LDS General Conference Notes Printable

After a frustrating search for a note-taking General Conference Printable for primary children, youth and adults who wish to take more extensive full-page general conference notes about each talk, I created this to share with all. I hope many people benefit from it! Enjoy listening to or watching the Prophet, Apostles, Leaders and the Relief Society, Young Womens, Primary, Priesthood, Young Mens, Sunday School officers of the church in 2016 and beyond! This will work for any year.

Free Full-Page General Conference Note-Taking Printable

General Conference Notes Lisa Jackson Design

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New Friends & Homework!

I just paid for League of Utah Writers, Blue Quill Chapter. Last night, Blue Quill President, Chase, said he’d like to focus on not alienating the new writers (like me). He gave me homework (YES! That’s just what I needed)! I am to write 12,000 words (5 pages) and bring them next month. I am so excited to do my homework! I am sad that I will not be able to go to Absolutely Write meetings anymore because it is the same night as Relief Society (Women’s Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I will miss my Absolutely Write friends and all I learned there. I am happy to make new friends in the Blue Quill Chapter!