You Do Not Wait 24 Hours To Report Missing Child

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The local police said that you no longer need to wait 24 hours to report a missing child. They say the first 3 hours is the most critical. Notify neighbors, relatives, childrens’ friends’ parents and the police as soon as possible and ask them to look for your child.

Check out the last Paragraph OF THIS PAGE.

What Are We to Do As We Await Jesus’ Second Coming?

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We are spirit children of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Before we came to earth, we witnessed this:

Lucifer’s and Jesus’ Plans Presented. God accepts Jesus’ Plan.
Would it not be great to have Jesus to rule over this world now? How will we know who He is and not follow a false Christ? How will we recognize a false one and know this is not Jesus Christ?

In this day and time, what are we to do? So much is happening that is not good. What are we to do as we await the second coming of Jesus Christ, which will only happen after many terrible things happen and after mush wickedness is allowed on the earth for a great space of time?
The answer is all over the bible. We must listen to the Prophet of God. The Prophet will guide us. 

What is a Prophet?
A video about Amos 3:7 
What do you do when you do not know which of all the churches is the one run by Jesus Christ? Joseph Smith’s story
The History of Jesus’ church on earth
An Introduction to The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

President Thomas S. Monson is Our Prophet, the Prophet of God for Our Day and Time
President Monson, the Prophet, Speaking to Us in April of 2016 about Making Hard But Good Choices
Videos about What We Should Do Now

G.E.D.: 10 College Credits? Really!? That’s Great!

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G.E.D. + CreditScores on G.E.D. [200 possible for each subject test (I think there are 5)]
175-200 means High School Diploma plus up to 10 hrs. of college credit (up to 3 cr. Math, 3 cr. Science, 3 cr. Social Studies and 1 cr. English)

165-174 means High School Diploma plus college readiness
145-164 means High School Diploma
0-144 means you did not pass. You can retake that subject later

Utah Relaxed Homeschool High School 9th Grade Battle Plan

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“Relaxed Homeschool” means sort of halfway between “Unschooling” style and “School at Home” style. I am aware that a marriage between the two styles is impossible. However, my personality makes it work. Sometimes, we go weeks on unschooling style alone. Then I get steam and may have an hour, a few hours or a couple days of “School at Home” style academic stuff. I am not going to tell you that the latter is the most academic, learning-productive, rigorous or challenging. Surprisingly, the former is. I just cannot keep up with it fully as it is a lot of work for the mama. That is why sometimes, I take a break from the rigors of “unschooling” and do some “school at home” style.

I plan to have my child focus on the following for homeschool 9th grade Homeschool High School Early College & College Preparation. Please do not think I will do any of this with my child on a set schedule or routine. We do not work that way here. The exceptions are the following, which are at certain set days and times: Northern Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center volunteering, LDS Seminary, Intermediate Speech & Debate, swim lessons, swimteam and sports recreation leagues. The rest are just done throughout the year whenever I feel like they should be done or whenever my child does them.

If you are locals and you drop in on a family at home doing things that look nothing like school, don’t be shocked. It is normal for us. Perhaps we are learning through play. Perhaps we are cleaning the house. Guaranteed, the more rigorous, more challenging, uncontrolled, unassigned, unmanaged “unschooling” learning is occuring. If you drop by and we are not home, then perhaps I am a chauffer to LDS Seminary, swim lessons or swimteam, local sports recreation leagues, Intermediate Speech & Debate  or volunteering with my kids at the NUWRC. Perhaps we are just hanging out with friends, on a picnic, on a field trip, shopping or running errands.

