Summary & Notes from “Education 2030 Incheon Declaration & Framework for Action,” 1 of 2 posts

Lifelong learning (baby day care from birth, preschool, k-12 and adult lifelong education)

gender equality

ensure all children are in school

global citizenship

Themes (essential for peace, tolerance, human fulfilmnet and sustainable development): 

  • human rights and dignity (dignity means die with dignity, which means euthanization or starvation to death for the elderly)
  • social justice
  • inclusion (this means no religious freedom)
  • protection (by the New World Order, from activists like me who blog like this)
  • cultural diversity
  • linguistic diversity
  • ethnic diversity
  • shared responsibility (worldwide communist-fascist communitarian tyrannical Government)
  • accountability

Take money from first world countries to give to third world countries to implement this world order, improve their indoctrinating schools, etc. (Impementing Our Common Agenda, 14, 15)

Comprehensive national monitoring and evalutation throug data collected, Improve data collection ( Implementing Our Common Agenda, 18)

All children, young people and adults will become responsible global citizens and will be on the right side of change!

“We need every child in school and learning,” Anthony Lake, Executive Director, UNICEF


  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Gender Equality
  • Women’s Empowerment

(Statements of the Heads of the WEF 2015 Convening Agencies)

“…Education can accelerate progress towards the achievement of all of the SDG’s…” (Sustainable Development Goals)

Children need skills necessary to live in a world which is more:

  • secure
  • sustainable
  • intedependent
  • knowledge-based
  • technology-driven

Education will have to take into account “multiple dimensions of human existnce,” in “promoting democracy and human rights and enhancing global citizenship, tolerance and civic engagement, as well as sustainable development (I.A.6).” This means places of worship, homes and group meetings will be monitored, too.

“enabling girls and women, empowering them economically…saves the lives of millins of mothers and children…essential element of efforts t reduce malnutrition.” (I.A.6)

I.A10: “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women,” and “full development of the human personality and promote mutual understanding, tolerance, friendship and peace” (This cannot happen where the government is not in complete control of homes, families, education. group gatherings, the media and religion).

“Realistic intermediate benchmarks and stepping stones should be set at the national level…”and “…education content, approaches  structures and funding strategies…” (I.A.19)

“Education and training opportunities must be ensured (by) cross-sector approaches traversing education, science and technology, family, employment, industrial and economic development, migration and integration, citizenship, social welfare and public fincance policies…”

I Am Pro-Sustainability.

I am Pro-Sustainability. This is how.

I am all for the Sustainability of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I am all for the Sustainability of freedom and liberty, via preservation of our Constitutional Republic.

I am all for sustaining Christianity.

I am all for sustainability of the natural family unit.

I am all for preserving our beliefs in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost for future generations, so that they, also, can enjoy those sustained benefits we helped preserve in their culture and belief systems by watching over them now.

I am all for the sustainability of life, including those who cannot work or even care for themselves and those who have not yet been born.

I am Pro-U.S. Sovereignty. I want U.S. Sovereignty to be sustainable.

I believe in the sustainability of history. I think if we stop teaching our kids what has been learned from history, that we are not sustaining the biggest tool that could be in their toolbelt.

I believe in sustaining good education and learning. I believe in passing down from generation to generation, all that we have learned and all of our wisdom, so that those who come after us can also have the knowledge and wisdom we gained. 

For this, I believe books must be sustainable. We must preserve books for future generations.

I believe in the sustainabitity of trees, plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. For these  carbon dioxide must be in the air, because that is what plants use (along with the sun) to do photosynthesis.

Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Candidate, Speaking in Utah 2016

Attention, Northern Utah Constitution Party members! Presidential Candidate 2016 Darrell Castle (Constitution Party) is speaking at the Hope Community Center in Roy, Utah September 30 at 6:30 p.m. 

Hope Community Center: 5051 S. 2000 W. in Roy, UT, South side entrance, upstairs. Limited seating. Come early.

If you are from no political party or any political party, you are welcome. We want everyone from Northern Utah to vote for Darrell Castle! Come, and after his speech, he will answer questions. Darrell Castle loves the U.S. Constitution. He is Pro-Life (anti-abortion). He wants to end the U.S. being part of the Federal Reserve, Agenda 21 and the United Nations. In short, he is everything the most politically conservative of people want. You may access the Constitution Party platform here and Constitution Party Key Issues Beliefs here. You may access Darrell Castle’s Platform here.

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For more about Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21st Century) and Agenda 2030 (what the 2030 goals really mean), read about it here from the Post Sustainability Institute.

NeverTrumpers leaving the GOP should Vote For Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle on why he is running. He explains that he knows that with God’s help, he can win. He tells us that within a few months the freedoms we’ve had even as far back as the Magna Carta, will be lost to the entire world (not just the U.S.A.). His win is our ONLY chance at true freedom and liberty.

