Post Links of Today’s Perusal

Blog posts I have read today about homeschooling:

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L.D.S. Homeschool Curriculum Web Site List

First, check out my Curricula here: L.D.S. Homeschool Products at my Teachers Pay Teachers store

Next, I have tried to make a fairly comprehensive list of LDS Homeschool Curricula. This is for teaching of Doctrines and Scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and for academics from the LDS perspective.

I have compiled this list so that you will now have the same trouble I had in finding great LDS Homeschooling Curricula and Resources. I am really excited about this. I hope this helps a lot of new and experienced homeschool parents in getting what they need in order to teach homsechool with an LDS perspective.

I am using Life School, Discover the Scriptures and Finch Family Games a lot in my homeschool, but some of these others look worth trying, too. My advice is to try samples of each and see what works best for your family! I warn you against buying a full curriculum without sampling it. I also advise searching for reviews and asking around before outting money into any of this!

Happy Discovering, and please tell others about this resource! Thanks!

About LDS Homeschooling:

Notes About Michelle Stone’s ‘Celestial Education’ DVD (available on YouTube and Vimeo)

These Teach Homeschool Academics with LDS Gospel Lessons:

Brite Music K-2 Plus Values and Safety Education
Keystone Ed by Tresta Neil

LIFE School K-8

Latter-Day Learning

Textbook Publishers (Kimber, Skousen)

Jenny Phillips Curriculum (k-3; 4-6 in the works; appears to be LA only)

Kindred Learning

Discover the Scriptures

Courageous Beings

Polar Star Studies

Building Heroes Academy (k-6)

Learning To Read Using the Book of Mormon

Mormon Little Books

The House

My LDS Preschool

Love to Learn by LDS former Homeschool Mom and now Grandma Curricula kits, homeschool supplies, and guidebooks

Resources for Teaching Academics from an LDS perspective:

Simplified scriptures for early readers (1st or 2nd graders)
Timelines, etc.

Book of Mormon Sight Words Flashcards
Living History Books

Teaching Self-Government


Milestones Academy

Hold 2 the Rod

Moorhouse Academy Curriculum Blog
Resources for teaching One week sample here

Devotionals, Coloring Pages, Scripture Printables for posting & Copywork Pages

Science and Religion, LDS perspective book by David Barker

LDS doctrine to very young kids:

Faith in God Activity Booklets for Boys and Girls made by a homeschool mom
Brick of Mormon

Finch Family Games

Hatch Patch

In His Image (ages 5-7)

L.D.S. Notebooking Booklets (free downloads)
Book of Mormon

Early / Easy Readers

Learning to Read Using the Book of Mormon

Learn to Read Using the Book of Mormon Reader

The Friend Magazine

LDS-Notebooking TPT Store

Resources for Teaching Youth the Scriptures and Doctrine:

2016 LDS.org Curricula
Book of Mormon Study Guide

The Golden Plates Comic Book

For the Strength of Youth

Church Youth Theme for 2015

Preach My Gospel lessons

Academic Curriculum Created by LDS People:

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Melissa Cloud’s TPT store

Krista Wallden’s TPT store

Melonheadz TPT store

Confessions of a Homeschooler
Grade-Level Packages

Joy School (Preschool)

Other Resources

A Thomas Jefferson Education

The Helpful Garden (free Montessori Printables)

Facebook group for Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who Homeschool

Note: If YOU have a curriculum or resource that would fit into any of these lists, and want yours included here, I would be happy to add it. Please send me a message! Thanks!


LDS Homeschooling Northern Utah fb page

L.D.S. Visiting Message Printables 2015

LDS VT Printable July 2015


This is a story about Superheroes in Mormon-filled Utah, and about my breastfeeding in public, in front of men, uncovered.

I breastfed uncovered in public in front of men for the first time yesterday. I am an endowed, active member of the church. I want to explain why I did this yesterday so that you may understand.

Two weeks ago, I spent 48 hours in Primary Children’s Medical Center with my “failure to thrive” underweight baby. It was awful. It was rough. He even had to feed with a tube down his nose for one whole, long sleepless night.

Because breastmilk is so important to me, I learned to pump and that is what I do now, most of the time. Baby needs to use fewer calories to get his milk, and my milk supply goes up. He formula feeds, on top of whqt I give him. Yesterday’s outing with my family of 8 was all planned out. I brought the bottles, the formula, the electric pump and the manual pump. I brought my cover-up, too.

We went to ride the tram at Snowbird. When we arrived, I forgot I needed to pump milk right then, or lose my milk supply and not have as much the next day. I also might get a breast infection, which means fever, pain and throwing up. But I had forgoten, so we got our tickets, which took much time, and rode up on the tram.

Upon arrival at the top, we heard the announcement that in 20 minutes, we’d be going back down. My brain calculator figured things out. I was supposed to have pumped 45 minutes before. A 20 minute wait to go back down would follow a 10 minute ride down.

Our underweight baby also had to eat. We had the formula and bottles in the van. A walk back to the van and set up time to start pumping would follow one breast waiting for its turn with the manual pump. My breasts felt full and they needed emptying. My husband would have to hike 15 minutes back to a place to get warm water to make a bottle of formula (add 5 minutes). Then it would take him 15 minutes to get back. The manual pump, the cover-up and the electric pump were way down the mountainside in the van. All of this calculating, I did rather fast. I did not even figure a total. I just knew that there was only one good solution.

So feeling like a brave superhero mom fighting for her baby in extenuating circumstances, I asked my husband to hand me the baby. I turned away from the crowd. I pulled up my modest shirt, exposing my breast and my garments to the beautiful cliff and mountains, and put my baby’s mouth over my nipple. He started eagerly sucking. My family and I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and then it was time to go back and get on the tram.

I turned and started hiking while breastfeeding in public, uncovered, in front of about 13ish men, and many women and children. The men were all heroes to me, all acting like it was not noticed, averting eyes, then speaking as if they had not noticed me, about other things, to their wives, girlfriends, children and grandchildren. The women who felt uncomfortable were also heroes, by holding their tongues and not giving judging looks. What heroes. They probably felt uncomfortable, but it did not show, if they did.

Thank you, all of you on that Snowbird tram, for not saying anything rude to me. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you so much for making it no big deal! You are all superheroes to me, and you make me want to cry from gratitude!

None of these people knew my backstory. None of you know any woman’s backstory, when seeing her feeding in public, exposed. I encourage you to be superheroes, like those in my story. I encourage you to find out a woman’s backstory, and, even then, let the true Judge, be her judge. That is not you. That is Jesus Christ.

I share this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.