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Personalized, Home Made Story Problems

Personalized, Home Made Story Problems

My son was very pleased when I made this very personalized (to his interests) worksheet for him. I should do this again. This was way back in September!

I think of things like this, when people say you can homeschool for free. Well, you really can’t, BUT I did start homeschooling with only what I had on hand, and I started just like this. I started by making home made worksheets, by hand, with paper and a pencil. It worked out great. Sometimes, I go back to that, although it is easier just to grab a ready made worksheet from each subject, for each of my kids, and put it in the file folder labeled “for tomorrow.”

Montessori Pink words set 2

Montessori Pink words set 2

I made this 2nd set because my daughter had mastered the 1st set I made. She did very well and I am afraid she will breeze through it, soon. I went to to find out what to do next. I printed a bunch of stuff. I cut some of it out. I need more white printer cardstock now. I use so much for montessori stuff. I love the montessori method. It seems to work, even though I don’t follow it fully.

I also decided we’ll do 2 pages in our Discover The Book of Mormon Books, each day, instead of 1. I feel we are moving too slowly through it. I love it. It teaches the kids so much and teaches me so much, too. It rocks. I highly recommend it.

I have decided to stop posting homeschool stuff on Facebook, except for other homeschool families to see. I think people get the wrong impressions about homeschool, and I’d rather give them no impressions at all, than the wrong ones.

Ogden Temple, November of 2010

Ogden Temple, November of 2010

“Ogden Temple, November of 2010” linocut, ed. 3/40 by Lisa C. Jackson, 2012 -Prints are $82.70 including sales tax.

Local Organized T-Ball

Local Organized T-Ball