The Husband’s Role in Homeschooling

August 27, 2015 § 2 Comments

“I could never do that!” I have hear this many times. I have also heard, “I would not have the patience.” I have heard, “I am not organized enough.” My husband is my teammate in this journey of homeschooling and he is just as much involved in this as I am. What does he do to make homeschooing work? 

  • He does much of the shopping.
  • He does much of the housework.
  • He does much of the cooking and meal preparation.
  • He does much of the laundry work.
  • He often helps the children with “homeschool learning assignment completion” each evening.
  • He supports me emotionally when I am falling apart.
  • He discusses with me and helps me find solutions to, our daily issues with each child and incident.
  • He does not complain.
  • He does not push me to send the kids back to public school.
  • He encourages me to go to retreats, homeschool conferences and meetings with other homeschool moms. When I do go, he is a great dad for the kids and does not complain.
  • He does not complain about the messiness of the house.
  • He makes sure others know the truth about our homeschooling journey. He does not let others belittle me and lets them know he is with me 100% on this. Many come to him with the myths about homeschooling, too.
  • He understands and usually lets me have my way when I need him to take me on a date “right now” or when I need him to buy dinner out this night.
  • He lets us use money from the budget for the expenses of homeschooling and does not complain.
  • He sees family memberships for learning field trips as necessities and sees why I prefer he go with me on  many of our field trips on weekends, which makes my life easier.

August Stock-Up Sales! Yay!

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We started Homeschool officially on Wednesday of last week. Today is Tuesday, so tomorrow will make a week that we have been at it. We have done L.I.F.E. School and Discover the Old Testament. We have not started math yet. We will ease in gradually and add more every couple of weeks. I have been buying books and supplies year round as needed, but last night we bought numerous homeschooling supplies on sale for really great prices. I am so happy! Yesterday we bought…

…at Costco:

  • 18 pack of Expo dry erase markers (for 2 whiteboards)
  • 250 pack of Avery sheet protectors (for spelling lists to learn, scriptures to memorize, articles of faith to memorize, poems to memorize, hymns to memorize, math challenges, my recipe books, and many other things to post and learn)
  • Scotch tape dispenser with 12 extra big rolls of tape (for taping the above sheets to walls)
  • 144 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (because all other pencils are made so cheaply that they are constantly  having the leads break inside of the pencil, and these are high quality, made well and very durable). ShopKo:

    • 14 70 ct. spiral notebooks (for note-taking, lists, math and stories to write and illustrate).
    • 1 pk. 8 pk. Crayola washable classic markers (I would have bought more but, sadly, that was all they had left. We use markers for coloring pictures in Discover the Old Testament, Discover the Book of Mormon and for posters, signs around the house, cardmaking and sundry miscellaneous purposes.)
    • 5 Crayola kids’ watercolor sets (we love watercoloring)!
    • 1 pack of 120 ct. Crayola crayons (More colors are better. We use these for pre-school, kindergarten and church.)
    • new underwear (They are on sale at this time. Why not!?! The kids were very excited about these!)

      …at Macey’s:

      • 6 packs of 150 ct. wide ruled filler paper

           With the next budget, there will be shopping trips for clothing and shoes. Now is the time to get all of this on sale!

      Planning for the Week August 17, 2015

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      I am highlighting and marking for this week. I usually do this at night, but I was too busy Saturday night and last night. I am doing it in the morning this time instead, because of that. I definitely prefer it at night when the kids are asleep and I can think about it and it is calm. The kids keep interrupting me. 
           There are going to be many weeks like this, I know, when things do not work out as I would prefer them to, in a perfect scenario, but life is not perfect and we have to enjoy the blessings we have. I have to remember what it was like not to have lesson plans before me that I just have to read, make “notes to self in,” highlight and mark.


      August 13 2015

      August 13, 2015 § 2 Comments

      Today after showering and eating breakfast, I worked with two of the kids on simple phonics reading. I like that I can teach 2 at once. Then an older child took over and started teaching them to read while I kept care of little one. I worked on the pot luck item for our picnic with other families (moms and kids) in our ward. For lunch, we went to have a picnic with them at the church bowery. They will start their kids in public school soon. It was great to see others during the day! I loved the break from homeschooling! I love socializing!

      I have been trying to get hold of the owner of Life School LDS Curriculum. She is in desperate need of more employees, or maybe some honesty. My sister and I just do not believe her when she says she will have our printed curriculum to us on this or that day at this or that time. I wish she were more honest. I am upset. I was under the impression that I would have access to all of these things online, which I do not have access to. She keeps telling me it is a problem with my computer or internet connection, but that is not true. The links just do not work because nothing is there. I feel I was cheated. I paid a full $2600 for the curriculum over a year ago. I do not have access to the things I was told I would have access to. I am frustrated. I ordered a printed version because I cannot get it to work so that I can print it myself. I thought if I ordered a printed version, I would not have to worry about getting the links to work. Sadly, ordering the printed version means nothing. I fear I will never get it.

      I also printed a few units of the Discover the Old Testament Grades 4-7. I am excited to use that with Life School Year one. I have long loved Discover the Scriptures. It is a great part of our homeschool.

      L.I.F.E. School Retreat 2015-16

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      L.I.F.E. School Retreat this year was fabulous. I am so glad Patti did it! Here is my journal-style post about it. 

           I almost had to go to the retreat without my close friends. However, Patti had last minute cancellations. She needed 3 people to take the spots of the cancellations for free. I spent a whole day and then some, calling people by phone, chatting on facebook messenger, awaiting answers to different questions and arranging things. It was time consuming yet a bit fun and exciting. To my kids, it was a day with a busy mother. They hated it. I did not like being a mother less involved with my kids that day, either. 

           We drove and had no time for lunch before it started. I was not feeling hungry yet because I’d had Quaker High Fiber Oatmeal for breakfast. It is very filling. I got there and went to sit in the back and set up my pump. I pumped for the first 20 minutes after arriving. I am very glad there was an outlet in the back near a bench for me to use for pumping breastmilk. I listened in and do not remember much from the very beginning except that They were about how wonderful it is to teach kids this way. ai agreed with every word.

           Then I went to sit down and I paid attention better. Patti told her story. it was really good. I loved hearing and knowing her backstory. She had her son in public school, to homeschool, to homeschooling neighbor kids, to 
      L.I.F.E. School Facebook Group

      What Bird is This? Fairview Utah August 2015

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      Making “Learning and Improvement” Photos For 2015-16 Academic Year

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      In pondering the beginning of a new academic year for our family, my daughter and I created signs to photograph each child for the beginning of the year like so many moms do when sending thier kids to school. You will not see them here because I do not post photos, ages or names of my kids here. Here is a photo of the backdrop! 



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