Vegan at the Cracker Barrel

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Vegan at the Cracker Barrel seem a bit impossible? Well, I did it last night. Of course, I had to have the manager come out and arrange special things for me and discuss what things are vegan.

It turns out they cook their sprouts with ham, their pinto beans have ham in them, they cook most of their veggies and even their rice in beef broth, and much more. At least they were honest!

However, I ordered a garden salad which has a vegan dressing, a plain baked potato, corn with no margarine and a fresh seasonal fruit dish. The  at the last minute, she mentioned that one manager she knew was vegan and loved their granola (which they usually put on the yogurt). That sounded great, so I ordered that (no yogurt).

My faves were the garden salad, baked potato and granola. The granola had dried berries, oatmeal and almonds. It was delicious and seemed very healthy. The baked potato was huge and the garden salad was so yummy. I used some of the dressing that was for the salad, for my baked potato. I also added a bit of salt and a bit of pepper to it.

So you can eat vegan there. I sent them a comment on their website thanking them for being hospitable and helpful (some restaurants aren’t). I also asked them to have a “special diets” section in their menu with a “vegan” subsection. I asked them for veggie and rice options without butter or beef broth. I suggested they cook rice in vegetable broth.

Afraid to Let the Wild Eagle Go

April 19, 2016 § 1 Comment

I have the chance to do a great amount of writing this weekend. I am starting to get sick. I feel nauseous. I have a headache. My stomach is in a knot. I am so afraid to do this great amount of writing. I am so afraid. I have to figure out why so here it goes.

The crazy of it is, I have no idea what I am afraid of. I feel the way I have felt whenever something I really want to accomplish is out there waiting for me to do it. When I was on the swimteam, I had to relieve my bladder right before it was my heat. I guess that is it. I am just nervous because I know I can do it and what if I can? Then what? It might change my life. That is scary. I think I am afraid to succeed at this. I am afraid of being a good writer. Why? This feels like therapy. If I am a good writer and my book is a success, then I will stand out. Am I afraid to stand out? Maybe so. Why? I feel like I do not deserve it. There are people who are much better people than me. Who am I to be so conceited to think I can write a book for others to see what is in my mind? Do I think my mind is better than theirs? Maybe theirs is better than mine. Maybe they should write. But they don’t. Someone has to write this. Only I can write this because it is mine and nobody else can write this. It is unique and it is in my heart and soul. It wants to share itself with the world. I cannot stop it from doing that. I must let it be heard. This is like trapping a wild bald eagle and not letting her out to soar. That is not right. I cannot trap a majestic eagle. I cannot trap these ideas in my brain. But yet here with me the eagle is safe. What if she gets hurt out there? 
I have to give her a chance.

Lisa Jackson’s Homeschool ABC’s

April 16, 2016 § 2 Comments

This idea came from the post I have a link to at the end.

A is for accuracy, especially in history and civics. Our learning is not trickery and brainwashing by the government.

B is for Books, a whole library full of them, and my kids reading like crazy all the time.

C is for creating my own curriculum out of many different resources.

D is for all the vitamin D my kids get from being out in the sun year round.

E is for empathy. I love that my kids are always learning empathy.

F is for Finding answers immediately and not having to wait until “after school” when they’d have forgotten what their question was.

G is for God and for Goodness. My kids learn a lot about God and in my opinion, are good kids.

H is for Happiness. Homeschooling brings a lot of happiness to our family.

I is for watching the intellect and intelligence of my children grow day by day and hour by hour.

J is for Jackson family academy. We love that it is truly ours and run by us.

K is for the kindness my kids learn by being with their family most of the time.

L is for the Love we feel for and give each other daily.

M is for mom. I am a mom first and a teacher second to my kids. I am not a schoolteacher first and falling in love with kids every year, only to have them move on and go to a different teacher the next year. I know schoolteachers love their students in a way because my parents were schoolteachers. However, I know there is a big difference. I have known my kids since they were born and I am the same mom teacher every year. They don’t have to adjust to a new teacher every year and neither do I. I do not have to adjust to new students every year and can continue constantly. 

N is for how Never Again do I have to send my 5 year old off to kindergarten and hear him say, “Mommy, I don’t want to go. I want to stay with YOU!”

O is for One-ness with God. As a homeschool mom, I feel like God is my only boss. I try to be one with Him by asking Him often, “what shall I do next with my kids?”

P is for my kids getting the chance to discover and work on their personal Passions nearly all the time.

Q is for how Quickly your kids will bounce back into “being themselves” after you start homeschooling.

R is for running around in the back yard.

S is for the the simple life that homeschooling will give you. (I am not saying it is easy.)

T is for time. I love how much more time I have with my kids in homeschooling. I love that I get to keep them and they get to keep me. I do not have to send them away. I love that I see them all day every day. I know people think they could not do it because they would go insane. They just need to try it. It is not awful as they think it will be. It is wonderful!

U is for always moving upward and never being given busywork.

V is for the extra vibrancy my kids have because they can be themselves all the time and can choose their own paths.

W is for wistfully day-dreaming and not being interrupted in the daydreams by a ringing bell.

X is for Xylophone. What else can I put? We have one!

Y is for the yearning my kids have constantly to learn more.

Z is for Zenith. There is a Zenith to homeschooling. It is the journey of learning that we love and live everyday. It is not an end of learning called graduation.

Our Homeschool ABC’s

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This is a re-blog. I love this list and idea!

“I’ve always wanted to make a homeschool ABC list! But instead of a how-to-homeschool list, this is a benefits and blessings list and my kids contributed. A is for Anytime, Anywhere, Anything goes! Unlike public school, homeschooling takes place anytime of the day, anywhere inside or outside (in the real world!) and anything goes as far as the […]”

“One” Video

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Spreading Myself Too Thin

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Today a new book arrived. It addresses decluttering and minimalism in a very different way. It helps me put my priorities in place so that I know what to focus my life and my time on. I read today about how my issue is that I pass a bundle on the shelf and decide not to deal with it today. The author is telling me this is because I am being indecisive. I do not want to decide because deciding is too hard.

I am spreading myself too thin in that there are too many things I have decided to love enough to keep around. I am spreading my time and hobbies too thin because of indecisiveness about what is most important in my life.

Yup. I am going to learn how to decide what is most important to me. The book is called, “Make Room for What You Love.” It is by Melissa Michaels. 

What We Should Learn From the Paris Attacks

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This is a “re-blog,” which means I am sharing someone else’s post. Great advice. I must add this. offers free first aid and cpr classes online. I took the first one. It is British, so a bit different if you are used to U.S. stuff. It is great!

“So what do we do? Do we beef up security and make more laws? Obviously Paris, as well as the long list of prior attacks, had this in place and it did nothing. The reality is that you the civilians needs to be prepared to defend yourself and if you are not given that right you need to ask for it. That’s right, whether you like it or not, your opponent has drafted you. You’re not longer a civilian, but an active participant in a war you didn’t do anything to ask for.”


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