  • TABE Test Prep Level A: Score high on home-administered, correctly timed Tabe A practice tests. In Utah, passing TABE  level A in all 4 areas is required to take the GED test. A person must be age 16 to take this test. They must have a letter of withdrawal from the latest district school attended, on official letterhead if possible, signed by the school principle and secretary, stating when the child withdrew from school. Before the TABE there is a “Locator test” which is 37 minutes long. The Locator Test determines which level TABE test the student should use in each area. There are 5 levels of TABE tests. A= Advanced, 9-12 grades; D= Difficult, 6-8 grades; M= Medium, 4-5 grades; E= Easy, 2-3 grades; L= Literacy, 1st grade and/or non-reader. A person scoring 9.0 in Math is at the A, Advanced, 9th grade level in Math. A person will take 4 different level TABE tests to create one full TABE package. The TABE tests are in the following subjects: Reading, 50 min., 50 Q’s; Math I, 24 min., 40 Q’s; Math II, 50 min., 50 Q’s; Language, 55 min., 55 Q’s.
  • GED Test Prep: Score high on home-administered, correctly timed practice tests. A person must be 16 to take this test and in Utah, must take the TABE to qualify to take this test.
  • ACT English Section Preparation. A composite score of 21 on the ACT is required to be admitted to Weber State University when there are not 30 CLEP and DSST credits. (GED not required to be admitted into Weber State or to take CLEP or DSST exams).
  • World Civilizations I CLEP test prep. Take test at Weber State University when ready ($90). Passing the test gives the student 3 Social Science credits and replaces the History of the Western World I class at the University.
  • DSST Principles of Public Speaking test prep.  Take test at Weber State University when ready ($90). Passing the test gives the student 3 Humanities credits and it replaces Communications 1020: Public Speaking, at the University. This test has a speech portion, wherein the student gives a speech either to judges present or recorded on video and shown later to judges; and a written exam portion. Each section is given 50% of the test value.
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish Levels I & II
  • LDS Seminary
  • Volunteer at (NUWRC) Northern Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center approximately 3 hrs./ wk.
  • Intermediate Speech & Debate (This is a class we registered for, taught to a class of 15 homeschoolers by a really great local Speech & Debate Teacher).
  • At age 15, get a learner’s permit and practice driving in remote areas where no cars or pedestrians are present
  • Career and College Major/ Minor Planning and Research
  • Life School LDS Homeschool Curriculum Year 1, Parts 2 and 3 with the family, top level
  • Math: TABE, GED, ACT study & practice tests
  • Math assigned by me from, workbooks and textbooks I have in our homeschool library
  • Do Math in your head & everyday life math practice and learning
  • Math DVD series: Complete Basic Math & Pre-Algebra
  • Chemistry 101 DVD and workbook/ assignments
  • Complete the “Cover Story” Creative Writing DVD with lesson books series 
  • Various U.S. History DVD’s
  • Read 2 of the U.S. or World History books on my list
  • MyGeography app–100% on all exams
  • 2 countries research reports
  • 1 U.S. state or region research report
  • 1 State of Utah or 1 county in Utah research report
  • Literature: reading of 4 classic novels
  • Swim lessons pass level 5 and swim with swimteam
  • Softball with city league
  • Attend a play at the Shakespearean Festival with Grandma V.
  • Piano Lessons: complete Primer Level & Level I
  • Sewing Lessons from Grandma K.
  • Gardening
  • Cooking, Nutrition, Menu Planning, Shopping
  • Home Canning, Food Storage
  • Budgeting, personal finance
  • Attend church dances
  • Singing: church choir, family devotionals

Amexit H.R. 1205

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Amexit. Get the U.S. of A. out of the U.N.
This is a vote for true U.S. Independence. The U.N. has many laws that the U.S. of A. must abide by. The U.N. has become a government body we must answer to, weakening the power of the U.S. Constitution by its many laws and our many promises to them. For just one example, the UN loves telling us that the government must grant the people rights, instead of that we are born with God-given rights (the Declaration of Independence).

Tell your U.S. House Representative to vote for HR 1205
(To find out who your House Rep is, if in Utah, go to and put in your address.)

“Time for ?#?amexit?? I’m a cosponsor of H.R. 1205 to get the US out of the UN,…” said House Rep. Thomas Massey.

Get the United States of America Out of the United Nations: #Amexit

H.R. 1205 American Sovreignity Restoration Act of 2015

Side Note: ICLEI, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are also taking away our liberties and sovreignity. Get us our of those, too. Do THAT by talking with your city council, University and community organization. Those have slipped at local levels to come in undetected.

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10 Myths Debunked: To the Mom Who Wants to Start Her Own Company

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Dear mom who wants to be an entrepeneur and work from home,

I wanted to cover some of the myths you hear constantly:

  1. You will get to spend more time with your kids.
  2. You will not have a boss to answer to. You will be your own boss.
  3. You will get to take vacation time whenever you want.
  4. You can hire people to do what you do not want to (or know how to) do.
  1. You can have as much “sick leave” as you need.
  2. Whenever there is a family emergency, you will be able to take care of it.
  3. When your kids need you, you will be there for them.
  4. Your kids will not have to be latchkey kids.
  5. You will earn extra money to pay for the little things.
  6. You will not have to hire daycare.

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