Propoganda in 7th Grade Language Arts

Someone posted this picture of her 7th grade daughter’s homework online. Please make note of numbers 2, 7, 9 and 10. This is Social Studies political indoctrination for English homework.

2 may appear to just be an opinion, but they inserted this opinion on purpose, for social indoctrination. Why does this have to be used to teach verbs?

7: When I was a kid, we were taught to respect the right to bear arms being part of the Constitution and were taught about its revolutionary war beginnings, and its reason for being put in the Constitution, instead of taught that it is an “issue.” They have put this here on purpose, so that kids in 7th grade can think that this is an evil part of the Constitution that must be taken out. Why is it important to teach verbs this way?

9: The wildlands project is very real and happening now. The wildlands project is placing wild animals (such as lions, but also including wolves, bears, rattlesnakes, alligators, sea lions to attract sharks, etc.) back in their native habitats and coming with laws about not shooting them, not even in self defense. This project puts “green” and “earth” before humans and in my opinion, is part of putting earth before God, which bothers me because it violates the commandment, “Thou shalt have no other God before me.” You may not see it, but I do. This does not show a fear of a rampant (wild, uncontrolled, not in a zoo, free) lion, but talks about how glorious and awesome a rampant (wild, uncontrolled, not in a zoo, free) lion is to see. Why are they needing this to be part of teaching verbs, again?

10: This is part of their awesome goal to divide and conquer (divide parents and their children). Their goal here is for the child to see their parents as financially weak. (This is so that later, they can come in and promise this stuff to your child, stuff the parents cannot give the child). If you look closely at the homework of your own kids, you may see inserted, a love of, a respect for, a duty to, and a dependence upon, community, instead of to siblings, parents and grandparents.

These things are all subtle, but if you look carefully, they will be found in your own child’s/ student’s/ grandchild’s school work. It will be with the Language Arts work. It is propoganda.

Awesome, eh?