     His win is the only way to keep our nation out of the New World Order. With God’s help and ours, yes, he CAN win this election. I still believe in the power of miracles. I still believe in the power of prayer. Darrell Castle is our only hope! To all of you who are waiting for Jesus to come and be our political Savior, I say to you, was that not what the Jews wanted way back when? Were they not angry that He came not as a political savior? I know Jesus is coming. I also know He would not want us to vote for any other candidate for president and that until Jesus is here, we are responsible for our own vote. We will not answer to peer pressure or political parties at judgement day. We will answer to Jesus for our 2016 vote at judgement day.  If you wish to vote for Jesus, go ahead. Think of a way to explain on jugdement day why you thought He would represent our nation from 2017 to 2021. Maybe He will understand. 

The Freedom’s Light Festival 2016

The Freedom’s Light Festival

September 15-16, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

at Bountiful Park in Bountiful, Utah


The Freedom’s Light Festival is Sept. 15-16, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please attend one of the hours of day or night you can spare. These fesitivities celebrate Constitution Day (September 17th).

The events are open house style with the exception of the late-night programs. These are very important for learning about our history, our liberty, the founding fathers and mothers of our country, the original 13 colonies and their plight, the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution (includng the Bill of Rights).

The events with the exception of the late night program are for adults, youth and children. There is food available to purchase, but not much of it, so please eat before or bring a sack lunch or dinner. There are boweries to use.

This is worth even a ton of petroleum and time in order to come to it! It is amazing: Extremely fun for children and full of learning for all ages! and you will love that you came! Bring your children or grandchildren! Invite everyone who loves the U.S. Constitution! Plan on at least 2 hours, but to get through all of it you will need more like 4. If you cannot spare but one hour and live as close as or closer than within 30 minutes, it is worth your time! 

Spread the word to all who love God and Liberty!

Darrell Castle For U.S. President!

I wanted to re-state my position. Even with the new candidate trying to grab votes away from Trump and Clinton in who knows what party, I still support and will vote for Darrell Castle for President. Darrell Castle is against Agenda 21 and wants to get the U.S. out of the United Nations. Darrell Castle does not believe in foreign trade agreements which, in the wording of the treaties, trump the U.S. Constitution as the word of law. Darrell believes in U.S. Sovereinty and Independence, the only safeguards for the U.S. Constitution and liberty.

He is a member of the Constitution Party, which has a platform that is beautiful. I encourage you to read the Constitution Party platform.

I encourage you to read Darrell Castle’s stands on the issues, his bio and his platform. Read about his running mate, Scott Bradley, as well.

Darrell Castle for U.S. President Web Site

Propogandizing Pearson-made Online Language Arts Assignment

This was posted online:

“I’m going to add kindle to the fire here and add the exact assignment which was the catalyst for all my research against Common Core. It was an online “Vocabulary” assignment (through pearsonsuccessnet) given last year, in CSD, to my fourth grader. I think it fits well in this thread of comments. Pure manipulation of a young mind: indoctrination at it’s best!”

O.k., First of all, what does this have to do with Language arts vocabulary teaching?

Second, why do we need a child to suggest to our child’s mind, that the government (they mean the federal government) should take on the responsibility if making sure everyone can read and write? Why does this not happen to be a girl thinking of an idea to have mothers and fathers make sure this happens? (Of course! They are too stupid and weak–sorry! I have forgotten this, here. Silly me!) Why does this not happen to be a girl thinking of writing a letter to her neighbor, to ask her neighbor to go volunteer in her local school to teach kids to read? (Oh, I know! That would maybe show less dependence on the feds– oopsy, we cannot have that!) It would maybe give some power and responsibility to local school districts and local adults read projects, instead of giving the power and responsibility to the feds. (Again, oopsy, that would not help with the propoganda goals!)

Third, um, you were studying the Constitution and thought of this idea. Yeah, when we were kids and studied the Constitution, I remember reading that one part where it makes me think of how the feds need to make sure everyone knows how to read and write. What part of the Constitution were your studying which made you come up with this, out of the blue, dear invented child?

As if!

Oh, and lest we forget, this is a LANGUAGE ARTS lesson!

*Special Note: Online lessons sometimes given to kids who do work online from home. Beware, homeschooling parents! This is an online lesson kids do from home! Watch out for things like this on your own computer screen at home!


3 “Powers” for Checks & Balances Were Once 4 (b)

Most of us were taught that the 3 branches of government are the checks and balances given by the constitution. Most do not know that the 4th power of the checks and balances was intended to remain with the States. Ammendment X states: “The powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

At the Constitution’s creation, the 13 colonies had their own governments, currency, tariffs, and laws, and had been founded by unique groups. They knew that under one strong Federal Power, the people would lose too many rights. They’d have a government just like Great Britain’s. After a lot of fighting, the reason they DID come to an agreement was because the majority of the power would remain with the states.

Now the Federal Government is trading us money, protection and Federal programs, for States’ Rights! One of these trades is the Common Core Curriculum. The Federal Government has the minds of the future of this nation, to mold, and that will affect all of us!