Our 2016-17 Reasons For Homeschooling 

Our reasons change every year. I wanted to put down our new reasons for this academic year, from all of us combined.

Reasons for the Kids


I homeschool now and it’s fun. (My siblings) went to public school and they did not like it. (Sibling) said it is like a prison and my public-schooled friends say it is like a prison. We have co-ops and I get to play with my friends. We get to have potluck breakfasts and I get to play with my cousins because they are homeschooled. I don’t really know–I just like homeschooling. I like to learn about the human body and math and cursive. I really like math. I like fractions, times, division, plus and subtraction. I like all of them. I like learning spelling. I like the Old Testament.


There won’t be bullies there so they won’t hit me. If my siblings bully me or hit me, I can find a room to lock me in. In school the bully might sit … near you. But its better in homeschool, you can sit wherever you want, not where the teacher wants you to sit. Your mom will know which grade you are in. (I like learning) how to write, learning how to trace, learning how to sound out the words. Favorite things to learn about: Gravity, science, building (I have tools). 


(I like learning) how to read and playing with the blue sand.* I like the blue sand because it’s very soft. Learning DVDs. 

*The blue sand is for learning montessori stylel how to write letters and numbers, while at the same time repeating the short vowel or most-used consonant sound of the letter.

My Reasons for Continuing to Homeschool

  • I love teaching my own children. It feels like a new and fun hobby. I love that it gets to be me and not someone else. I love that my kids come to me with questions and trust me with their educations. I love seeing their eyes light up when they learn.
  • We have a big library which is expanding every year. We are loaded with DVD curricula, games, books, textbooks, workbooks and supplies of all kinds. We even have a homeschool room now, which I love having!  I did do it without one for a few years, but it is nice to have one. We still learn and do assignments all over the house, but it is nice to have a place to put things in to keep life organized.
  • I love that my kids just get to live life with freedom. They do not have to sit in an assigned seat, sit still, be quiet and only speak when they raise their hand and are called upon. They not have to line up for lunch and march through the halls to lunch. They do not have to line up to leave the house. They do not have to ask permission to use the potty or get a healthy snack or drink. 
  • I love that when other kids are in school, my kids learn from repair prossionals, real estate professionals, lanscape professionals, servers at restaurants, fast food workers, store clerks, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, museum guides, visual artists of the community, people in care centers, poeple giving service in the community, wildlife rehabilitators, actors, musicians and more. I am far from being their only teacher.
  • I love that my kids can learn to do home repair, yard work, cooking, meal planning, shopping, housecleaning, decluttering, building, landscaping, tree olanting, composting, gardening and many more life skills, during the day and in the evening.
  • I love that we can talk about our religious beliefs unhindered my social expectations. We can talk about God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, the Bible, the Book of Mormon and our Prophets and Apostles, all day long. We do not have to teach every religion equally. We d not have to equally exclude all religions. 
  • I love that when there is a problem understanding a concept being taught that we can turn to God in prayer, trust Him, have faith in Him, and ask Him for help. I love that He always does help!
  • I know Heavenly Father told me to homeschool and told my husband to trust me to nurture and educate our children.
  • I know homeschooling works. Even though it seems impossible, with God, it is possible.
  • I love being with my kids, spending time with them and getting to know them. I love that they get more time with me and with my husband. I love that they get more time with each other and get to be together all day on most days.
  • I love that I know them and can figure out the best ways each of my kids learn. I get to know them more each week. Their interests are always changing and I feel like I always can be there to watch them change and grow. I get to teach them the ways each of them learn best.
  • I have the freedom and the responsibility to hire others to teach my children. I choose their teachers myself. 
  • I get to be the one that teaches my children about social things like learning, religious values and the ten commandments, service, kindness, respect for people of all ages no matter their age, respect for poeple of all religions and cultures and races, reading, exercise, research, making friends, determination, being honest, hard work, etiquette, standing up for themselves, being assertive and being polite. They do not learn it from kids their ages in a public school. 
  • I do not have to wait for quarterly parent, student, teacher conference to find out how my child is doing or wait for the end of semester or end of level test because I know what they are understanding and learning every day. If I want to have a more formal assessment or testing for them, thye are free online and available, or available for a small price.  can assess them myself sometimes, too, with my own verbal quizzing.
  • I can be creative with how and what I have them learn. I can also be spontaneous. I can change the way we do things at anytime.  can come up with a new system or routine at will. I do not need approval from a bureaucracy.
  • My kids are taught about our founding fathers, liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, government, civics and world history with books, field trips and curricula I choose. Their curricula is carefully selected and edited for truth to be taught. My kids d see socialist indoctrination, but because I point things out to them and they have been taught the truts, they can spot indoctrination even when I am not there, and tell me about it.
  • I know what is on the tests I give my kids. I know before the test and after the test, what the content of the test is.

Our New 2015-16 Reasons For Homeschooling

Our reasons change every year. I wanted to put down our new reasons for this academic year, from all of us combined.

Reasons for the Kids

     Mom teaches us the gospel and we can trust her because we know she believes what we believe. The kids get to help teach each other academics. We can be with our siblings more. Mom and dad went to the temple together and Heavenly Father told them to homeschool. We get to do math and spelling! We get to do L.I.F.E. School, which is fun! At home, we get to eat whatever we want because everything we like is at our house. We can actually be the ones who make the stuff. We want to learn to make stuff. We get to play with legos when it’s recess time instead of only on the playground. We can play outside or with legos. We get to take naps at recess time so we won’t be tired. We can see mom. We can draw more. We can see our parents. We get our own library. We don’t have to carry a heavy backpack around. We can color more. We get to do lots more things! There is more time with mom. If there is bullying, then mom is there to stop it. There is nobody we don’t know. If there are, we are meeting them with mom there. Everyone in our homeschool has the same religion. We can learn about Jesus during the daytime every day. Jesus wants us to learn His gospel. We like to learn math and reading and writing at other places and at home. Mom wants us to do good stuff and clean the house so it will be so shiny and so people will like our house. We want to read and write our letters. We like learning on field trips. We want to count one two three four five. 


“Sacrament Meeting,” by The Jackson kids, 2015

Mom’s and Dad’s Reasons

     We know God wants us to do this. He has guided us to do LDS Homeschooling. He guides us daily to know what to work on next and how to place our focus. We teach them the way we want them to be taught. We get to preserve love of learning. We get to teach them our religion and to understand, love and obey God. We get to preserve liberty by teaching them about liberty. We get to teach them academics to their levels, to all of them at the same time and in a way that does not make them feel inferior or superior to others, and which keeps their happiness and self-love healthy. We get to help the kids avoid tests, overwork, pressure and negative peer and teacher influences or abuses. The kids get to make friends and hang out with friends on their own terms and on our terms, and the friendships are more genuine and good because of this. We get to do learning field trips as a family a lot more than we’d otherwise get to. We get to set our own standards and parameters for every subject. If something is not working, we can change and fix it immediately and there is no red tape or beaurocracy involved. We have no convincing of others to do to change things—We just change them. We are accustomed to each other and nobody has to adjust to a new teacher. The teacher is mom and she loves the kid the way a teacher would not because she is their mother. Homeschool is a safer environment. There’s not as much testing. There’s more individual attention for each child. We also disagree with new nationwide standards.