Homeschool With Nieces and Nephew

Today I have guests in our homeschool! Our classroom size has grown today! This is exciting and different for my children and for me. We just finished our Life School Lesson, so now the children are working. My nieces and nephew are playing on BigBrainz on the computer. My children are doing their Life School assignments in their books. 

I think this is great for all of them, so I am glad my sister also homeschools. It makes life a little nicer. If you homeschool and nobody in your family does along with you, I urge you to pray for the hearts of your family to soften toward homeschooling. I hope it helps with time! 

Have a great homeschool day and week!

What is a Visioning Meeting?

This is a meeting wherein they present 5 plans. The only correct choice is the one they are not giving you as an option: Freedom and Sovereignty, Keeping the U.S. Constitution intact, and a Constitutional Republic wherein we get to vote for who represents us!

Their plans are all going to be controlled from Bonn, Germany by ICLEI. ICLEI is International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives. Here are details on the vision for 2050 for the U.S. 

This is a plan that they came up with near Provo for Joaquin, before their visioning meeting. The planner came up with the plan for the city. They set up a public hearing for the city residents and did not listen to the residents who were anti-ICLEI. They made sure to get this passed easily and here is the plan:

Plan for Joaquin, Utah This is the VISION 2030 Draft for Joaquin.
Facilitator Plan for Visioning Meeting: Here is a plan for the “facilitators” of the meetings, which are also called “presenters” because, really, they are presenting the plans the APA planner has already made, which are AGENDA 21 and ICLEI approved plans. These plans will all make it so that you are under the control of ICLEI, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. You will have a regional government, representation without voting, representation and taxation with no vote.

Here is another Plan for Visioning: The 3 Day Visioning Meeting

Here are some ideas for how to deal with protestors (who don’t want to be part of the New World Order) at a Visioning Meeting. Read this so you will knwo what tactics they will use on you).

Envision Layton 2050 meeting (Envision Utah web site)

Envision Layton 2050 meeting (Envision Utah web site)

Rosa Koire's Vision and Mine (

Rosa Koire’s Vision and Mine (

What Are Agenda 21 & ICLEI? A Crash Course

Before anything, watch this video. This took place at a city council meeting. This should take place at my city council meeting now that the city wants to make my area part of their city.

City Council Meeting 2012 Santa Rosa, CA
Agenda 21 can make laws. It is not a country or nation. It is a signed treaty document. It is an agenda, a plan. It is a worldwide treaty signed by our government leaders and the leaders of most other governments. You can read the document itself on the internet. ICLEI is the International Counsel on Local Environmental Initiatives. It is an organization run by United Nations to implement Agenda 21 in your local community. Its headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. Because is it s Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), it can be from a foreign country, yet control things in your city, your college, your university, your county, your state’s clean air initiative or the like. Utah cannot make a treaty with Germany. However, Utah Clean Air Act program gets its money and its commands from the Non-Governmental organization in New York City called “the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and from ICLEI, of Bonn Germany (NGO). ICLEI is not all that is included in Agenda 21, but it is one big, giant, scary piece. Of course, all the pieces are scary. ICLEI is something scary which is happening right in your neighborhood which is what makes it really crazy scary. You can kill it in your local area by going to your city counsel meeting, your local University, etcetera, and working really hard at that level.

ICLEI Here you can confirm that headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. You’ll find it. I think they call it a “secretariat.”

Rosa Koire, Agenda 21 and ICLEI expert, said on her web site: “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.—-Rosa Koire”

Tea Party Meeting Speech in California by Rosa Koire, Agenda 21 Expert
Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

How Your Community Is Implementing Agenda 21, Speech by Rosa Koire

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21, You tube

Agenda 21 and Freedom Notes and Stuff

Socialism vs. Capitalism in the U.S.A.

Utah, We Love Thee. Keep Local, Local.
Re-Writing United States History is David Coleman’s Job
I recommend that you read these books:
“Living with Agenda 21: Surrendering Our Freedoms,” by Dr. H. Lawrence Zillmer
“Behind the Green Mask,” by Rosa Koire
“Fabian Freeway,” by Rose Martin

Roy City Wants to Bring The Unincorporated Islands Into Its Loving Arms

Dear Unincorporated Weber County Islands in Roy boundaries:

If they decide to take your property via emanent domainand “justly compensate” you, a land use authority must be consulted by you. Land use authorities are chosen by the ICLEI NGO’s in your areas, like the citiew and towns unified group and by the state of Utah’s group which made pact with ICLEI in 2012. If you want to do any plumbing or electrical work and are in the city of Roy, you will need a permit. If you want a fence, it has to be within regulations. If you wqnt animals then you have to prove thqt you have told the county that you have animals so that it will be zoned correctly. If you do not, it will be zoned residential and you will not get any way to prove that you have always had animals and are “grandfathered in.” Building Permit Information Packet that unincorporated areas do not have to fill out. They also have to fill one out to cut down a tree!

I find this interesting. We could make our own tiny town! We’d be a very small one, but who cares? I have driven through very small cities in Utah deserts before. They are happy with small town life! We could elect our own local residents and make sure they do not let ICLEI in!

This is the contact information for the Redevelopment Agency of Roy City, Utah

This is Roy City’s plan for how the land in the city will be used. Where is your property? What are their plans for your property? You can see on this map! This map is called “Future Land Use Map.”

Look carefully at the map. Do you know that this map is now official? Can you do something about it? Yes, you can. You can hold it up next to the current map and see what they plan to change.

Signs that Agenda 21 is in your Community

Bulldozing Homes described as a boon to the community, which the author says is in desparate need of green space and parks. Oh, my. She has no compassion on those whose homes were foreclosed on so that the city could say they were not worth much and not give the people just compensation for their properties. This will happen in Roy, too, even in nice neighborhoods with nice houses in them.

If you do not want your property to get annexed into Roy City, fill out this appeal form or just send them a letter or an email with your name and address on it. If over 50% do not want to be annexed in a neighborhood, then they will not annex that neighborhood. I warn you that Weber County is also part of ICLEI and Agenda 21, so that, you have to deal with either way!

Here is the curent map with ICLEI labels for zoning:

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I recommend you watch the youtube videos made by this lady when you get on TPT!

The Deep, Dark Abyss vs. The Feast

Just so you know, I did leave the Republican Party 3 years ago, not just barely now. My decision did take much thought and pondering. I know that splitting the conservative vote will not be good for this election, but have decided that the only way to help the Constitution Party to grow so that my children can possibly have a Constitution Party member in office someday when they are old, is for people like me to think of them now. My goal is to increase the percentage for the Constitution Party so that in the 2020 vote, conservatives will feel even better about voting Constitution. That will increase the percentage even more that year. That, in turn, will increase voter confidence for 2024 vote, and so on and so forth. Truly my vote is not for us now, but for the future generations.I feel that we are in a deep, deep, dark abyss. There is food to eat down there. The choices are awful. There is a feast if we can climb out of the abyss, but to everyone, it seems impossible to climb out, so they are eating the nasty food and choosing to stay in the abyss forever. I am climbing out f the abyss very slowly. The Constitution Party members voting for Darrell Castle are those climbing slowly out of the abyss. 

All of us know that for now, it is just about increasing from 3% to 5%, 5% to 8%, 8% to 10% and so forth. We are happy about what we are doing even though it will take many years to get from 5% to 51% to win the election. We know it is the only way to pull our nation out of the deep, dark abyss.